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Switching Adaptor

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I'm looking for a new switching adaptor for my LED Christmas tree lightshow, model no. MCS-0601000W.  Does anyone know where to find one at?  Thanks.

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Gemmy has Terrible support for products not the current year. I loved the response from DKRGoods his grasp for the obvious as well as his helpful insite match his IQ...Very Low!  I have had a failure of my MCS-0601000W Switching adapter and it sames they have magically vanished from China...Thank you Gemmy for anoooothhheerrr wonderful import that may or may not work!  My MCS-0601000w lasted 36 days of use. ( One month in 2012 and a few test days in 2013).


My solution.....RADIO SHACK!!!!



You Need 2 items


273-316    AC to DC Power Adapter 1A....Note: This device has multiple DC volt settings with a simple selector switch be sure to choose 6V

273-349   Adapter Plug     The 273-316 comes with a female end and you will need this adapter to plug into the Adapter.


Now the fun part!



With all the anger and frustration you can muster... Take a pair of side cutters and clip off the recepticle end from your display!

Now strip back 1/4" of the insulation from both the wires, seperate the wires with the insulation if neeedd and twist tie the ends to the Adapter plug 273-349. Use electrical tape on each exposed wire to keep them seperate and them tape both of them together for a solid connection.



Plug the Power Apapter into your 120V outlet and be amazied that your display now works!


Happy Holidays


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Gemmy, in general, to me at least seems to be A waste of money.  From my knowledge, it's not upgradeable, or expandable.  See above for the reliability. 


My thought.  IF you have made the decision to go to and animated display, for the price of a Gemmy, plus a small amount more,  you can get a quality system.


I use AL, others use LOR.  That part is simply personal preference.  We can debate which is better all day long and no one would win the argument.  It's what fits for you.  One thing,is that users of AL, or LOR, will tell you that they both leave Gemmy in the dust.


So before you spend more money on A Gemmy.  I suggest you look at what else is out there. 


I've been animated for 10 years, and I still have the first controller I bought then, out in the yard now.   It works as good now as then.


As for support?  I call some one in America.  I get a REAL person, who if THEY don't know the answer to my question (that's rare) they find some one that does.


We're all A bunch of Christmas light geeks here.  That said.  I DOUBT you'll find one fan of Gemmy products here.  There is A reason for that, and your discovering it now. 


Gemmy looks good on the end cap of a hardware store.  Beyond that...I have nothing nice to say about it.


Bottom line.  What do YOU want?  Your house, your display, your call.  If, after seeing these wonderful comments about Gemmy, you decide to go another route.  I won't tell you go AL or LOR. 


That's all you.  I WILL tell you, IF that's what you decided, then visit their web sites, see what they have that you like/don't like. 


"Well I spent $X on Gemmy so far might as well keep it."


My advise to that?  Cut your losses and look elsewhere for A better system.


Will Gemmy cause people to PARK in front of your display for 1/2 an hour, or more?  As I type there are two cars parked out front, and it's only the first night I went live.  Is that what you want?


Only you can answer that.  If you choose to continue with Gemmy, I wish you nothing but the best of luck.  Because you'll need it.  LOL!


If you decide on another option.  That's why this site exists.  Ask questions.  See what works for you.



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I purchased 2 of the same "Lightshow" trees only a couple of years ago.  Upon setting them up this year, I noticed that one of them was not functioning correctly.  I swapped the Switching adapter and came to the conclusion that it was the issue and not the tree.  I took it inside the warm house overnight and replaced it on the tree the next morning.  When I tested it, the tree seemed to be working fine and remained functioning the next couple of nights.  On the third night I noticed that the same tree was not illuminated.  During these few days, I was convinced that this power supply was going to fail so I started doing my research, which included contacting the company that produced the trees. That was a waste of time for they emialed me and said that they do not sell parts.  I continued scouring the internet looking for a replacement and only found 1 source which wanted to charge $45.00 plus shipping.  I then ran across Planet Christmas and found this forum discussing my exact issue.   Upon reading Amarilloman's post it thought there may be a chance at saving this decoration along with a few dollars.  Once again I turned to the internet looking for the parts that he suggested but to no avail.  My last ditch effort was to visit my nearest Radio Shack.  Proceeding to the counter with much skepticism, I showed the clerk the model numbers that Amarilloman supplied.  With shock and awe, she returned with 2 boxes.  I purchased the 2 items for around $25.00 and returned home eager to see it this was going to work.  I proceeded to follow his instructions and replaced the non-functioning adapter with the newly acquired one.  While holding my breath I plugged it in and much to my delight,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,IT WORKED!!!!!!

So after hours of research include tracking down a replacement tree, finding a fix, gathering the items, and making the repair, I couldn't  be happier. 

Thanks PlanetChristmas but more over thank you Amarilloman!!!!


p.s. I know that this is a year after his post, but I hope he sees my message.  Merry Christmas!



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