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Static Problem with Ramsey 30B Stereo FM Transmitter

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I purchased a Ramsey 30B FM Stereo Transmitter last summer in 2015 to transmit my music sequences for my outdoor Christmas Yard Display. The transmitter is sitting on a shelf inside my garage in the southwest corner and connected to my wall mounted Light-O-Rama Controller Pro Series LOR1602Wg3-MP3, which has a built in G3-MP3 Director which gives me the capability to insert a Scan Disk card which contains musical sequences to accompany the computerized light show.  Viewers can view the light show and hear the music by tuning their car radio to a FM frequency 88.3 which is not being used in our area. My original FM transmitter did a poor job, so that is why I purchased the Ramsey after reading good reviews. I am using the whip antenna that came with the Ramsey transmitter.

My lights are on my house (icicle, rope & string lights), bushes (net lights) and the around the yard perimeter (string lights).  I have 24 sets of RGB (Red, Green, and Blue) cosmic color pixels connected to the top of a 25 foot aluminum flagpole in the southwest corner of my front yard my front yard which the 24 light strings staked to the ground in a circle measuring about 20 feet in diameter.

I also have a large Sycamore tree in the northwest corner of my front yard about 35 foot in height containing about 12 mini-light strings as well as a Maple tree in the far southwest corner of my yard, a small tree in the southeast corner of my yard and another small tree in my northeast corner of my yard.

My house sets on the northeast corner of a corner lot. My front yard is on the west side where most of the light display is and my garage door and driveway are on the south side of the house. Most viewers park their cars in the street in front of my house which runs north/south. As long as they are on the south end of the street, their car radio reception is great but as they move further north, the reception is disrupted by heavy static. I suspect the static might because of the 25 foot aluminum flagpole and or the trees because there is no static between the transmitter in the southwest corner of the garage to the south corner of the street, The flagpole and large Sycamore tree are further north and come between the transmitter and the parked cars along the northern part of the street.

Do you thing they may be creating the static? If so, would a dipole antenna help? Should it be mounted in close proximity to the FM transmitter inside the garage or outside the garage on the roof which is about 20-205 feet high? Any other suggestions? It is a great show but I received a lot of complaints about the static from my viewers.

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make sure the antenna and ramsey are not to close the the controller or director.  RFI and cause static on the transmission.


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Sounds like there could be a dozen things causing your static problem

I have a FM30 and have used it for 5 years with no issues and I get almost commercial quality sound from it.

The first thing I would do is move it to other areas of your home and away from the controller or move the controller if that easier ,see it that works and if that doesn't correct the problem I would consider putting up an antenna

if fact that what I did from the get go I got a 5/8 tuneable antenna http://www.amazon.com/Wave-Collinear-Vertical-FM-Antenna/dp/B0002NRJOU

because I heard it performed better than dipole antennas and I didn't want it on the roof so I put it in the attic and it works great in there I heard a dipole should be outside and I don't know how you might feel about that

Hope this helps

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