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PlanetChristmas Magazine July 2012, LOR Partner - Displays Large tents, tables, chairs, coolers, and other in Motion,, and necessities are rented and generally deliv- so far. ered two days before the gathering starts. Feeding almost 100 people is a joy. It’s also Fortunately, there has never been a shortage a challenge. Croissants, donuts, pastries, cof- of volunteers who arrive in Chicago early to fee, tea, Chicago deep pan pizzas, burgers, hot help with physical set-up, run errands, create dogs, chicken kabobs, pulled pork, ABTs, 6.5 goodie bags, decorate, and organize the White foot long subs, gallons of potato salad, pasta Elephant Gift Exchange. salad, green salads, chips, cookies and home- Although the bulk of attendees fly in for C3, made cakes are supplied. Washing it all down parking all those rental cars has to be dealt requires cases of soda, water, and beer. And it with. There is no on street parking whatsoever all must be kept ice cold. Coolers that hold 150 at the site. That problem is solved by filling out quarts each are filled with ice and kept cov- a battery of forms, obtaining a Certificate of ered. The Sansings’ kitchen refrigerator is used Liability Insurance, and reserving the school for much of the food storage; they eat a lot of parking lot that’s right up the street. take out the week of the event. All non-per- Coordinating all the promotion, educational ishable supplies, plates, knives, forks, spoons, topics, registrations, facilitators/instructors, napkins etc. are purchased two weeks out from vendors, t-shirt creation, menu, food and sup- the event. The hard part is buying the food the ply acquisitions, and a million little details can week of the event as it’s based on registered be exhausting. Probably explains why Carrie head count. To be sure, there’s lots of last min- has said during each C3 “this is the last one!” ute running around to feed everyone but there For further C3-2012 information just goto: are always volunteers willing to help. July 2012 | PlanetChristmas 63

PlanetChristmas Magazine July 2012
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