Showing Off 2009

Showing Off 2009

Showing Off in 2009


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1 Hi Chuck. Here’s a picture of my yard and a link to a video.

thanks joel

2 Merry Christmas from the Salazar’s. Hope you like our house. We spend our vacation putting up lights. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Salazar’s

3 Happy Holidays from Omaha, Nebraska! This is our 7th year of decorating our house for Christmas. Every year our display has grown, this year we are using 128 LOR channels and 30,000 lights. Again this year we have our display synchronized to music. More photos and information about our display can be found on our website We wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Jeremy, Melissa & Anna Vanek
4 This the Shuman House in Pickerington, Ohio. Usually we have a huge display in our front yard but due to the vandalism we experienced lasted year we moved most of our display to the back porch. Merry Christmas Pappy and Katie!!!
5 Hi Everyone and Marry Christmas. Here is a picture of my house from 2008. Still working on the 2009 display but that should be up and running by thanksgiving. I set up 5 house in my neighborhood to run off LOR and have 9 16 channel boxes. There is about 150,000 lights up on the 5 house. I also have a Garden railroad in my front yard that I run weather permitting. Please visit my website at for video and more pictures. Also fell free to sign the guest book and let me know what you think. thanks. Geoff
6 Back again for 2009 are the Controllable Christmas Lights for Celiac Disease featuring
thousands of lights and giant inflatable Frosty, Santa, Elmo and Homer Simpson – D’OH!
Three live webcams and X10 controls provide an entertaining experience as web surfers
from around the world can not only view the display, but also turn stuff on and off. The website is totally free (and totally fun) and raises awareness for Celiac Disease; which is something my kids have. Over $40,000 has been raised for the University
of Maryland Center for Celiac Research via … christmas lights – go figure! 😉 Surf on by and have fun at
Merry Christmas to all,
7 MUSIC, MOTION, AND MERRIMENT – – Newport Beach, California is home of the annual “Christmas Boat Parade”, known as one of the ten best Christmas viewing events in the country. This award-winning house, located on Balboa Island in the middle of the Newport Harbor, is viewed by thousands of visitors who came by car, by foot, and by boat!No wonder so many people stop to gaze at the lighted wonderland. There is animated action galore. While Christmas carols play in the background, “snow” drifts from the rooftop dispensed from a manufactured snow machine. On the rooftop, Santa waves from a chopper with rotating blades and a gingerbread man jumps on a lighted trampoline. Lighted wheels rotate on a choo-choo train; a tin soldier drums his drums; a snowman tips his hat; a gyrating Santa Claus dances; and even an illuminated Hula Dancer’ wiggles back and forth!The house is anchored on one side by an eye-stopping 25 foot green blinking Christmas tree. On the other side the eight foot wide chimney is draped in a carpet of red lights inter-mixed with white lights that vertically spell “Balboa Island”. Blinking candy canes, stockings, bells, and snowflakes all add to the fun. There are 24,000 light bulbs in all.Winning the admiration and gratitude of all who visit, the house has earned many prestigious awards: “1st Place Lights and Animation” and from the Newport Harbor Chamber of Commerce and “Photographer’s Choice”(the sponsors of the Newport Harbor Boat Parade), and the “Best Animation” award from the Balboa Island Association. The house and its owner have also been featured in a PBS television special, numerous magazine and newspaper articles. isit
8 This is our house in Holland. Each year we decorated our house with Christmas lights en Santa Claus. It is not normal in our country to decorated your house as we do. We have been on television and in newspapers with it. The nutcracker you see, Is made by me, I’ve painted it and my husband made the lights on it. The candy canes are made by my husband, the used to be plastic pipes for Elektra.

Greetings Judith Seip

9 Happy Holidays from James & Camille Wagoner in Edgewater, Florida. 16 channel LOR broadcast on 107.9fm. See more pics and videos at our website –
10 My husband and I have decorated all of our married 20 years together and call our Display “Hyatt Extreme Christmas”. This year for 2009 we put up 150k lights, have a Mega Christmas Tree, Huge Working Ferris Wheel of Lights, and 3 Fabulous working Windmills replicated from Disney “Small World” complete with huge tulip flowers of purple, pink and yellow. This year we added 4 new items to our Extreme Christmas Display. A Choir of Angels singing (got this idea from the Louisville Convention with Chuck in July) A Huge Santa Workshop complete with elves and a working train A Fabulous M&M Character Display complete with M&M’s sitting on Swings (Went to the World of M&M in Orlando for this idea) A 20’ Disney Projection Screen that runs Christmas Movies every night for everyone to enjoy.

We launched our Website this weekend and the activity we are getting is Fabulous. Please take a moment to check it out, it is very user friendly and tells you more about “Hyatt Extreme Christmas” in detail and the Charities we

11 Hi Chuck! Happy Holidays from our house to yours. My husband Don starts working on the lights mid-October and by the week before Thanksgiving we’re set to go. The neighborhood loves them as well as people who drive by with their kids, or walk by. We’re just two big kids loving to share the holiday season with everyone! Don & Linda Neuy. Wisconsin
12 Merry Christmas from Taggs Candy Cane Lane ! This our fifth year here. Last year was our biggest year ever. With the addition of L-O-R we received A ton of traffic. We were featured in our local newspaper. We also made two of the local news channels. The traffic on our street was backed up every night. This year we added 16 more channels of L-O-R, more peppermints ,candy canes, driveway arches and voice-overs from the Demented Elf as well as around 1000 more lights. We didn’t get to add as many lights as planned ( We have twice as many lights in storage as we have on the house). Cant wait for next year. Also attached is a couple pictures of my wife’s Christmas village which is on display in our home as well as three Christmas trees. Come see us at for on info on how to come check out the show. Merry Christmas from Robert , Lynette and Anthony Tagg. Mayfield Hts. Ohio
13 This is my friends house in Sagamore Hills, Ohio. She didn’t tell me I could light the house until the first week in November and I had to have it lit by Thanksgiving. I don’t think it is too bad for my first attempt with her house for the limited time and resources I had. The Candy Canes and the Star I had made myself a few years ago. I was going to use them on my house but never got to it. There are a total of 5,000 lights. 249 of them are C-9’s, there are 3 flood lights, 2 inflatable’s and the balance are the miniature lights. I know there are a lot of homes with more lights and bigger displays but this is the best in her neighborhood this year. I hope to animate next year and switch to LED’s, and of course make it BIGGER. Have a GREAT Holiday! Joe Oppedisano
14 Robert N. Sheppard

Robert N. Sheppard
Rochester Hills, MI 48306

15 Theme is “Puppy’s First Christmas” Shown are the Siberian Huskies Helping Santa by bringing toys to the girls and boys that visit our Light show. There are puppies in Santa’s bag, a pup watering down a snowman to the song Yellow Snow, a Merry Go Round with Santa and Frosty riding atop the reindeer, another decoration of Santa climbing a Candy Cane Ladder with a puppy pulling down Santa’s pants. There are three Gemmy Light show trees (sound off) And a dozen 2 foot mini trees that weave in the three Leaping Arches. The “Marty’s Fan” decorates the left side of the yard and the Reindeer Barn is on the right, guarded by a big lighted Golden Retriever wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. The lighted North Pole fencing across the front delightfully protects visitors from the electrical components. We used about 25,000 lights, animated with five Light-O-Rama controllers, with sequences are done by John Antoniewicz and artistry by Darlene Pino Antoniewicz. Most of the decorations were home made With coroplast and PVC pipe, a little paint and a lot of fun doing it. This is a photo of a part of our display, it is too large to get in one photo. With enough detail to tell what you are seeing. Darlene Pino Antoniewicz & John Antoniewicz. Albany, Georgia 31721
16 This is the Shirer Family light show display. This is the 3rd year for my setup.

I run 24 circuits, 4200 lights for a 45 minute show, plus tons of new static lights this year.


No web page yet, but I post videos on Youtube…..See Bachinelli.
Thanks Chuck and Everyone have a Merry Christmas.

Mark S Shirer

17 Merry Christmas from Shannon, Drew, Tyler and Tanner of Fort Scott Kansas. Here is our new 2009 display. Have a great and Happy New year.
18 here is a picture of our house. 2nd year lighting and still growing.
please feel free to visit the website

have a blessed Christmas ,
russell and kimberly nockerts

19 Merry Christmas! We are located in Burlington, Ontario. This year we have 16000 lights spread throughout our yard. This is my first year computerizing. We hope you enjoy this year’s display
20 Nothing too exciting..


You can click the thumbnails for larger versions.


– Phil Hilton

21 Right around 12,000 static lights, including several mini-trees, wireframe deer, and wind-o-lights on every window.

Located in Elyria, OH

22 We uploaded a picture in 2007 but a lot has changed since then. Hope you can upload this smilebox


Family Fun – is our theme. We began decorating due to Troy’s Dad’d tradition. Now Troy’ myself (his wife Nola) and our five children begin in October to ensure that by Thanksgiving Night we can share our lights with the community. Nola Mannino

23 Merry Christmas 2009 from the Hendrix Family in Riverview, Florida ! These lites are all animated to songs a very awesome display!
24 Christmas 2009 Photos from our house in Australia Queensland.

Paul Schlatter

25 Our display consists of a variety of PVC constructions and wire frames, some with tinsel overlay. We have characters from angels to deer to dogs, even a snowman, penguin and a cow, and even a horse drawn carriage. There is also a PVC constructed lighted candy cane display that lines our front walkway. We have a fully constructed Nativity Scene, complete with the Bethlehem Star and starry night backdrop. and let’s not forget the sleigh pulled by 8 tiny reindeer plus Rudolph leading the way. All in all, we have a total of about 20000-21000 lights, some LED’s, some minis, and even some C7/9’s, as well as rope light. There are also some strobes in there too. We have a 12′ Mega Tree, (2) 15′ arches, 7 mini trees, a “Marty Fan”, and a Merry Christmas sign made of red and green rope light. The Mega Tree, Arches, Minis, Sign, and Marty Fan consist of 48 individual channels all controlled by (3) 16 channel Light O Rama controllers. The remaining parts of our display are not included in our synchronized display, just provide a really nice backdrop for the show. I have enclosed some photos. Please let me know if I need better ones. Thanks and Merry Christmas. And as always, as fun as this is, remember that “Jesus” is the reason for the season. The Hill Family, Steve Hill,
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26 Hi PlanetChristmas! Finally December is here again and lightshow is up an running. This year I have increased a little to 16,507 lights and 80 LOR channels. Second year that I am synchronized to music and its going well. The lightshow is 9 minutes long and has 7 songs. This years news is that I decorated a 33 feet pine tree with LED’s and control it with 10 channels. I also tried out to use 4 white artificial trees and decorated them with white, red and blue. They work very well. Merry Christmas and a happy new year! Best wishes to all, from Niklas Adolfsson in Sweden. Visit my site at:
27 Hi

Here’s a photo of my house – hope it makes the cut for the 2009 showing-off pics! Keep up the good work.

“Happy Christmas – from Milton Keynes, UK”.


28 My display is bigger than last year, but still small in comparison to many others. It isn’t computerized, just good old fashion blowmolds! On each end of the property there are three different snowman with our sign “Merry Christmas from the Kreiders”. On the right side of the driveway there is Santa’s workshop with the elves loading Santa’s train with presents. By the walk-in door is the 5′ Santa and North Pole sign. The 17 member choir sings in front of the picture window and the tree is lit in the window behind them. Snoop, Pooh, Tigger, Minnie, Mickey, and Goofy guard the front door. The nativity is to the left of the front door and to the left of that is gingerbread men and candy canes around the tree. Santa in his sleigh and 9 reindeer are flying in the air between the large tree and the house and 18 nutcrackers surround the large pine tree. I also have some soldiers in the front yard as well as a mock pond with penguins.
29 Hello, this is the Holden house in Scranton, Pennsylvania this is the 3rd year I am submitting my house. We add a few things each year. This year we have over 6,000 lights including 6 air blown inflatables, 3 animated reindeer, and a flagpole Christmas tree. Hope you like it. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!!!
30 Chuck,

Here are a few pictures of our nativity for this year. The largest figure is 36″ tall and the stable is to the scale of the figures.


Tony Furst

31 My younger brother and I every year for the past six years have been decorating our house and each year it has got bigger and bigger, so big that my dad had to install extra outlets just for the decorations.
32 Hi Chuck! Up until Friday, November 27th, I considered myself a “Newbie”. But as of 5:01pm, I’m now a veteran!!!! I live in a townhome, so I will never have as impressive of a display as some others may produce. But for me, this is the best I could create in our first year. It was originally planned to surprise my Mother (who at the time was 84) to keep her spirits high following the passing of my Dad in August ’08. But Mom passed away in January ’09. So my dedication and time to create our show is in my Parents memory. I certainly know they’re watching and smiling
in their own special way! Merry Christmas to all!!! Bill Marler, Bolingbrook, IL
33 We are using 60000 lights mostly leds. All set to music by light o rama, 144 channels. Programming starts in September set up starts in October. We have a toy drive for hope for kids and have already begun collecting toys. Wishing everyone a merry Christmas from the Kramer family of Summerville, S.C.

34 Hi Chuck,
My name is Arnold, My wife and I have been decorating our house for 5 years. Here is a picture of our house this year. It contains 2,250 lights. I saw your website and thought that our house should be on this website. We enjoy decorating for this wonderful holiday.

Thank you and Merry Christmas

35 Hello from New Milford, NJ

We are the Kaprielian family and our house is known for always being decorated for every holiday. We are best known in town for our elaborate Halloween display, but Christmas is quickly catching up. (In fact, today I had someone tell me I was competing with myself from holiday to holiday!) I have 5 small inflatables + a large snowman, 17 blowmolded plastic figures, music, and of course, lights (this year is about 8-10 thousand, yup I lost count!) Merry Christmas! Matt Kaprielian

36 Merry Christmas from Sugar Land, TX.
37 This is our 4th year doing a Christmas Lights Display. This year we have just over 26,000 lights on 48 channels using Light-O-Rama. There’s 3 inflatables and a “snow” machine too. For more details, see Mike Breton – Folsom, CA


38 HI Chuck, Greetings from Plainfield, IL!!
This is our 4th year decorating our home. We added a nativity scene this year along with more lights. Our display is static right now with over 11,000 lights. Merry Christmas — The Berndl’s
39 This is the Campbell X-Mas light show from Pittsburgh. I am 20 years old and love you to put on a show of Christmas lights. This is my first year doing this at my parents house. What we have new this year are LED’s, Lights to Music, And a ton of new lights! We also now have a website, I love feedback tell me what you think in our guest book. We have video, pictures and much more!

Thank you Planet Christmas. Kevin Campbell

40 Our holiday lights display is located at 326 Vonder Ln. Geneva, Il 60134. It consists of over 20,000 white lights, reindeer, Santa, trains, drummer boys, angels, four 15ft mega trees and much, much more…. Happy holiday’s The Yehling Family
41 Merry Christmas to everyone from Roanoke, VA. This year I have about 53,000 lights controlled on 157 channels of AL controllers. This is my 4th year of animating my lights to music, but have been decorating my house for 15+ years. More information about my display can be found at The Patterson’s
42 We are from Omaha, Ne and this is our 5th year with LOR. We have 60,000 lights, and 30,000 are set to 192 channels this year. Our display just keeps growing. This years display is color corodinated with red, green, and white and next year our fan is getting a facelift with LED’s to save power. Happy Holidays to all! Marc and Deb Hansen

43 Merry Christmas!! This is our 4th year submitting to PlanetChristmas and still Love it. Here is our 2009 Display located in Eastern Oregon. This year we added back a 30ft waterfall with running motion light and added a jumping fish to the scene. Everyone enjoys the return of the 10ft – 6,400 light – Christmas tree that changes between 4 colors (Red, Blue, Green and White). To view more pictures and video, visit our website at Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Matt
44 This is the Mergens Family Christmas display, a traditional display featuring nativity, Victorian toy shoppe with Carolers and a country style church. New features and buildings are added every year. The current display, which is almost 20 years old, started out in Loves Park, Illinois, was put into storage for over a decade and re-debuted 900 miles south in Purvis, Mississippi in 2008.
45 Hello once again Chuck;


It’s that time of year & my dad once again did an amazing job on his Christmas light display. He just went back to after taking two weeks holiday to do the actual set up (that is of course after in addition to the many, many hours it takes him to check each string of lights to make sure they are working and “tweek” anything that needs to be fixed before he actually puts them up). He does such a great job and we are all so thankful that he does it each year so that we all can enjoy his display. Not only are there over 50,000 lights, lots of characters, blowups, but to make it just a bit more special for the kids there is a walkway thru the display where he has set up lots of extra buttons to push to make even more lights go on/off and change colors. Once again a super terrific job Dad, we love you & are grateful to you for making our Christmas so special each year. To see more pictures please visit our website at All Donations to the BC Children’s Hospital.

We are having our Annual Hot Chocolate & Picture with Santa Nite on Sat Dec 19 from 7pm till 10pm – come by and enjoy complimentary hot chocolate & picture with Santa (pictures will be emailed to you). Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays. Sincerely, Carol

46 Here is our 2009 Christmas display

943 Bluestem Lane

Batavia Illinois

Front yard and path to back yard and lights on shed syncd to music

47 Dave Edwards, 18, from Birmingham, UK

Display set up in order to raise money for “R.O.V.E.R” – Raising Of Ventinary Expenses for Rescue – a local charity helping/rescuing sick and abused dogs.

48 Merry Christmas from Omaha, Nebraska! This is our 3rd year decorating our house for Christmas. This year we have added to our display with 80 channels of LOR. We have more photos and information about our display on our website Merry Christmas!! Richard, Brittany and Charlie Lammers
49 garbled picture. Waiting for a new one. Please stand by. Hello. This is the Holden house in Scranton, Pennsylvania this is the fourth year I am submitting my house. We add a few things each year. This year we have 6 airblown inflatables, 3 animated reindeer, a picture projector, a flagpole tree, and over 6,000 lights.

Hope you like it, and Merry Christmas!!!

50 Kraig Porter
51 Yes, ’tis the holiday season, and back online for 2009 are the Controllable Christmas Lights for Celiac Disease: Once again, three live webcams and X10 technology allows web surfers to not only view the action, but also *control* 20,000+ lights. Heck, you can even inflate/deflate the giant 12′ Santa, Elmo, Frosty Family, fifteen foot ballloon, SpongeBob SquarePants, and Homer Simpson – D’OH! 😉 The website is totally free (and totally fun) and is one of my zany ways of raising awareness & soliciting donations for Celiac Disease:
my two sons have this condition, so it’s personal for me. If folks are so inclined, you can make an optional donation directly
to the University of Maryland Center for Celiac Research. Over $40,000 has been raised with … holiday lights – go figure!
While people around the world (152 countries last year) enjoy seeing the lights ON, environmentalists will be happy to know that they can turn the lights OFF with a click of the mouse. Better yet, this is
the 6th year I’m using Wind Power and even though that is “clean” energy, I even did a Carbon Offset contribution for the 0.6 Tons of CO2 for the ~MegaWatt-Hour of power consumed – that’s about the same as *one*
cross-country airline trip. Finally, by providing viewing via webcam, you don’t need to burn fossil fuels by driving around to see Christmas lights; Al Gore would be proud! But HEY, the couple bucks a day in electrical costs are well worth the joy it brings to people (especially the kids) when they see the display in person and/or on the web. There’s even a Hi-Def option, so gather your family around the large screen and open up some Eggnog as the chestnuts are roasting on an open fire. So surf on by, tell your friends, blog about it, spread the word, etc. Merry Christmas and HO-HO-HO! 😉 alek
52 Daniel and Mary Gromer, owners of THE LIGHTED GINGERBREAD HOUSE located at 4025 Diane Drive, Antelope, CA 95843 in the Sacramento area of N. California. See the video at Featured on TLC – The Learning Channel TV Special INVASION OF THE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS on December 6, 2009. Decorated with unique whimsical rope light designs and custom signs makes this house like none other and a site not to miss. Our 6th Annual Christmas Toy and Food Drive helps needy kids and families. Donation barrels at our house and stores in the area – you can donate online on the website. Santa and Mrs. Claus here 6 – 9PM on December 13, 20, 22, 23 – check website for more info. December 24th 7PM Christmas Eve Candlelight Service – in front of house. We close down the street on December 20th for “Big Night with Santa” FUNDRAISER for the toy & food drive(Weather Permitting) with a riding train, bounce house and other festivities. SANTA & MRS. CLAUS for hire for corporate, mall and private parties with clear background checks. Contact us at 916-332-3447 Christmas Toy & Food Drive sponsored by Destiny Faith Center & Destiny City Help. Financial donations welcomed & all donations will go to support the toy and food drive. Thanks! Daniel and Mary Gromer
53 Nascar at the North Pole
54 Friendly prechristmassy greetings from Germany, first of all this does not so feel well my English. Have generated this text with a translation programme. The family Vogt has asked me to introduce her Christmas house with 400,000 lights.

I myself am the owner of the Internet site where German Christmas houses are introduced and houses from other countries of this world. But now to the Christmas house Calle: The Christmas house Calle with his 400,000 lights is the biggest Christmas house of Germany and absolutely one biggest in Europe. Are in 1999 illuminated the family Vogt her Christmas house and every year these became more lights. If you liked to see even other pictures of the Christmas house Calle, they are able to do this exclusiv on the following Internet site Maybe it would be also to be taken up intressant this Christmas house in your World contest with. Must fit, unfortunately what concerns the rules because ebend my English does not so feel well. Follow translation badge on top on the right from Yahoo of Babelfish, with it the German side can be automatically translated into English. The family Vogt and I wish you to all nice Christmas weeks and days. Yours sincerely Thomas Bloch Webmaster

55 Here is my first year submission. I am a PC Member (Jim Wright or James M. Wright). This is my first year dealing with animated Christmas lighting and I am having a lot of fun. This is really a time consuming hobby (or vocation if you prefer). This display is located at 9708 and 9717 Lee Blvd in Leawood, Kansas. It is very simple compared to most, but it is a start. Lights “ON” was at 6 PM on Thanksgiving, Thursday November 26, 2009. The display will remain on through the evening of Friday, January 1, 2010. Tune to FM Stereo 100.5 on your radio to hear the music. There are two houses involved in the display for our first year: Jim’s at 9708 Lee Blvd and Rick & Marsha’s at 9717 Lee Blvd. We have kept the design fairly simple because it is our first year. One decision that was made early on was that everything would be done in four colors (Red, White, Blue, and Green). That means that everything we do gets multiplied by 4. Both houses use Light-O-Rama (LOR) controllers and their associated software on a Windows PC for controlling the display. The interface between the PC and the two sets of controllers is via LOR’s Easy Light Linker wireless network. Here are the specific systems for each house:

9708 Lee Blvd

4 each – LOR 16 channel controllers for a total of 64 channels 7 each – “Sets” of net lights (each “set” consists of 4 strands of lights, red, white, blue, green) for a total of 28 net lights and 4200 lights. 5 each – “Sets” of Icicle lights (each “set” consists of 4 strands of lights, red, white, blue, green) for a total of 20 Icicle light strands and 3000 lights. 2 each – “Sets” of light strands (each “set” consists of 4 strands of lights, red, white, blue, green) for a total of 8 strands of lights and 800 lights. 1 each – “Tune To” electronic sign. I made the sign from scratch. The directions for making this sign and the electronics to control it can be found on the “How To” page of this site. I am still working on writing up the instructions, but I will eventually get them done.

9717 Lee Blvd

5 each – LOR 16 channel controllers for a total of 80 channels 6 each – “sets” of Icicle lights (each “set consists of 4 strands of lights, red, white, blue, green) for a total of 34 Icicle light strands and 5100 lights. 12 each – “Sets” of 100 light strands (each “set” consists of 4 strands of lights, red, white, blue, green) for a total of 48 strands of lights and 3360 lights. For the stereo FM transmitter I am using an FM30B stereo transmitter that I built from a kit. I am also using the STC1C Stereo Transmitter Companion which was also built from a kit. I also built a LED electronic “Tune To” sign this year, based on the LEDTRICKs system. It works great. See all of the videos and how tos at my web site Merry Christmas to All Jim Wright

56 Merry Christmas from Randall and Kandi Roberts in Andrews, Texas. This year we added more red and green channels to the display, and passed the 550 channel mark. While our tree is only 46′ tall, the tower that it’s built around is 75′ to accommodate our Nativity Star which projects a 100 ft. “Beam of Light” to the Manger scene across the yard. That effect is best seen in our rendition of Elvis performing the Battle Hymn of the Republic. Check out our videos at
57 20,000 lights are 100% LED controlled by a Mr. Christmas box.. This year, I’m powering the static part of the display with SOLAR power as LED’s are so energy efficient. This is our third year of having a synchronized display. We have added approx 25% more LED’s than last year. .See our display ‘dance’ at

If in Highlands Ranch Colorado, stop by, tune in to 88.5Mhz and see the show. Merry Christmas. The Castiglione’s

58 We live in Downers Grove Illinois. At 6305 Barrett street. We love Christmas and love to decorate the inside and the outside of our house, Christmas is a big deal in our house. We really enjoy family coming over and friends and neighbors knocking at our door wishing us a Merry Christmas. From our home to yours we wish you and yours a truly merry Christmas and a safe and happy holiday season. love Trish, Ashley , Chris, and Brandon Black. Merry Christmas!!!!
59 dear Santa (chuck smith), here is a picture of our house in mt.juliet,tn. it is all static this year but next year we are hoping to do lor computerization. i am getting all kind of knowledge from your website thank you and please bring me lots of,lol thanks jeff and ariana bencic
60 Another year getting of getting bigger. Wish I had more room. New 20 ft mega tree, Total of 12000 lights, 3 blow ups, and a couple of light up bears. Merry Christmas from Delray Beach Fl Darryl W Mauney
61 This was my first year going big with decorations. Last year we had a few static strings on the roof and I built a few items, then I discovered Planet Christmas… and started planning. This year we made the jump to 40 Channels of Light O’Rama, additional professional grade strings ordered online, a 14′ mega tree, mini trees, twiggy trees, peppermint pinwheels, presents, snowmen, and of course my north pole and 4′ tall snowflake from last year. We are broadcasting on our very own home-made FM transmitter but it’s not unique, in fact most everything in our display is home-made, rescued from the curb, bought at garage sales or auctions, or built out of parts from Home-Depot or Lowes. I am proud to say that in the liberal hippie town we live in, my ENTIRE display is LED! It’s something I’m proud of and have gotten a lot of supportive comments because of. My biggest and proudest addition this year was my “Mini” Arches, an idea I shared with the wonderful PC community, got lots of great feedback, prototyped, and eventually finished! I have received several great e-mails from people who were able to use the idea and it’s been great seeing their versions of my original idea. It’s been a lot of fun watching all the neighbors figure it out and my wife and I are enjoying the ever increasing number of cars each night. I have also formed some great friendships over the last year due to my new found hobby. Gary Martin, a fellow PC member, has been great in helping me get going and just this week I started a new relationship with another guy in town who saw my display and is interested in going animated for next year! I told him I was happy to pass along the bug. Check out our website for other pictures from last year as well as a few from this year. Zachary Stoltenberg
62 Merry Christmas from Omaha, Nebraska! I’m 20 years old and I have been putting up Christmas lights since I was 10! This year I have almost 17,000 lights! I have a few controllers this year also, and tried many new things!
63 I start decorating Nov. 1st…just finished..the old fashioned way. We also have music with blinking lights coordinated in the grass!!

– maura

64 Hi Chuck,


Here is a picture of our home. This year we have approximately 45,000 lights. 25,000 of which are LED that were donated by the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund. See more at our site,


Merry Christmas, Chris

65 Ryan’s Christmas Lights is back for its 10th year, and just like every other year it is bigger and brighter than the previous season. The 2009 display includes more than 26,000 lights, many of them energy efficient LEDs, 120 computer channels, and over 4 kilometers of electrical cable. For more photos or video clips of this year’s computerised light display please visit
66 here is our Christmas display from the Modisette’s in Longmont, Co
67 Madison, SD – This is just a portion of Madison’s Magical Christmas. We took a 13 ft trampoline and made it part of our light show. There are 12 sets of lights along the outside that put on an amazing performance. The pink ropelight ribbon on top of the tree represents the American Cancer Society’s 2010 Relay for Life which we are taking donations. We have 64 channels and about 10,000 lights. We are putting the show on You Tube or you can get more information at
68 Here is our 2009 display. We started with our lights 4 years ago and just add a few things every year. This year, we added the mini trees, candy canes, and star. We should be around 7000 lights this year and are definitely the brightest house in our neighborhood. We love seeing everyone else’s’ displays every year! Merry Christmas to all!!

The Fatica’s, Mentor, OH

69 Happy Holidays from Greensboro, North Carolina this is our 3rd year putting on a show in our neighborhood and we received so many compliments on how do we do it all and I’m glad to show you all at PlanetChristmas how we do our light show we have 3,250 lights and more will be going up soon including icicle lights. Merry Christmas from the Cardona’s we use our vacation time putting up lights and i always do this for the kids.
70 Hello. Im ron duszak and not only do we raise money for St. Jude children’s hospital but this year we created a “tour of lights” in the central pa and we have 4 animators all raising for them as well. More info can be found at with more info about the 4 locations on the tour and info about each of the houses on the tour. About our show: we run about 320 channels on our house with 4 leaping arches that at 10′ tall by 20′ wide and the small ones are about 7′ tall by 14′ wide. Our mega tree is 123 channels with 24 channels per color and 5 colors and 3 channels for 38 strobes. 40 mini trees and a star and 10-15,000 lights around the rest of the yard. This year wee added a pair of very hi output led r/g/b fixtures to color wash the 70′ tree out back and some nights we run wireless dmx fixtures to several neighbors next to me and a couple across the street as well and everything is set in time with our show. Somewhere around 44,000 lights and 7-9 r/g/b fixtures added on some nights. That’s about it. The arches use about 170 sets of lights also. Ron D. wizards in winter-
canon rock-
so this is christ
71 We are Charles and Janice Vinson of 2313 Cleveland Ave. Decatur Alabama 35601.

I know this is not a night time photo with the lights, but we are proud of our snow. Decatur does not usually have snow fall.

72 I started hanging lights every day for 2.5 weeks in November 2009. This I did by myself, the weather was good for me to 40-50 degrees most days and nights! I finished on the evening of November 29th. I have had to return to the roof 3 times to fix Santa(affixed to my chimney) and rehang the icicle lights, due to heavy winds. They are so attached now that a hurricane won’t bring them down!!! I have a large yard, and not pictured are 7 air blown inflatables. My total count of lights is 11,383. Thanks for looking! Charlotte
73 My Dad, Leo, has been doing this for 15 years but been REALLY “dedicated” for the past 10 or so. He works on getting his lights checked & ready to be set up (he checks each string and character to make sure everything is working and fixes what needs to be fixed. He usually adds something special/interactive for the kids each year so is working on that throughout the year. Dad takes 2 weeks vacation from work each year (usually the last two weeks in Nov) to do the set up. It takes him over 120 hours to do the actual set up in those two weeks, then of course he goes out each night after that to “tweak” something or add a little something here or there. Probably the cutest story so far is one from the website that was written by someone who came to our Annual Hot Chocolate and Picture with Santa Nite last year (we have one night each year that we have Santa come & take pictures with the kids and I email the pictures to them). My whole family participates on this evening, greeting people & handing out hot chocolate to keep everyone warm. It is an evening that our family has grown to look forward to spending time together, seeing the excitement in all the children & and just making family memories. All Donations received go to the BC Children’s Hospital in memory of my 1st daughter, Amanda (his 1st grand-daughter) and my grandad, George.
74 Attached is a photo of my 2009 Christmas Display. I have 208 channels controlling 33,846 lights this year. Included in the display are 4 arches with 3,600 lights, an 8ft 4-color LED tree with 64 channels, and the icicles, rope lights and the front wall of the house can be changed to any combination of red, blue, green or white. There are also 41 trees of various sizes that can be controlled independently. Charles Steinman, Ontario, Ohio 44906
75 where do I start….We started decorating our house 9 years ago but went big time 6 years ago at our current location. I’m going to give you a lot here….like a book…

Thanks Chuck! Mary, AKA Mrs. Claus,

Antelope, CA



Over 150,000 lights animated to music. Featuring a 50 ft mega tree with 30,000 lights, flying snow flurries, seven stars over the house and two 10′

nutcrackers. Visit the website at for videos and more information.

77 Our home is fully decorated with primarily led lights, with 6 blow ups including an animated lifesized Santa. Here in Scranton PA we are an un-official extension of the Light Show at Nay Ag Park. Music and lights are also coordinated with a Music box….Children delight in the old fashion splendor of the Holiday here in our yard!!

– maura

78 Christmas 1999 Rolf Vogt visited together with his wife Nermin Vogt his son and his daughter in law in El Paso, US. Fascinated by all the decorated American houses Rolf brought back two sports-bags filled with American Christmas lights. He started decorating his house on Christmas 2000 for the first time and with each following year the decoration grew bigger and bigger. In order to keep up with the also swiftly growing electricity bill his wife started selling German bratwurst and mulled wine directly next to the decorated house. Attracting thousands of visitors every year Rolf Vogt set his own personal goal: reaching 1.000.000 lights. Setting up / tearing down: Rolf Vogt starts every year around August to set up the decoration. Solely he decorates windows, bushes, walls and climbs on top of his 46 feet high Christmas tree without any ladder. From there enjoying the view he needs more than 6 hours only to finish the Christmas tree. In one of his shacks a friend of him who works by coincidence as an electrician set up a full array of 2 power lines (2x 360 Volt) and 60 sockets. Linked with a radio frequency remote control he can now activate and deactivate the lights from anywhere in his garden. Though the limits of power supply are already reached he did not gave up and started to replace the old Christmas lights with LED energy saving lights enabling him to reach his personal goal of 1.000.000 lights without having to steal electricity from his neighbors, so his friend the electrician told him. In January when all the visitors and guests go back to their daily life, Rolf begins tearing down most of the lights he needed about 4 months to set up. Taking almost 2 months he stores boxes and crates filled over and over with lights and decorations in his cellar and his numerous shacks. The only places he doesn’t touch are the roof on the one hand and the large trees on the other hand. Hanging or lying there for round about a month the chain/rope lights become sensitive to motion or are already engulfed by the branches of the trees.
79 This is our home in Sienna Plantation in Missouri City, TX (South Suburb of Houston). There is also a great picture during the day as well when we got 3″ of snow. This is a very rare even in Houston, TX.
80 Second year at this house, love the reaction from the young kids in the neighborhood. Hope everyone will put up something this year, we all could use the cheer! Merry Christmas Happy Holidays!


Larry Speckman

Gilbert, AZ 85297

81 Home of Sal, Maria and Michael Sciangula
82 street 18 ave, Bensonhurst, Brooklyn
Merry Christmas to All
82 700 kirkland cr dunedin FL
my dad sets up the lights every year for my kids and this year is the best so far.

83 Merry Christmas to Everyone from the Hrusik Family in Chilliwack, BC

This year we added a 16 foot Soldier and icicle lights on the roof line of the house. We renovated the house last summer so I had a whole new canvas to work with. It was fun figuring out where things went, but no more going on the roof. We went from a flat roof to a peaked roof and it is just to hard to get things up there.

84 Happy Holidays from Greensboro, North Carolina this is our 3rd year putting on a show in our neighborhood. We received so many compliments on how do we do it all and I’m glad to show you all at PlanetChristmas how we do our light show they consists of 4,140 lights and more will be going up soon including icicle or the usual C7’s multi-color lights. Merry Christmas from the Cardona’s we use our vacation time putting up lights and i always do this for the kids and neighborhood to enjoy.

85 Merry Christmas from the Coyle family in Lexington, Ky. Over 40,000 lights put out.
86 2009 display in Wainuiomata, New Zealand. The house outline, windows and doors that are shown in green actually have 3 colours – red, green and blue. They are all (except some on the lower front of the house) attached by metal staples to wood slats. The icicles are on wire mesh framing. The slats and the mesh are securely attached to the house, to withstand the strong winds we get. All of these lights, plus those on the trees and the moa and kiwi, are 110 volt LED light strings imported from USA this year, running off transformers. There is also Santa and 2 reindeer off to the left, and fireworks and 6 flowers side-on between the big tree and the moa. There is a 30 minute sequence of 13 tunes, including Rudolph, Dancing Queen, Feliz Navidad and Wizards in Winter, running on Animation Director and 8 16-channel controllers (LC16s). The flowers, fireworks, candles and Cheshire cat are animated via macros on 3 LC16s. These all run off 240 volts – the NZ standard. It took 6 months of planning, construction, programming, and testing, but the final result is well worth it. The main challenge, apart from the tedium of attaching all the house lights and icicles individually, was the big tree – about 12 feet tall, but not really a mega tree, as it is 2-dimensional, with lights attached to wire mesh on an old trampoline frame. It is held up by 4 ropes on each side, and so far has not been affected by the wind (well, not much). The show runs 9 – 11pm every night in December, so far with only minor problems. By the way, the moa is a large flightless NZ bird, now extinct. Merry Christmas!
87 We have over 55,000 lights (no inflatables or blow molds 🙂 that are synchronized to music broadcast on low power FM. We are at 7877 131st Street in Apple Valley, MN. Please visit our web site at for show times, directions and sample videos! Merry Christmas from the Anderson’s!
88 Holidays are coming…holidays are coming…holidays are coming…We are excited for everyone to see the 32,000 lights decorating our house this year. It took all year to plan and several days to set up, but we are ready! Our show this year is a synchronization of lights to seven entertaining Christmas songs (including one popular cola commercial). In addition to lights covering the house and roof, this year we have added a mega tree and arches of leaping lights that cross our yard. We are also collecting non-perishable food to help support those who feed needy families in our community. We hope everyone comes by to see the show, donate food for the needy, get a candy cane, and maybe even buy some hot chocolate from our son (on the weekends)! From KoldeChrismas to you MARRY CHRISTMAS ! Jeff
89 Here is nice photo of the display after a surprise morning snowfall. 10,000 LED lights, a 14 foot mega tree( with a broken star) and some homemade items thanks to Planet Christmas! enjoy Thank you so much! Joshua Shumaker
90 High Country Lights has a little over 101K lights synchronized to 510 channels of Light-O-Rama. The display is on nightly from 6-10p Sunday-Thursday and 6-11p Friday & Saturday. I take donations for The Solid Rock Food Closet and Willing Partners that provide food assistance for local people in the area. Display details… The Merry Christmas sign is 20 feet long and 4 feet tall with each letter individually controlled. I have two different sizes of snowflakes/ spinners. The smaller ones are 6ft diameter with 1600 lights each. They take up 8 channels. The larger one has 3200 lights, 12ft diameter and uses 32 channels. It can do any pattern your imagination can come up with. The poles/sticks have 700 lights each to a total height of 10ft with a single strobe light on top. Other things in the display are 4 mega-trees with each one having 9700 lights, a small stream with deer drinking from it, candy canes, small train, and 48 mini-trees. I use 10 20amp circuits to power everything.
91 Merry Christmas from Carbon, Alberta, Canada. We have 8700 led lights controlled from a Mr. Christmas box, 12 inflatables, 7 blowmolds and various wood cutouts throughout the yard, including Santa in his sleigh and 9 reindeer going through the yard. Jim & Kathy
92 Here is our first entry to Planet Christmas. Our house here in Benton, Arkansas is a neighborhood favorite and we enjoy watching people drive by each night. We have approximately 12-13,000 lights. One of our newest additions is a snowman that is roasting marshmallows. Merry Christmas to everyone out there. Mark and Debbie Weiss
93 Here is our display for the showing off section of PlanetChristmas 2009. Our display has been growing for 6 years now and every year it get’s a few more lights and a few more visitors. Last year was the first year we started helping families out with a Donation box out front. Last year we received just over $5000 in donations for a Family whoz daughter was battling brain cancer. This year it’s for a family whose 11 year old Son is battling Leukemia. The neighbors love it and every year I say that’s it and every year we keep adding. Hmmmm maybe there is a fine line between “hobby” and “mental illness”. Thanks chuck. Evan
94 Merry Christmas from the Arlington, Washington.
95 Hi. This is our Christmas display all lit up. We actually run 128 channels on light o rama. Hope you enjoy it!

Chris and Stephanie Gant

96 I lost count when I went over 2,000 sets of lights, Mickey Mouse riding a train around the yard,6 foot Santa dancing ,lots of yard blowup decorations, lots of hand made yard decorations, and you can tuned to 87.7 and hear Christmas music from your car or hear it from speakers around the yard. This year I added a snow maker , some yard decorations and more lights to add to the festival of lights. I been doing Christmas Lights for the last 27 years and try to add something new each year. I live so close to the airport I tell everyone I have to call them when I turn the lights on so the planes don’t land here. Every Friday and Sat. meet Santa and tell him what you like for Christmas. I already making plans for next year, I’m adding a laser show display and you know it more lights. The lights are on from Dec.1st to Jan.1st every night from 5:00 to 10:30. Stop Bye and See how Crazy I get with Lights @ ,Glen Burnie.Md. 21061
97 First year running LOR with 64 channels and approximately 10,000 lights. sequenced 9 songs and broadcasting on FM short range radio.

Chris court, Soquel, CA

98 Hello PlanetChristmas. Here is our Christmas Lights display located in Saugatuck Mi. My parents started this tradition about 18 yrs ago. 7 yrs ago we took it over when my father past away and started with 35,000 lights and have continued to expand over the years. We are now somewhere between 50,000 – 55,000 lights. Tom Raczok Jr
99 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! we have over 45,000 lights and several yard decorations. We hope to upgrade are power and add more next year. ENJOY!
100 We have West Memphis Festival of Christmas Lights for the past 5 years in West Memphis, Arkansas. There are 2 blocks of houses decorated with lots of lights and horse carriage rides on the weekends. Kids can make homemade smores at Worthington Park that is decorated bigtime and Christmas music plays from 5:30-10:30. Also, on the weekends, Fri and Sat nites I sing Country Christmas Carols with Woody and give out candy canes to remind them the candy cane letter is

“J” that stands for “JESUS”. All the kids and adults just love it and so do we seeing the smiles on all their faces and that “JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON”.

Picture Description
101 Like most people, we have to start early in October to get it all done, as weekends are my time limit. We are on an inside corner of a street, so there is a little bit of a bend in the road and can not get a picture of everything at once. The Main thing that sets this display off is the Nativity Scene on the Garage door, set off my the Christmas Tree’s of Coffee Cans next to the Garage door that I made. We try to incorporate all themes in our Christmas display….Nativity Scene, Santa Claus, Snowman, Train, Toy Solder, Reindeer, Star’s, Cross, etc. Without trying to be to goddy… We use a mix of C9’s, C7’s, LED, Mini’s, Superbright, some Flash, some not, Few greeting signs. We also have to put up with the Wind sometimes, which I have already had to bring a display in this year and repair it… Most of ALL, I have fun with it despite all the Hours it takes, and to light up someone else’s Eye’s as a Child…makes it worth it for us….We get alot of Traffic, luckily we are on a Cul-d-sac and not a main road for everyone to take there time and stop and look !! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO THE WORLD !! Jerrie Richards
102 Merry Christmas from Evans Georgia, This years display includes over 21,000 mini lights including some LEDs. The ship, an annual constant is 32′ long and 22′ high, The mega tree is just short of 30′ tall. For our third year using LOR we have 40 channels synchronized to 11 songs controlling about 14,000 lights. As always, thanks for the opportunity to share our display and enjoy everyone elses. The Dimmocks
103 This is our little townhouse in Leesport, PA
From Sally and Charlie
Hello again. This is our 2009 display. We made a few changes this year and really love the outcome. We omitted some of the lights and think it looks better. This is a Christmas tradition that the whole family enjoys. The lights bring a lot of joy to our family and our neighborhood. We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Brad, Stacy, Rylie and Evan Hollar
105 This is our home in Imperial, Pennsylvania. It has become an annual father-sons tradition as we decorate our home for the holidays the weekend prior to Thanksgiving. We like to include many different types of decorations in our display such as traditional multi-colored light bulbs lining our roof along with icicle lights, an inflatable santa and frosty, miniature trees lining our walkway, an animated moose, 2 animated reindeer, and more. Also, (not seen in the picture) we have a mini display on our back deck (new this year). We look forward to expanding our display in both quantity and quality in years to come. Happy Holidays! -The Rabineks
106 “Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming — WOW– What a Ride!”
107 Happy Holidays from Kenosha WI. We are in our 4th year of having an animated display with over 25,000. This year, we have added lights up on the roof and built a 10’ mini-mega tree. We are located at 6834 106th Avenue, Kenosha WI and broadcast on 101.3FM. Some of our videos include:

Polar Express – Hot Chocolate:

TSO Wizards in Winter:

Brian Setzer – Sleigh Ride:

Winter Wonderland (New):

Holly Jolly Christmas:

Happy Holidays from James & Carri Kiehl

108 MERRY CHRISTMAS from the Speakman Family. This year we are running 57000 lights on the house. We purchased the ITREE this year and are getting a great response off it (Thank you Joe.) We make all of our cone trees, 5 moose, 6 deer Farris wheel, rocking horse, horse and carriage, several sleighs and Santas and try to add each year. We really thought about set up this year to really show off everything. We had to expand to the neighbors yard to do so (Thank you Sharry and Randy). We live in Soldotna Alaska and have been putting up lights for 5 years now. Please come by and check us out 138 Farnsworth, thats if your visiting our great town soon…if not please check out the videos on our facebook page. HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL:)♥
109 This is my home in Tracy California. It has 100,000. Lights and has 192 channels of lor controllers feeding miles of extension cords. The comupter running this is an Apple macmini running vmware fusion windows xp in virtual mode. 90% of the lights are led’s and this is both an effort and a labor of love. Next year I hope to add more and Merry Christmas to all. Marvin R. Lima, Tracy Ca, 95376
110 Hi this is a picture of our house for 2009. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. St. Clair. nsw Austalia
111 Hi Chuck. Merry Christmas from Randy and Shari Michael in Escondido, California. (Just north of San Diego.) We have been amazed at the wonderful displays on this website and the cooperation that we have received. We thought we would provide a picture of our display. Nothing too elaborate, but with AL help including artificial snow, the kids in the neighborhood love to come over and dance. (Sounds like a good idea for a future picture!)
112 This years display includes over 14,000 lights, That’s almost two times as many as last year! This years display includes a snowman blowing snow, a “Christmas Cactus” next to our cactus garden, and 3,600 red and white lights on 12 mini trees! The tree trunks are wrapped tight, the bushes are covered in thousands of lights each, a Christmas tree with nearly 2,000 lights in the window, and 2 giant candy canes in the center of it all! For more information and pictures go to We are in Keller, Texas, near Fort Worth. John Chmielewski
113 Hi all, Just sharing our decorations this Christmas 2009. Merry Christmas to all. Leonard, Elvie and Marissa Lei in Covina, CA
114 Here is my display about 2100 lights all LEDs with 2 blow ups the only photo I have so far is from my Cell photo sorry for the quality.
115 The Northern Lights-Clayton Community Church’s Christmas Light Show. The Northern Lights features over 13,000 lights, 64 channels, and 7 musical numbers. It has become the crowning jewel of the Christmas outreach program at Clayton Community Church. While the production was produced and directed by 18 year-old Jeff Holmes, the Northern Lights truly has been a community project. If not for the amazing efforts of Galaxia, Animated Lighting, Holiday Technologies, and Winterland Inc. this show would not be where it is today. Paul and Mark from Animated Lighting provided the amazing and durable hardware that keeps our show running. Greg from Galaxia and Tarah from Winterland provided fantastic special effects lighting that took our show to a whole other level, while Drew from Holiday Technologies programmed our complex trigger routine that keeps the show running night after night. We thank everyone who made our small-town outreach possible! Visit our website for videos of the show!
116 First time submitting. We are the Kyprianidis family in Elk Grove Village Illinois. We have been decorating for over 10 years. We have 20,000 lights inside and out with some set up to music. It takes over 2 weeks to set up our display, but well worth the work every year. We enjoy when people come by to see the lights including a trolley taking people on a tour of Christmas lights.

Thanks, Bill and Jennifer Kyprianidis

117 Hi Chuck, We finally got our display up this year. Kringle’s Bakery is our new addition. Where Santa and his elfs bake delicious desserts. There are 59,053 LED and regular lights displayed. Setup time took 298 man hours this year. Last year we raised $260 for the Hemby Children’s Hospital in Matthews, North Carolina. As you know from other years, I make most of my displays. To see more you can visit Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Nikitas
118 A Hawaiian Christmas. For the past 23 years, we have decorated our front yard with various blow molds and Christmas lights. Although we started small, every year we would add one or two new things. Even though Hawaii has very temperate weather, we have had many a close call with our Santa and reindeer. Several years there have been bad windstorms that have blown the figurines onto the street or into the ravine across the way and we have had to send rescue parties out to look for the various missing pieces. After finding the Planet Christmas website several years ago, we realized that what we considered to be “a lot” of lights was nothing compared to the wonderful things we have seen there. So, we have added a few more and hope to be counted in the Planet Christmas, Hawaii edition, this year! Mele Kalikimaka from the Lozada family in Honolulu.
119 Here is our display for the showing off section of PlanetChristmas 2009. Our display has been growing for 6 years now and every year it get’s a few more lights and a few more visitors. Last year was the first year we started helping families out with a Donation box out front. Last year we received just over $5000 in donations for a Family whoz daughter was battling brain cancer. This year it’s for a family whose 11 year old Son is battling Leukemia. The neighbors love it and every year I say that’s it and every year we keep adding. Hmmmm maybe there is a fine line between “hobby” and “mental illness”. Thanks Chuck.
120 Our display. It’s actually a synchronized display with 64 LOR channels. I just turned them all on for this photo 🙂

Debbie & Larry Glasson, Saint Louis, MO

121 NORTH VIEW LITEZ, DERBYSHIRE, U.K We have spent over two and a half thousand pounds since we first started the outside lighting in Christmas 2002. This year we have over 130 light sets including three ex display lights from Blackpool’s famous golden mile. Our display this year is mostly custom controlled to music using a computer system for lighting called “animated lighting”. The sequence used in our display was custom made from scratch using special lighting software. It was not cheap and certainly wasn’t easy to use and has taken months to set up and program but was worth the work. This is our second year of using the computer system. Our display was installed by Wayne and john skinner with help from Susan. The wiring, Show programming, lighting sync and lighting design was done by Wayne. Our programmed show lasts aprox 35 min’s and repeats between the hours of 4.15pm and 9.30pm. The show will be lit from 28th November 2009 to 5th January. The opening night of the lights took place on 27th November at 6pm when friends and family and a few members of the public counted down for lights to get switched on. This year we are raising money for the RSPCA. We are situated at 48 north view street, Bolsover near chesterfield in Derbyshire. For more information, past pictures and the making of this years display pictures visit our website: Since the idea of having donations back in 2004 we have made £305.08 for charities including cancer research, royal hospital chesterfield, Ashgate hospice chesterfield and more. Its not a lot but we are not easy to find and until last year the only way people knew about us was by word of mouth or through our website. Now we have posters and a new site on facebook too to try and make ourselves known and raise more money for charitys in the future. In the past we have also raised £1376.48 for the Mablethorpe RLNI by making sand art on the beach during the summer holidays over 4 years. We are hoping to beat past totals and raise as much as we can with this years display to help the RSPCA with they’re hard work. Aswell as our ex blackpool light units we also have various other light effects some of which have been customised for our display. Some of this years lights include a laser show, custom made mirror ball, 5 foot snowman, water feature with mist and several snowmen, santas and other lit features. Indoors we have a custom village sceen in a 2 foot fishtank, 7 foot 2 tone led lit tree dressed in gold decorations and icicles from the eiling ect. Some people ask why do you do it? My answer to that is to bring happiness to adults and children alike, you only have to watch as a child gets out of a car and there face lights up with joy and to us thats what its all about. At the same time of bringing happiness to children and adults the displays also bring happiness to the charitys who get the donations and although its not much they are very thankful for choosing them and the money raised means people/animals can get the care and attention needed by these charitys that need kind donations to help. Christmas for me is all year now, as soon as the lights come down and even before we will be buying little bits and bobs in the sales for next years display. I am currently fixing some second hand trees i got this week that will be on next years lights. I hope you like our display and i hope it brings you the happiness it brings us and everyone involved. Have a very merry Christmas from, The skinner family
Merry Christmas from Holland lights, Our 2009 display features 14,839 lights with a jumping deer arch and a mega tree new for this year.
123 I lost count when I went over 2,000 sets of lights, Mickey Mouse riding a train around the yard,6 foot Santa dancing ,lots of yard blowup decorations, lots of hand made yard decorations, and you can tuned to 87.7 and hear Christmas music from your car or hear it from speakers around the yard. This year I added a snow maker , some yard decorations and more lights to add to the festival of lights. I been doing Christmas Lights for the last 27 years and try to add something new each year. I live so close to the airport I tell everyone I have to call them when I turn the lights on so the planes don’t land here. Every Friday and Sat. meet Santa and tell him what you like for Christmas. I already making plans for next year, I’m adding a laser show display and you know it more lights. The lights are on from Dec.1st to Jan.1st every night from 5:00 to 10:30 Stop Bye and See how Crazy I get with Lights @ Glen Burnie. Md. 21061
124 Merry Christmas from Richard Gierlich in Interlachen, FL. This is a picture of my 2009 display. Im running about 10,000 lights, blow molds, and inflatables.
You can also see pictures on my website
125 Merry Christmas from Richard Gierlich in Interlachen, FL. This is a picture of my 2009 display. Im running about 10,000 lights, blow molds, and inflatables.
You can also see pictures on my website
126 2009 year is my second year when I making computer controlled display.

Its about 10.000 loghts, 12feet mega tree, text display.

More photos and videos on my display also how its done you can find on

Merry Christmas Everyone !!!


127 ChristmasKaty, where lights and sound become one. 50,000 LED lights and the “Cosmic Snowflake” combine with a 32 ft. Mega Tree and 20 ft. Marty Fan for a exciting combination of lighting.

196 Channels of synchronized automation with our 30 minute show for your enjoyment. See our videos and details on building our display at

128 We have 94,000 lights on 128 channels of Light-a-rama. Six songs this year, that repeat themselves all night. Thank you Mike and Patti Weber
Dear chuck: Please help me post this thank you very much and would like to say Merry Christmas to all the members here on Planet Christmas and to all my friends and family If you would like to see more please go to facebook look that up in face book and you will be able to see video’s all so of the house and other pictures everyone is weclome thank you very much MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM MIKE AND MARYELLEN OF EVERETT MASS.
130 I am huge fan of your website and I would like to enter my Christmas display into your competition please. First of i’d like to say that the 6000+ leds used on my house are entirely hand built by me. I started my R&D back in December last year when I first saw a video of a display in the USA using Light O Rama. I decided this is what I wanted to do next year. So once I worked out all the technical stuff like voltages, half wave/full wave psu’s and most important, how to make them fully weatherproof and safe to touch I began building them in a purpose built workshop. I built over 150 sets of leds (end to end they run for over 1/2 a mile) I built the 3 Light O Rama controllers and also the Radio Station sign which took over a week, consisting of over 1000 led`s and a control board I built. (size of a 50″ TV) I started the installation on the house early September and finished November 30th! With no help, I did the entire thing on my own. I was also recovering from a broken wrist (broke in August) which slowed me down a lot but I was determined to make the display look, how I pictured it in my head all those months ago. I live in England and nobody has seen anything like this display before (so im told anyway) I enjoy putting on a display because I like to see the excitement on peoples faces (especially children) Nobody really seems to make a real effort where I live, so for me it makes it extra special when I have crowds of people and queue’s of cars taking in my display. The last 2 years I was unable to do a display due to my work commitments and it upset a few people… so I thought this year’s i’d really make extra special. In total there are about 12 000 to 13 000 lights used in my display and it lights up houses down the street! I have uploaded a few songs on to YouTube called…Northolt Christmas Lights. but have also attached a picture and a video. Thank you for your time and Merry Christmas. Trevor Restall. Northolt. UK. By the way, I have already begun building lights for next years display!
131 Merry Christmas to Southwest Michigan!! This is our 9th year of automated lights. Our 4th year using Light-O-Rama. Last year we had 128-channels this year we have 390-channels of LOR and DIY DMX all sequenced to 5 songs with a small FM transmitter with RDS. We have over 22,000 mini-lights, 4800 lights on 25ft Mega-tree, 12 Mini-trees with 400 lights each, 6 10ft Leeping Arches, 3 blowups, 4 blow molds, 6 hand made wireframes, 2 snowmen playing catch, and my new Pixel Sticks! and over 300 foot of tube light on the house. A LED sign automatically displays the song name and radio channel to tune to.
132 Lee Portz
133 Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! My name is Peter Parente and I am 16 years old. This is my house in Pittston, Pennsylvania. I start working on my masterpiece by early November and wrap it up before Thanksgiving. It is a static display. My house currently has 28,000 lights, a 20-foot MEGA Tree with 4,000 lights, a 12-foot light tree in the distance with 1,500 light, 16 Inflatables, 85 Blow-Molds, some LEDs, and I’m still not finished yet! Next year I’m going to add 32-channels of LIGHT-O-RAMA!! P.S. – I can’t wait to go to Christmas Land (in Wilkes-Barre, PA) the day after Christmas with my cousin Joey and spend all my Christmas Cash!! Hope you Enjoy!
134 Merry Christmas from Kissimmee, FL. This is the 19th year of my display. This year I have 50,000 lights which are controlled with 352 channels of Light-O-Rama. You can see more pictures and videos of my display at www.christmaswonders.comMerry Christmas!

Ron Lister

135 Happy Holidays from the Hayward’s in Joppa MD. We are located at 3008 West Franklinville Rd. 21085. This is our 4th year on Planet Christmas. We have about 80,000 lights, 4 blow up’s, a projector image and most items are homemade since we set over 350′ off the road it has to be large to see what it is. It takes me about 6 weeks to complete (still adding more) and covers about an acre an half of my property. Power to supply this display is 2-30 amp 2-pole breaker, 8-20 amp breakers and 3-15 amp, with a lot of extension cords and electrical romex, we are pushing 120 amps to light up the display this year. As with most of us that light up the neighborhood we continue to add and change each year. Merry Christmas to all! Thank you, the Hayward’s in Joppa MD.
136 Prosper, TX: It’s all about Jesus! Our display has 36,000 lights and 50 Christmas trees. It takes us a month to set it up, and we build it all year long. My kids and I do this together and it brings joy to our whole community. The display is also set to music. Thanks, Daniel Baughman
137 Hi Chuck!

Here is a sample picture of my display: Nightmare Before Christmas vs Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer. Please see the video of all the characters in action at: The Wachman’s, Costa Mesa, CA

138 This is the first year for a display of this type, last year had a 3 tree set that I purchased locally that had music and lights synced. This year 32 channel and over 2100 lights all LED with the 2 blow ups. Enjoy
139 Merry Christmas from the Lashbrook’s in Owensboro, KY! Our family has decorated our house for over 20 years! Our house is a combination of different scenes, including a Nativity scene, Mr. and Mrs. Claus, “Santa’s Toy Land”, “The Snowman Family”, and “The Penguin Playground” to name a few. We have a multicolored twinkling bell tree, lights set to Christmas music, and lights around every bush and inch of the house. Our house literally has everything you could ask for, and too many Christmas lights to count, we lost count after 400,000!! Our house is also the main attraction of our local neighborhood display and charity event. Our family sets up a little booth at the front of the neighborhood and collect money for a local charity, which we like to change up every year. Our family loves Christmas and is blessed for all the things we have and feel it’s a great time of year to give back to the community. Overall what makes our house unique is the fact that there is so much joy behind it, and that we add something new to our display every year! So if you’re ever in Kentucky around Christmas time, you might want to consider making a pit stop in Owensboro! Jeff Lashbrook and Family!
140 Located in Hiram, GA this is our first animated light display and are very pleased with the way it turned out. 25,000 lights & 72 channels of LOR. We are also accepting donations for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Visit our website at
Special thanks to jfelix here on the PC forums for his advice & support with our first animated setup. Enjoy and Merry Christmas from the Carter Family!!!
141 Hello, my name is Lee Williams from New Rochelle NY. I am 25 and have been fascinated by Christmas my entire life. I remember watching and helpping my dad hang lights outside the house and decorate the tree. My first display was back when I was 10 and has continued to grow each yeah and now encompasses my entire house inside and out including 4 themed trees each year plus my dad’s business. I am a complete blowmold fanatic, into more traditional displays with no inflatables or computerized displays. It saddens me that they are pretty much a thing of the past due to cost of production and storage, luckily I have a “blowmold room” fully stocked with Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Valentines Day, and patriotic blowmolds. They add so much holiday spirit, every night cars drive down my street slow down and stop to view the lights. Many children also take pictures with the blow molds each year, some even go up to them and talk to them. It really adds some holiday cheer to my neighborhood espicially these days when many people are cutting back on the derocations or in some cases not even decorating at all in an effort to save money. My display is based on a Santa’s Workshop theme featureing many elf, stana, and toy blowmolds. A few details on my display: 64 blowmolds, 6000 lights, 150 extension cords, Pictures are attached, Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Merry Christmas to everyone!!! My name is Brian Evans I live in O’Fallon, IL I am 23 years old and i love Christmas. My display is in its 3rd year now and like everyone else the obsession grows every year. Love the Planet Christmas website. Merry Christmas from the Evans Family.
This is my display in the San Francisco Bay Area. Hope you all like it. Happy holidays to you and your family.
144 Carter’s Christmas Lights located in Hiram, GA. First year with an animated display. 25,000 lights and 72 channels using LOR. We are also accepting donations for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Visit our website at Merry CHRISTmas everyone!
145 Hi, this year the lights – LEDs 265,084 are visited by tens of thousands of people. channels used are about 240 without using the music to not disturb the neighbors. They are authorized dealer of the brand MK-Illumination largest azzi that produces light professional use and therefore ONLY use top quality materials, visit my web site: – Ciao. Massimiliano Goglio from Melegnano – (Milano) Italy
146 Our “Winter Wonderland” on Dovewood Court in Orangevale, CA. Happy Holidays!
147 The Christian’s Christmas lights. Our display is fully computer controlled using Light-O-Rama controllers on software. All of the computer work is done by me, steve age 16, while the decorating and wiring is done by mostly me with the help of my dad. Steve Christian
148 Greetings from Livermore, CA.

Second Year to post to Planet Christmas. Trying to be greener: 80% LED display with CFL Flood Lights. Mega Tree is 18-ft tall with over 3000 mini LED Lights. Added the manager scene this year. Really happy with the whole display. Wishing Everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Ray Fassett

149 We have slowly added to our display over the years, now up to around 3000 lights, two inflatables, a tin ornament I lighted with LED as well as a tin hot air balloon I lighted with LED’s as well. Got a bigger one in the works too. Did the field paint on the grass to go with my snowman/snowmaker setup as it never snows in San Diego, but at my house it snows at the push of a button. We even go so far as to plant red and white plants to compliment our lights…oh and my pride and joy, The Leg Lamp always appears in at least one window!! The second picture is of our house (left) and our neighbor’s who coordinates with us every year so it’s tons of fun. The DeMuth Family
150 This is our first time decorating the house. We are doing this for us, we enjoyed it a lot. We already are looking forward to expanding it next year.
151 My name is Ryan Procop. This display is set up at my house in Twinsburg, Ohio.(Cleveland Suburb) I am submitting this display for the newbie category. This is my first year setting up a computerized display. It took a lot convincing to get my wife to agree to this idea, but I think she is surprised at how well it turned out. This display consists of 9,550 lights. Currently I have two TSO songs synchronized and have a 30 minute color revolving loop playing on a regular schedule. What makes this display a unique contribution to my community is the LED display set near the street. This blue and white light display is in honor of a local police officer that was murdered in the line of duty. I make sure that this hemlock tree and a cut out of a police badge is the first element lit every night and remains lit until the morning to let our police officers know that they are in our hearts and on our minds. I would like to thank all of you at Planet Christmas for all of the resources that you have compiled and your dedication to lighting. Merry Christmas Ryan Procop Twinsburg, Ohio 44087
152 My home page explains our project in detail for 2009. It can be seen at and we have two videos here:

Thanks for your consideration,

Norida Pruitt

McAlester, Oklahoma 74501

153 This is my 5th year decorating this house, 1st year with LOR, have been decorating for about 10 years. About 9000 lights total, 5000 on the Z-Tree, 4 sections, 4 colors. Mostly LED except the tree.

Merry Christmas to all and Best Wishes for 2010. Gary Morrison

154 This is our first year at Planet Christmas… Lloyd has been making Christmas displays for over 40 years. “Santa’s Village” on Barrows Drive in Suisun started in 1986. 2009 is the 24th Year! The plywood figures are drawn, painted, & cut-out by Lloyd. Santa & Mrs. Santa are 8 feet tall! Santa was made in 1986, and elves, Mrs. Santa, toys, soldiers, and horses followed over the years! The lights on the house and in the yard have grown to about 30,000! Rope lights have been added since 2006, and Lloyd made a 6 foot “Merry Christmas” sign for the roof that year! This year he made a God Bless the USA sign, and a “Santa’s Village” sign! During 21 years in the Marine Corps, Lloyd won awards for displays on base. “Santa’s Village” on Barrows Dr. was featured in the “Daily Republic”, Fairfield’s newspaper in 1991, 2004, 2008, and was mentioned several other years by articles and best lights to see. It was the winner of the “Best Christmas Lights” contest on San Francisco’s KSFO radio in 2006. The lights will be on from 5pm to 10pm through January 1. Merry Christmas from Our House to Your House! Lloyd and Sharon Dashner
155 Hey CHuck, Was trying out my new camera last night and got this one. 180,00 lights (60,000 of those are LED); 300 wire frames, 250 blow molds, 112 channels of LOR. This is our 26th year at this location. We open our home every Saturday in Dec, Christmas Eve and Christmas. So far have had over 1000 people thru the house and those were the slow nights. Donations this year will go to the AUSA fund for the families and victims of the Nov 5th shooting on Fort Hood. Marilyn
156 The rist Doniphan, MO hotel. Later became part of Doniphan’s first hospital. Closed in 1959. Renovations began by the Robinson family in 2009. Built c. 1895
157 Art & Sue Neumann from Apple Valley, California. We start setting up the day after Halloween. We set it up with two distinct sections. The first section we call Candy Cane Lane. This is the fun section with merry-go-round, carousel and lots of animated characters. It also has the North Pole International Airport we set up on the side driveway. The second section is devoted to the reason for the season with a large nativity scene, church, deer herd and trees. We hope you enjoy the pictures. Merry Christmas.

Hello,  this is our house at Christmas.  My husband Dwight makes most all of the pieces you see in the pictures.  He puts lights on everything himself.  I think it is absolutely beautiful.  We have many folks who drive by to see the lights.  We have been looking on Planet Christmas for a long time and finally decided to send you some of our Christmas pictures.  I am very proud of him.  We live in Smith Station, Alabama and enjoy doing this for our community every year.  I hope you enjoy.  Merry Christmas!!!!!!!! If you need to contact us please do so at Thanks,  Cheryl

159 Been a long time admirer of your site. Here are some shots from our outdoor display in this email. “Mele Kalikimaka from Ken Hupp and Talaite Petrowski in Hilo, Hawai`i.”
160 Hello All, Merry Christmas from the Us at Christmas lights techno. This is our 3rd year at decorating, You can visit our website to learn and see more. Thanks Robert
161 I don’t have a large display but I was able to get a really nice picture of it in the snow last night. Here are the details. 8000 + mini lights 10 mini trees made out of tomato cages with 300 lights on each 16 channel LOR controller (PC version) 7 songs/sequences Mobile black box fm transmitter set to 90.9 Display is located at Midlothian, Va. 23112 This pic is with the display turned on with no animation. John Earle
162 Hello from New Zealand. Our display is the home of we have approx 40,000 lights and after some technical difficulties runs 36 channels of computer control using Vixen and Grinch. We have been very busy with our visitors leading up to Christmas and it doesn’t look like slowing down!. We would like to wish the rest of the world a very happy and save Christmas.
163 Merry Christmas to Southwest Michigan!! This is our 9th year of automated lights. Our 4th year using Light-O-Rama. Last year we had 128-channels this year we have 390-channels of LOR and DIY DMX all sequenced to 5 songs with a small FM transmitter with RDS. We have over 22,000 mini-lights, 4800 lights on 25ft Mega-tree, 12 Mini-trees with 400 lights each, 6 10ft Leaping Arches, 3 blowups, 4 blow molds, 6 hand made wireframes, 2 snowmen playing catch, and my new Pixel Sticks! and over 300 foot of tube light on the house. A LED sign automatically displays the song name and radio channel to tune to.
164 Merry Christmas from Cincinnati, Ohio. This is the thirtieth year decorating our house for Christmas and the first year I have tried computerization. Over the years the display has gone from hundreds to many thousands of lights usually on the front and sides of the house. New this year, to take advantage of a LOR box I have also decorated our privacy fence and bushes in the back of the yard. The fence itself has 4 loops of different colored strings lights and the bushes have the same totaling 8 channels. The great thing about decorating the fence is that you can enjoy the efforts from the inside of the house looking out. The gutters on the house have 3 loops of lights using an additional 3 LOR channels. The windows have strings of lights that are the exact length to outline each window, so one more string cut in half and then electrically connected back together form divided lights. If decorators can either be faders or flashers, I guess I’m a fader this first time out. The programming was very enjoyable coming up with pleasing color combinations that fade up and down slowly every minute, looping every half hour. This first year was sort of a technology demonstrator for me leading to who knows what. I can’t listen to Christmas music anymore without thinking about sequencing the songs. In the future I would like to separate the front yard bushes and windows into different colors and locations leading to many new possibilities. I think I’ve caught the bug and it’s going to be bad. Wishing all the peace and joy of the season. Jeff Moore.
165 Merry Christmas from Fayetteville, GA. is our new website. This is our first year of doing a animated music and lights display. Our display has 15,000 lights. I have 48 channels with Light-O-Rama controllers. We use 88.7 FM for our radio station which is on 24/7 with Zara Radio. Our website has pictures and videos of the different construction aspects of the display. It was very nice to see how many of my neighbors responded (positively!) to the display. I hope to do more next year along with doing some charity type drives along with the display. Thank you Planet Christmas for all you do to keep “The Little Kid” alive in all of us.
166 This is my fourth year hanging lights. Last year i was unable to hang as many since i was recovering from an injury. The picture is static but a portion of the lights are plugged into a Mr. Christmas box (the candy canes, to trees along the porch, the snowflakes on the roof). My goal is to computerize someday. I also have in the picture a 7 ft Ferris wheel at the front of the yard as well as a kresh i built.
Nothing but blow molds! This is Thomas and Doreen Steiner’s 2009 Disney Christmas Display in Huntington, IN., located just five blocks from the Huntington County Courthouse. We have been decorating our yard with lights for 41 years. Although I don’t run a computerized display and don’t really plan to, there are still some elements of control to everything. We have around 2,000 lights and 50 different blow molds for this year. We cut way back on lights due to the economy this year, and just went with 2,000 mini lights, all blow molds, and a few wireframes this year. We also feature a General Foam Plastics Santa Train and Tender Car. We also cut way back on lighting for 2009 due to spending more time with our lovely granddaughter, Autumn, 6 years old and our grandson, JJ, who is 3 years old. We have 1,000-plus blow molds, but we don’t use all 1,000 in our display. We change the blow molds around each season to make the display look differently. We have been doing a Christmas display for 41 years. We have been featured in The Post & Mail newspaper, Columbia City, IN and The Huntington Herald-Press newspaper, Huntington, IN. For 2009, we were featured on line @…eason-iii.html. We took no donations for any charity this year due to the economy situation. We love what we do best for the Community of Huntington, IN. Please check us out on the web at Photo courtesy of Rick Henly, HuntingtonFreePress.Com.
169 Hi Chuck, and Merry Christmas to all from the McDaniel family in Fruitland Park, Florida. This is the second year we have done the display, although 2008 was small compared to this year. This year consists of approximately 57,000 lights, mostly LED, and 288 channels. The mega tree is 27 feet with the star and has 26000 lights including 5 light rings. Lots of work, but well worth it when people stop by and enjoy the show.
270 Merry Christmas from Broken Arrow, OK! We’ve put lights up for years, but this is the first year to post a picture on Planet Christmas. We love the website, keep up the good work.

The Zilmers

171 I am a new Member and I just uploaded my 2009 pics…We have a little over 44,000 lights our tallest tree is 25 ft next is 20 ft and then we have 21 more trees from 15 ft down to 8 6 ft tall. Two pole mounts we made. We hope to add a LOR next yr and at least 20,000 more lights.
172 I’m not sure you can call me a newbie as I have been decorating for the last 9 years .This year I finally purchased an LOR but did not use it due to starting my decorating so late. For the past 2 years I have used a Mr. Christmas to have the lights move with the music. This year I used Mr. Christmas again and am about 95 percent LEDS.I have no idea how many lights I have as I did not count them this year. When we moved to our neighborhood 9 years ago hardly anyone decorated for Christmas. Although you would see a strand of lights here and there, mostly our neighborhood was dark. So I decided I would go over the top and decorate every year. However, there are always grinches around and we had many lawn ornaments stolen over the years, usually one or two a year. I have figured out ways to lock most of the lawn ornaments to the ground and for the past 3 years we now put up a temporary fence to deter thief’s. As the years have gone by I have noticed more people in the neighborhood decorating, That’s what I was hoping for. I not only decorate because I enjoy it, I just love the lights. I do it for the neighborhood ,and seeing the enjoyment on the children’s faces. Also I love the bonus that more people in our neighborhood have begun decorating. Merry Christmas Kim Stevens in Richmond Calif
173 A Hawaiian Christmas. For the past 23 years, we have decorated our front yard with various blow molds and Christmas lights. Although we started small, every year we would add one or two new things. Even though Hawaii has very temperate weather, we have had many a close call with our Santa and reindeer. Several years there have been bad windstorms that have blown the figurines onto the street or into the ravine across the way and we have had to send rescue parties out to look for the various missing pieces. Our 20-foot electrical Christmas tree was blown over the balcony due to a storm. We have tried to add a few local touches such as flower lei around the neck of the reindeer. Some of the pieces, such as the Nutcracker blow mold, were added after all of our children danced in the local production of the Nutcracker Ballet. Rudolph’s red nose is fashioned from the nose of a former clown piñata brought from Peru. The best thing is that there is no way Frosty can melt with our warm Hawaiian temperatures! After finding the Planet Christmas website several years ago, we realized that what we considered to be “a lot” of lights was nothing compared to the wonderful things we have seen there. So, we have added a few more and hope to be counted in the Planet Christmas this year! Mele Kalikimaka from the Lozada family in Honolulu.
174 We Love Planet Christmas and want to share our house and Christmas Lights with you! We wish you all at Planet Christmas a Very Merry Christmas 2009 and a Happy New Year 2010! Keep up what you are keep the Christmas Spirit alive and spread joy to all the world! Love, The Nichols Family. The Nichols Family House – Christmas 2009. Bright lights for a cheery Christmas holiday. Five lighted archways leads to lighted house columns and windows set to music. A train on lighted tracks rolls past carousel, ice ponds, floating balloons,and a shimmering waterfall. The house roof and all eaves are lighted to guide Santa in for a safe landing. Side gardens and even the fences all light the way to a starry Nativity. Candycane lanes along the road and walkways wish all a happy holiday season. Click here for a map!
175 Merry Christmas from the Honeycutt’s in Omaha Ne. This year we have 96 channels of Light O Rama and over 30,000 lights. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
176 My Story of my Christmas Light Display.
I must have been born under a Christmas star. I have loved this holiday for as long a I can remember. I am 60 years old and the season still fills me with the awe and excitement I felt when I was six. I’ve always felt enthusiasm is contagious, so it came as no surprise to my family, friends and neighbors when I decided to share that enthusiasm by lighting up my new home for Christmas in 2003. I also love a challenge. So I decided to build my own display. I heated a few PVC pipes, inserted rope lights and molded a Nativity scene beginning, of course, with a stable and the Holy Family. It took three years to finish the scene, adding animals and wise men until it was complete. Additionally, I added more lights to my home and trees each year to accent the display. Meanwhile, my grandchildren were getting older. They were taught the true meaning of Christmas since they were born and acquired their grandmother’s love for nativities. But I also wanted to add something fun to my display just for them. What could be more appropriate for a baker to create than gingerbread people? Once again, the creative juices began flowing. I molded gingerbread grandchildren and put them on the roof. But children are active, running, jumping, swinging and having fun; so my gingerbread children had to do the same. The research on motion and hunt for light controllers to create that motion began. Lots of vision, Light controllers, rope lights, and PVC pipes later, my gingerbread kids were see-sawing, swinging, sliding, riding a carousel and Ferris wheel — and making sight-seers merry. New for 2009 was the gingerbread bowling down snowmen-pins and a gingerbread man in a rocket ship blasting off into outer space. A giant snowman raises his hat and a welcome train helps me greet the many families that come to see the display. My display won the local Fredericksburg Virginia light display competition in 2005. I was thrilled, but it’s not all about that for me. I love kids and I enjoy sharing my efforts with the families in the community. So I added one more special treat for the children. I built a Santa train. I made reindeer by covering cut-out barrels with fur, connecting them together and pulling them with Santa’s golf cart. But a ride around the neighborhood, a candy cane, and the sight of thousands of lights molded into shapes doesn’t compare to their little faces and hearts all aglow!
As most of the displays are animated still pictures do not do true justice to this display so I have incuded a link to this years video on youtube. Paul Glancy
177 Happy Holiday’s from Kathie’s Lancaster Lights! Located at 3054 W. Albret St,in Lancaster CA. Several handmade items as well as a few all time Christmas favorites. Mail box for Santa’s mail drop off box. This is my 11th year decorating and 2nd year at our new home. Absolutely cannot wait until next year for 2010 display! thanks! ~Kathie (Photo taken by Mallory McKenzie)
178 This is a picture of my good friend Jody’s house! As you can see her amazing fiancée Paul popped the big question via Christmas lights! Our local paper even did a little story about it:

Paul and Jody’s story is a bit of a fairytale, spanning many miles and growing over quite a length of time. Finally the right opportunities presented themselves in the perfect order so they could be together at last. It’s only fitting that he proposed in such a magical, memorable way and I am just so overjoyed for them both!

179 This is our home in North Huntingdon, PA. I love lighting up the night in my neighborhood! My static light display topped 5,000 lights this year – a first for me! I still have an unused outlet so who knows what next year may bring. Merry Christmas!
180 This is my Christmas tree this year 70 colored ostrich feathers and a few colored crystal beads. Robert
181 Hi Chuck – 2009 is my first year of going to LOR – My display in Deltaville, VA features over 71,000 lights, including a 31,000 light, 144 channel LOR light show. Of course, all the favorite static features remain, including the boat in a pond of lights, Frosty & his friends, and more. Attached is the first picture of snow on my display I’ve had the opportunity to take since 2002! Snow isn’t exactly common around this part of Virginia in December! Visitors can view photos and video of the display at -Stephen Blue
182 This is my 2009 Christmas Display. It consist of about 100,000 lights and took about 10 days to set up. My goal was to produce an over the top display that was still classy and elegant. I think I have accomplished that goal! Thanks

Chuck Mullins, Orlando FL.

183 Here is a picture of my display for 2009. I use 6 – 16 channel controllers to run about 70,000 lights. I also collect “toys for tots”. The full show can be viewed on youtube at.. “JT Christmas 2009”. Show is 42 minutes total for 15 songs and broadcast on radio for cars to listen. This year was the first I programmed all my songs and am already looking forward to next year. The ferris wheel I built in a weekend.
184 Hi, This is my house in Bartonsville, PA.. The Poconos. I do the display myself with only the use of a man on the roof. There are at least 4,000 lights. The snowflakes are homemade.
185 Here is a great picture of Bentlyville on the waterfront of Duluth Mn.
Greetings from Midland, Texas! This is Ricky and Lucy Thames’ 2009 Christmas display. This is my 12th year of decorating and my seventh year on Planet Christmas. Below are a few statistics of this year’s display: Lights – 61,103; Amps – 229.94; (Animation – 156.45 amps peak, Static – 73.49 amps) Installation time – 175 hours; Extension cords – 372; Length of extension cords – 6875 feet; Watts – 27,592; Timers – 25; Three-way taps – 67; Spotlights – 12; Strobe lights – 72; Circuits – 18; LOR units – 12 (173 channels); Cat 5E cable – 724 feet; I started putting out the lights on October 4th and had the grand lighting on Thanksgiving night. New in my display this year is Rocking horses/Teddy bears, Elephant on ball, 3 – Church arches, New Santa DVD in window, Strobes on roof and Mega tree, New music and 6 – 10’ lighted PVC poles. The lights change colors from clear, red, and green. This is the 3rd year we are collecting canned goods for the local Soup Kitchen. We have been featured on the local TV Stations and news paper this year again. We have a lot of traffic every night looking at our display and taking pictures and video. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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