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    • Here's another reason that I mainly use pro lights.

      Last season I wanted to re wire my 3d star from my mega tree.

      The lights that were on it, were led rope lights from christmas-leds , they were about 8 season old, and still worked fine, but I didnt like the way I wired them, one was a split cord, and longer, which just erked my ocd.

      So i saw a great deal on a whole 150" spool of some bargain light from vida? I mean great deal, so I said with Ill get it.

      Well after I put my tree up, a couple of days later [luckily before going live] One section is out, so I take the tree down, and see it looks like a section burned out, I rationalize well I didn't zip tie this one section down well, I thing it rubbed, and caused  the sheathing to get nicked, and it arched? I know long shot, but I mean the lights were totally burnt, I mean arched, black mess. I thought I took pictures, but I cant find them.


      So I say Ill rewire it, because I still have over 120'!!

      A couple of weeks go by, and I see one section of one rope is burnt out, but I'm not going to take it down now, It will have to wait till summer.

      Fast forward to this summer, I get the star out, light it up on bench, ok here's the dead part, let me putt around do this and that ,and I hear something, like running water,shhhhhh, about that time I smell it, burning plastic/wire, I look down, and now see the smoke! SO I imediatley unplug it, and wait for it to go out,



      I should've took a third picture, that burn went down below the tape for 1 1/2 feet, it was totally arched, I mean wtf hazard here.

      Then thinking about it, I originally forgot, when I first got it, and set the very first cord, it shorted out the absolute minute I plugged it in the first time. I know this sounds stupid, but I remember thinking way back then , I must have installed backwards, which would not make this happen any way...

      At any rate this is yet another reason/lesson to why I use mainly pro lights, I mean I still use some consumer lights like GE etc, but never again on some where that is hard to access during the season....

    • 16 hours ago, TED said:

      Thanks for sharing the pictures.  I didn't know his (or her) head came off like that!  After looking at your pictures I think if it was me I would try to keep that original light kit and just replace the cord.  It should be real easy to take the light kit out by just unscrewing the white knob/nut thing.  I don't know if the wires are soldered on or if they attach to screws but if they attach to screws (like many lamp sockets) it would be real easy to replace the cord.  A 15 or 25 watt bulb would probably be plenty bright to light up the deer.  A smaller bulb (appliance bulb, ceiling fan bulb, sign bulb, etc.) would be good so that the heat is not so close to the plastic.

      Prolly Monday morning Ill finally have time to work on these guys, Ive been going strong lately trying to get caught up, set up time is coming WAY Quick!!!

      At any rate I'm definetley not taking the sockets out, the wires are shot, so their going.

      But what I plan to do first is using the same extra hole that the cord came out of, and trying a clip in C-7, since Its white, I really think it will be enough, i mean I have 2 sets of brown, that work fine with C-7's.

      But if I feel its not enough, I have no problem what so ever rewiring the original sockets with new spt 2 wire.


    • Me too!   Any catalogs, for that matter 🙂