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PlanetChristmas is getting a face lift.

20 years ago the internet was bloody-cutting-edge and no one knew what a forum was.  PlanetChristmas entered this brave new world.  Let's just say it was pretty slow in the beginning but with time we got that fixed.  After multiple meltdowns/refreshes/upgrades, the PlanetChristmas forums are still going strong.  Behind the scenes, at PlanetChristmas we've been building the infrastructure to combine the website, magazine and forums into one entity.  The overall look and feel will be like what you're used to here in the forums... though the color scheme might be refreshed and there will be more options.  Why is PlanetChristmas changing again?  We have another 20 years planned to help you put smiles on faces while making lifelong memories and family traditions. Stand back.  There's work to do!

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