Showing Off 2010

Showing Off 2010

We’re showing off for 2010

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BILL RHOTENA: little over 20k lights this yr, a radio station
and color tv in igloo. Next yr double it baby!
Kingsport, Tn. United States


Fifty trees? I thought the  homeowner was exaggerating when he told me he had fifty  trees that he wanted us to decorate. I counted them;  there were 51! We decorated the trees in a variety of  colors. Standard red, blue, green, and clear mini lights  were used as well as some not-so-common solid colors  like pink, amber, purple, and then fancy combination  light strands with names like Christmas, Ice, Poppy,  Winter Frost, and Peppermint. In total we had over  40,000 mini lights on those trees, 28 strands of  garland, and about 450 C9 lights on the house. Visit our
Christmas light installation website at to  see more pictures of this job and others that our  installers have decorated.


Anthony  Wright: 50000 led i put list display for food drop off i
gave to 2000 ib of food local animal shelters list year
i am 150000 led display egg harbor twp. new jersey
United States


Jerem yVane: Merry
Christmas from Omaha, Nebraska! My wife and I have been
decorating our home for 8 years, and every year our
display gets bigger. We have about 30,000 lights and we
have those lights synchronized to 160 channels. This
year we have added some new wireframe decorations, some
new blow molds, and we have added many LED lights to our
display. More information about our display and more
pictures can be found on our website
We would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year! Jeremy, Melissa and Anna Vanek
Omaha Nebraska United States


Mickey  Little: 168 light-o-rama channels with 45,000+ lights,
Blowmolds, inflatables, wire frames LeRoy,Illiinois
United States


Darry  McGinnis: Over 15,000 LED Christmas lights synchronized
to music. Audio is broadcast on 96.1 FM and 1120 AM.
Some of the songs have video synchronized and projected
on two windows. Phoenix AZ United States


Geoff  George: I have over 60,000 lights on my yard and do four
of my neighbors house as well. There is about 150,000
lights total that I put up on the five house all
together. For 6 years now it has been set to music and I
have collected can good for a food bank and for
Backstoppers to help the families of fallen police and
firemen. Just tune your car radio to 89.5 fm and enjoy
the music and lights. I also have a Garden railroad that
has three different trains that run all with a Christmas
theme to them. They are out and running with the lights
weather permitting. Rockhill, Missouri, United States


Dan Bird:
Simple and small, yet eye-catching. Just over 5,000
lights in our static display of colored lights. Hoping
to draw people in and collect donations for local
charities. Saskatoon, Sask.Canada


Jim  Hendrix: Merry Christmas from the Hendrix’s in
Riverview, Florida. This display is with the Light O
Rama music. Florida. United States


Voss: Hello everybody at PlanetChristmas, this is “Voss
Christmas Lights”; Germany’s first music animated
Christmas display. We are a family of four from Mayen
Germany and 2010 is our 2nd season combining our
decoration with a charity-event. At closing 2009 we had
been able to collect more than 3600.-$ in donations for
kids in need. The idea has been featured on the local
news paper, TV- and Radio-Stations. Our small display
runs on 240V, has around 15000 lights and is controlled
by 2 LOR units. We heartily invite you to visit our
website if you like to see the lights
in action. Frohe Weihnachten. Merry Christmas 2010. from
Mayen, Germany. Thomas, Dagmar, Janine and Kim. Mayen,


Greg Zimmerman: MUSIC,
MOTION, AND MERRIMENT – – Newport Beach, California is
home of the annual “Christmas Boat Parade”, known as one
of the ten best Christmas viewing events in the country.
This award-winning house, located on Balboa Island in
the middle of the Newport Harbor, is viewed by thousands
of visitors who came by car, by foot, and by boat! No
wonder so many people stop to gaze at the lighted
wonderland. There is animated action galore. While
Christmas carols play in the background, “snow” drifts
from the rooftop dispensed from a manufactured snow
machine. On the rooftop, Santa waves from a chopper with
rotating blades and a gingerbread man jumps on a lighted
trampoline. Lighted wheels rotate on a choo-choo train;
a tin soldier drums his drums; a snowman tips his hat; a
gyrating Santa Claus dances; and even an illuminated
Hula Dancer’ wiggles back and forth! The house is
anchored on one side by an eye-stopping 25 foot green
blinking Christmas tree. On the other side the eight
foot wide chimney is draped in a carpet of red lights
inter-mixed with white lights that vertically spell
“Balboa Island”. Blinking candy canes, stockings, bells,
and snowflakes all add to the fun. There are 25,000
light bulbs in all. The house and its owner have also
been featured in a PBS television special, numerous
magazine and newspaper articles. What makes it all so
amazing, owner Greg Zimmerman does all of the work
himself, and makes many of the lighted decorations as a
year round hobby. He’s always alert to searching for new
light ideas and creations while on far flung vacations.
In addition to the new motifs, there is a Christmas
Scene laser light show projected onto a 4 foot square
screen. For photos and much more information, visit:
Balboa Island, CA. United States


Jeffrey  Holmes: 1.5 Million Lights! 1,300 AMPS! 145′ Tall! The
LARGEST artificial foliage Christmas tree in the world
was constructed this November in Guatemala City by
Barrango INC of South San Francisco. Commissioned by
Gallo Beer for the 25th anniversary of their Tree
Lighting Ceremony, the tree was programmed by Jeff
Holmes and his team at J. Holmes Productions (also of
San Francisco) and features 12 musical masterpieces,
which perform in 3’s every hour. 55,000 people were at
the premiere on November 13th with another 1.5 million
watching on National Television. This musical experience
is going to be a Holiday landmark for Guatemala for
years to come. Guatemala City, Guatemala


Steve  Hill: Currently have around 40,000(+) lights now with 64
channels of LOR control, although only using 48 channels
so far this year. Our lights are a combination of all
types, LED, minis, C5/7/9’s, ropes, chasers, etc. You
name, it is probably out there. We have a Mega Light
Tree hosting around 6000 lights all alone riding 16
channels of LOR. This year we added a trio of smaller
arches, as well as our big 15′ arches from last year,
with four supporting rope light poles topped with
spheres of mini lights matching the color of each pole.
This takes up the other 32 channels of LOR in use.
Recently added the LED snowflake set up on the roof,
which is very eye catching due to the brightness of the
LED lighting. I also constructed a nice 6′ set of “north
poles” for the driveway entrance, which I took a step
further and built this “pvc arch tunnel of lights” over
the entire driveway. I found some simple relays and
created the image of a wire frame deer jumping a fence
to meet another deer on the other side. A lot of people
really like that one. Also built a smaller “mega” tree
out of pvc. It is around 7′ tall and has around 1200
mini lights and three 18ft sections of LED rope light,
all controlled by a relay to give it a very nice spiral
effect. We also added some 8′ tinsel and wire candy
canes with a “Merry Christmas” archway between them,
along with the Snoopy and Woodstock animated mailbox.
With all the wireframe “critters” we have acquired over
the years, I built this simple PVC/plywood sled for them
to all ride on, pulled by our beautiful 500 light horse.
The final major addition this year was the plywood
cutouts of the Nativity with accompanying Angels with
trumpets. Very large overall display for us and for our
area, receiving much attention already. Planning and
construction has been underway since early September,
and the display started setup November 1st. Our first
show went off very well on November 19th! Augusta, Ga.
United States


Kolde: It’s shaping up to be a wonderful holiday… This
year’s light show is titled “Cartoon Christmas”. It is
filled with songs by Spongebob Squarepants, Disney
characters, Looney Tunes, and other fun kid-inspired
melodies. For this year’s show, we have put up about
35,000 lights. We changed our color scheme from red and
white to red and green. The contrast of red and green is
impressive. This also gets us ready for next year as we
prepare to use red, white, and green lights (with the
addition of another Light-o-Rama box). We are collecting
food donations again this year to feed local residents.
Our goal is to collect 500 lbs. of food. You can see how
we are progressing on this goal by watching the
thermometer go up as we get closer and closer (by
percentage) to the goal. Please come by and enjoy the
show. If you do, you may be greeted and treated to a
candy cane by a member of our family. Our sons are also
selling hot cocoa to make some money for their holiday
gift-giving. Merry Christmas to all and we hope that it
is “shaping up to be a wonderful holiday” for you, too!
Riverside, United States


Pelham: This is my first year doing animated lights, and
my first try building a mega tree really isn’t very
“mega” at 5’6″ tall with a 3’6″ base. I live in a small
townhouse, with a tiny front yard, so this tree is about
the biggest I can go without crossing the property line.
It has eight 50-count strings of multi minis, which give
me sixteen 25-light strands coming from the top. The
tree will only be 4 channels this year, giving it a
helicopter effect with a minimum of 4 strands (two on
each side) on at one time. I am still waiting for my
16-channel LOR controller to be delivered, and I have
two sequences ready to try out and one that I’m building
from scratch of a song that I hope I will be the first
to use in an animated display. Middle River, MD. United


Holden: Merry Christmas again everyone. This is the
Holden home in Scranton, Pennsylvania this is the fifth
year I am submitting our house. We add a few things each
year. New to the display this year are 900 more icicle
lights, reindeer, and 500 colored lights bringing the
grand total to 11,000 lights. So enjoy and Merry
Christmas!!! Scranton, Pennsylvania. United States


Ranchuk: Merry Christmas form the Ranchuk family. our
display has 20,000 lights using 48 LOR channels. We hope
you enjoy our display as much as we enjoy all yours.
Merry Christmas to all….Burlington,O ntario, Canada


Hansen: We have been decorating for 20 years and 5 years
with Light-O-Rama. We are up to over 50,000 lights and
224 channels. We both love this time of the year! Visit
us at Marc and Deb
Hansen. LaVista, Ne. United States


Battista: My wife is just finishing up the painting. Pa.
United States


Alek Komarnitsky: Back
again for 2010 are the Controllable Christmas Lights for
Celiac Disease featuring thousands of lights and giant
inflatables such as Frosty, Santa, Elmo, SpongeBob, and
Homer Simpson – D’OH! Three live webcams and X10
controls provide an entertaining experience as web
surfers from around the world can not only view the
display, but also turn stuff on and off. The website is
totally free (and totally fun) and raises awareness for
Celiac Disease; which is something my kids have. Over
$50,000 has been raised for the University of Maryland
Center for Celiac Research via … Christmas lights – go
figure! 😉 So surf on by and have fun
Merry Christmas to all, Alek. United States

Edwards: Christmas Lights by Dave (19), Birmingham, UK.
Charity display to raise money for a local non-profit
theatre school called Starz! Performing Arts. Display is
increasing in LEDs, and around 50% is now LED and 110V,
with the house windows, mega tree, and fence dancing to
a Mr Christmas lights and sounds of Christmas box! Merry
Christmas! United States


Tagg: Merry Christmas from Taggs Candy cane Lane! We are
up and running again ! I didn’t think we would make it
this year. With the addition of our new son on 10-29 and
a busy schedule we are left with a 16 new channels of
LOR sitting in the box. As usual we have over 6000 red
and white lights , including many peppermints, candy
canes and lit arches running on 32 channels of light-o-rama
synchronized to music. You can listen to the music from
your car on FM 107.1 . This is our sixth year here at
Planet Christmas and we plan to see you again here next
year. Come see us at for
more pictures , videos and info on how to come check out
the show. Merry Christmas from Robert , Lynette ,
Anthony and Domenic Tagg. Mayfield Hts. Ohio. United


smith: here is a little something that I put up this
year as we are all going threw bad times but it is the
Childrens Faces with that big smile that make all this
hard work worth it as it did take me a while to do this
year by my self I would like to wish all my fellow
members and my friends and family members a Merry
Christmas and a Happy New Year from Mike & Maryellen
from Everett Mass. P.S. So Many Pictures Hard To Choose
Just One LOLLOLOLLO. And Yes I Have It To Music Also If
You Go To My Facebook. Page I Will Invite You In Make
Shure You Say Planet Christmas On The Invite Thanks.
Everett, mass United States


Kosko: 2010 Kosko Christmas, All LED. Waterbury, CT
United States

uchida masayuki: Merry
Christmas from japan.

Stacy: We have over 20 Christmas Inflatables. Over 8,000
Lights and a Snow Machine. to see all the Pics of our
2010 display Please Look at our website. Happy Holidays.
Chris S, Apache Junction, United States

James & Carri Kiehl: With
the addition of 6 dancing arches of lights, more
snowflakes, bigger trees and a giant peace sign, we are
now over 30,000 lights drawing around 90 amps. The
lights are synchronized to 30 songs and run nightly from
5PM to 10PM. The display is located at 6834 106th Ave in
Kenosha. Tune into 101.3 when you arrive to listen in
your car. Here are links to our videos that can also be
found on youtube by searching for ‘Christmas Lights
Kenosha”. This is our 5 year with an animated display
that keeps growing each year. Show Intro:
TSO Wizards in Winter:
Polar Express – Theme Song:
Carol of the Bells:

Brian Setzer – Jingle Bells:
Christmas In Wisconsin:
Heat Miser / Cold Miser:
Jingle Bass – Techno:
Happy Holidays from James & Carri Kiehl, Kenosha, WI,
United States


Schilling: Merry Christmas!!! We have submitted to
PlanetChristmas for 5 years now and really enjoy this
site! Here is our 2010 Display located in Eastern
Oregon. This year we changed things up a little bit and
moved the running waterfall with jumping fish to center
stage. We made it longer and surrounded it by flashing
Christmas trees to music. We also changed one of the
trees to flash two different colors. Red and White
(Clear). Of course we have the return of the 10ft mega
tree with 6,400 lights – that changes between 4 colors
(Red, Blue, Green, and White. Also New this year we
moved Santa Clause next to a Christmas tree under 7ft
candy cane arch to the side of the house. Surrounding
the arch is a toy soldier and a snow man with flashing
snow flakes. Please visit our website to view more
pictures and video of the display. Hope you all have a
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! Matt. Irrigon,
OR. United States


Donham: Over 8,000 Lights, 20ft mega tree, 9 foot Mega
video wreath. 48 channels of Light O Rama.
Highlandville, Missouri United States


Kells: Santaland started 25 years ago in the small rural
town of Madison, Minnesota. Located in west central
Minnesota, this Christmas display had seen better days.
I contacted the Madison Area Chamber of Commerce to see
if they would be willing to support a renovation of
Santaland this year. One year later, with the help of
numerous donors (including John Lomnicki, Jr. & John
Lomnicki Sr.), we were able to do a complete, stunning,
renovation. This 7,000 sq ft display is now a place for
children of all ages to come and immerse themselves in
the holiday spirit. It has opened to an overwhelming
response by the community – if any of you are in the
area, or even if it’s a bit of a drive… It’s worth it!
Madison, MN. United States!/pages/Santaland-of-Madison-Minnesota/116518745032328


Reeves: 8th year, Static display with 17000 lights
mostly all LED. 24 and 12 foot mega trees with mini mega
trees around the yard. The entire property is lit and
may be view from 4 separate roads. Kentville, Nova
Scotia. Canada


Bruce and
Jill Kreider: We have enlarged our display this year to
include a 15′ “megatree”, 16 animated led snowflakes
across the front, over 100 blowmolds and more. This is
the first year at the new location and hope to add more
for next year. If you are in the area please swing by
and check it out. Merry Christmas from our family to
yours! Fulton, IL. United States


Sparks: Lots of Lights… 300′ walking path thru
display..Batavia, Illinois. United States

Gary/Karen Eccleston: TRUE
MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! Orange, CA. United States

Blevins: Hi from the Blevins family here in King, N.C.
This year is my biggest display so far. It consist of
roughly 18,000 lights, 5 inflatables and some
imagination. I’ve been wanting to get into the light
show seen, but not quite got there yet, lol. We’re
located at 1128 Kentland Dr. King, N.C. Hope everyone
likes it!!! Thanks, The Blevins Family, King, N.C.
United States


Bedford: Flag with lights top to bottom. Springfield,
mo. United States


Liquori: The Liquori family Winter Wonderland, Glen Cove
Long Island NY. Featuring over 500 blowmolds, 45
Airblown Inflatables, 20000 lights. We have been
decorating for 24 years now. The display grows larger
every year. We have been featured on HGTV “What’s with
that Christmas House”, CNN, Japanese Television, EBTV
Spain, and all the local news channels. Our website will
be up shortly, Glen Cove, NY.
United States


Liquori: The Liquori family Winter Wonderland, Glen Cove
Long Island NY. Featuring over 500 blowmolds, 45
Airblown Inflatables, 20000 lights. We have been
decorating for 24 years now. The display grows larger
every year. We have been featured on HGTV “What’s with
that Christmas House”, CNN, Japanese Television, EBTV
Spain, and all the local news channels. Our website will
be up shortly, Glen Cove NY.
United States


Liquori: The Liquori family Winter Wonderland, Glen Cove
Long Island NY. Featuring over 500 blowmolds, 45
Airblown Inflatables, 20000 lights. We have been
decorating for 24 years now. The display grows larger
every year. We have been featured on HGTV “What’s with
that Christmas House”, CNN, Japanese Television, EBTV
Spain, and all the local news channels. Our website will
be up shortly, Glen Cove, NY.
United States


Adolfsson: Here is my display for this season. 17495
lights decorating my house in Sweden. We have a lot of
snow this year, which covers up some of the lights, but
it also makes the display shine! News for this year is
the stars on the roof and the big decorated pine trees.
I use 78 channels and its synchronized to 9 different
songs. Check out the video on my homepage! Merry
Christmas from Sweden! Sweden,

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Where’s your picture?Send it to us by filling out the form located here.


wayne skinner:
this is north view litez Christmas display in bolsover near
chesterfield, derbyshire in the uk. we have 16 channels of
animated lighting. we have 3 ex blackpool illuminations. last
year we raised £125 for the rspca and this years donations are
going to the British heart foundation. more pictures and videos
can be found on our website or by adding our facebook group
north view christmas. carrvale
bolsover United Kingdom


Frank Rossi:
32000 lights mostly LED controlled by 144 channels of LOR. League City Texas United States


Robert Wright:
Santa and reindeer on the roof, helicopter Warilla NSW Australia


We have over 65,000 lights
animated to music with 300+ channels.

Check for directions and the
hours we run the lights. Apple Valley Minnesota United States


John Bryant: I’ve
been doing animated cutouts for over 20 years now. I’m carrying
on a tradition my father did when I was a little boy.

This year’s display is totally new. It features Santa and
several of his elves busily working in their toy shop in the
North Pole.

With each display I make, I try to develop an entire scene that
tells a story (or several tales within the scene). I’m not too
much on just throwing a bunch of cutouts into the yard all over
the place.

All of my characters are hand painted and made out of Coroplast.
I’ve done the animation using windshield wiper motors and a
extruded aluminum rods.

The backdrop is 16′ long by 8′ tall. Most of the elves are
around 4′ tall and Santa is around 5 1/2′ tall.

The animation going on within the scene is as follows:

1. The elf to the far left is waving his right hand up and down
trying to figure out where to place the doll furniture in the

2. Santa’s hand is moving up and down as if painting the doll he
is holding.

3. The elf in the back by the calendar is frantically waving his
hand up and down pointing at the calendar since the 25th of
December is rapidly approaching.

4. The elf in the center with the purple shirt on is frantically
waving at the elf holding the stack of presents due to the fact
that the packages are wobbling and the whole stack is about to

5. The stack of packages the elf is carrying is wobbling back
and forth from side to side.

6. The elf on the far right has his arm moving up and down as if
he is painting the doll that he is holding.

Lexington KY United States

51 Justin Hunt: This
is our third year decorating with a static display. We are know
throughout the neighborhood as the Ho Ho Ho house because the
first year we put that on the roof. We currently have about
4,000 lights, but we expect that to double before next year
because we will be going animated. In 2011 as a throwback to our
first year, we plan on putting Ho Ho Ho back on the roof.
Dawsonville Georgia United States

MIASKIEWICZ: My 1st trial of synchronization with 32 light-o-rama

A self-made 3m 60 Singing Snowman who sings, plays the guitar
and even winks sometimes… HAGONDANGE France

53 Ken Pharr:
275,000 lights, 7 houses, 18.5 miles of electrical cord, ferris
wheel, trees, mega tree, and blow ups all synchronized to 14
songs. We have 800 channels of LOR and tons of smiling faces. In
2009, we collected 10,000 pounds of food and toys for our local
Food Bank, and our 2010 goal is 12,000 pounds of food. Santa
visits every Fri-Sun at 6:00 pm. Farmers Branch TX United States
54 Charlie Mckenzie:
A litle over 21000 lights animated with lights and sounds of
Christmas 27 inflatables. Love planet Christmas and what all you
pc’ers do. Have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year From
the McKenzie Family Boca Raton Fl United States
55 Mark Clements: I
have been putting up lights for 18 years this year I have 35000
lights and over 100 wire frames 18 inflatables. A tunnel over my
driveway with over 3000 lights I live in Sappington MO I hope
everyone has a great Christmas Sappinton MO United States

Scott Huntley: 32
channels of computer animation.

over 12 thousand lights dancing to the sounds of Christmas.

Our soundtrack is broadcast to your car by an on site FM

This year we are raising funds for the local Cub Scout Pack.

Merry Christmas to all! Hope to see you at our house this
Christmas Season! Upper Arlington Ohio United States

57 Shannon Johnson:
Hello Planet Christmas. Here is our 2010 Christmas Lights
Display. We are located in Fort Scott Kansas. This is our 2nd
big year and it keeps growing non stop. We focus mainly on
Blowmolds and Vintage Cutouts. We also have a animated Santa and
Reindeer that i made in 1991 which is the main attraction for
most kids. Anyhow i hope you all have a safe and Merry
Christmas. Shannon , Drew , Tyler, and Tanner FORT SCOTT KS
United States
58 Chuck Barringer:
Hungry? How about a giant gingerbread house with an 8
gingerbread family? White Plains NY United States
59 Martin and Cindy
Hodgson: Hi, and thanks for looking at our 2010 Christmas
display! This year our display is very much like last year with
some minor changes. The sylv—a brand LED C5’s had to go! Do
not buy those cursed bulbs, the thing in the middle blows up and
you’re left with 50 instead of 100. And if that doesn’t happen
they turn yellow instead because water gets in the plastic bulb
covers. So, this year I opted to revert back to the icicle
lights on the roof line instead. They look amazing as long as
it’s not windy that is. I added a wooden car I made for my son
with 300 lights in it (300 drilled holes by me- OUCH!). I also
outlined the outer edges of the lawn which really added a nice
touch. All new nativity set with custom made Bethlehem style
star, a really cool sailboat with some penguins I got at Kmart
and of course more lights cause you can never have enough. I’m
already getting the drive by’s and I love seeing them smile just
for a moment and be happy looking at all this Christmas spirit.
All the best and have a Merry Christmas from the Hodgson’s in
Bayport, NY. Bayport NY United States
60 Darryl Mauney: a
little over 20,000 lights. Pretty much running out of room.
Merry Christmas from Delray Beach Florida Delray Beach Fl United
61 Michael Martocci:
Merry Christmas from the Martocci family in Brandon, Florida.
Here is a picture of our house this year. It currently has a
little over 41,000 lights with some dancing to music. This
started about 10 years ago with just a couple of thousand lights
and has grown each year since. Brandon FL United States
62 Kenny Getty: Our
themed Christmas display started in 2006 with a proposal to my
girlfriend. Of course I put it in lights on the roof and she
said yes. From that date on we decided to do a themed Christmas
display. 2008 was Candyland, 2009 was Dr Seuss and the Grinch
and now this year Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. All of the
characters are hand drawn by my wife on plywood, then cut out
and painted. Each year is something new. We have over 50,000
lights hung. Merry Christmas from the Getty’s Townsend DE United
63 Dave Macey: Merry
Christmas from the Macey Household again. Finally broke 5000
lights this year. Icicle lights along the house. Several
reindeer, spiral trees, pathway candy canes, multi lights on
fence. Animated gator in front of Santa’s sleigh, and many more.
Enjoy sharing it here each year and viewing others wonderful
displays. Clearwater FL United States
64 Steve Janney:
Nicely decorated home in our neighborhood Davenport IA United
66 Jason N: Inside
and Out over 250 animated figures, 3 themed trees, thousands of
lights! Woodbridge NJ United States
67 Jason N: Inside
and Out over 250 animated figures, 3 themed trees, and even a
decorated bathtub! Woodbridge NJ United States

Debbie Turner: We
have once again decorated for Christmas we use led light’s low
voltage, our grandchildren love it when we put them up every
year ,

we hope that you all have a merry Christmas and a happy new year
from all of us in St.Clair N.S.W Australia sydney nsw Australia

69 Kylie Gheno: “AS
IT HAPPENS!” started in 2004 and has grown every year into the
popular light display it is today with a polar bear and singing
penguins who are animated and interactive, 1000’s of
icicles/waterfalls, cherry and bud lights, more and more LED’s,
100’s of metres of rope lights strung from the brightly
decorated tree to the roof & around the roof and fences. It has
a handmade 2m candy cane, various inflatables, animated 3D
reindeers and many motifs/silhouettes including a Santa on a
Harley towing toys and a blue firework. Also, Treats for the
kids. BERALA NSW Australia

mike smith: I’AM






71 Anthony Imperati:
Been decorating with my father for 17 years. Every year the
display grows. We have about 200+ blow molds. West Islip United
72 Jay Leos: This is
a video of our Christmas decorated fire truck. This year we have
16000 lights a 100 watt sound system, snow machine and a working
fire place. we even went a bit over board and used a 16 channel
animated lighting box to sync it up to music trumbull ct United
73 bob hairgrove:
This years display includes a total of 140,000 lights, including
a 7300 light 25 foot megatree with 24 channels of LOR, with a
total of 80 channels altogether. I was given a train that was
built in 1957 by a local duPont engineer and spent about 3
months restoring it which also includes using the original 1957
Briggs and Stratton 3hp gasoline engine. Townsend de United

Linda Pearce:
This is our third year doing “the lights” – Along with our 2
story Christmas tree, we added more lights on the house
including a “Ho Ho Ho”; our kids playhouse became a gingerbread
house complete with “Gingy”; musical mini-trees flash to the
Lights and Sounds of Christmas; and Santa is hanging off the
roof (don’t worry – he’s stapled on).

Candy cane stakes line the driveway and a bare ginko tree is
covered in red lights nd silver ornaments seen better in the

We live a few houses from an elementary school and I love the
reaction from the children and parents as they walk by. Ladner
B.C. Canada

75 Kenny Wise: We
are the Wise Family in Virginia Beach and we do our display for
the kid in all of us. Virginia Beach Virginia United States
76 Mary Seynaeve:
Ken and Mary Seynaeve’s Christmas in Firethorne, Katy, Texas.
The display took 9 days to set up. Over 50K lights; Mega tree
stands 20′ tall with 5 animated colors. This year we will host
Santa Night again on December 11th for our community serving hot
cocoa and cookies to all! Merry Christmas. Katy Texas United

Robert Herronen:
Static display except one section of animated lights in center
of circle drive. Lights are on and around the house, barn,
crafts building, water wood stove and chicken coop as well as
all the way up and along the 300 foot long driveway.

Even the railroad has gotten in the act with one locomotive and
gondola decked out in lights as it pulls in to the depot with
two lighted trees. Randleman NC United States

78 Jeremy Brown: A
computer synchronized Christmas light display. We are using LOR
(Light-O-Rama) software and hardware to run the display. This
year will feature over 50,000 lights!! The show will run Sun –
Thur 5:30 to 10:00 and Fri & Sat 5:30 to 11:00. The music for
the show is broadcasted on 107.1 FM which also plays music 24-7.
Visit our website for more information and a map to see where we
are located. Mason MI United States

Gene Halliwell:
Wonderland at Roseville is made possible through the vision of
home owner Gene Halliwell, Wife Mary, their daughter Maryanne
and her husband George Mulligan. With helpful dedication from
Michael Bihary, Mary Frostick and Billy Frostick. We are a group
of family and friends who simply love the holidays!!

120,000 lights this year. Bigger and brighter every year!! Check
out our One hundred foot Christmas Tree!!! Plus 200 Ft of train
tracks running a G-scale locomotive with 6 cars is sure to

Full walk-though or drive-by.

100% of all donations made here go to the Shriners Hospitals for
Children®. Fairfield Connecticut United States!/pages/Fairfield-CT/Wonderland-at-Roseville/174789603935?v=info


paul toole:
Manning Close Holiday Lights Show, Wells, Somerset. Just shy of
40,000, including Mega Tree, Mini Tree’s Arches, Ferris Wheel,
20ft Firework light & more! Plus Santa in the window. Using LOR
and FM on 89.2

Lawn is covered in Polyester wadding to create the winter
wonderland feel, We’re collecting for Make-A-Wish, and
collections can be made in the Wishing Well at the front of the
display. wells somerset United Kingdom


Jamie Taylor:
Jamie and Rosemary Taylor.

4th year of Christmas lights displays. We enjoy sharing the real
message of Christmas, the birth of Jesus. We run Light-O-Rama
120+ channels with over 30 000 lights. We also have a full
nativity walk through display in the back yard. The majority of
the items in our display are made by us making them unique.
Photos and videos from this year and previous years can be
accessed on the web Warwick Queensland

82 DARREN and
83 Ian Cullipher: 64
channels of LOR and LYNX controllers 16,000 LED lights 2 Leaping
Light Arches and 12 3 Channel mini trees Carnation WA United
84 Dan Hrusik: This
year we have added a few new things. We added a virtual Santa, a
new Christmas tree with a fireworks light at the top and a
gingerbread village. We are hoping for snow this year but not
looking like it is going to be a white Christmas here this year.
Merry Christmas from the Hrusik Family in Chilliwack, BC Canada
Chilliwack BC Canada

Paul Mesaros:
38,000 light computerized display all dancing to 12 favorite
holiday songs with 112 chanels of light-o-rama animation.
Display includes elves, trains, snownen and much more. This
years must see features are a 6,000 light Spiral mega tree and a
30′ wide roof mounted, 6 color, 7,400 led fan. Our 7′ life-like
Santa is still a big hit with our visitors for taking pictures
for great Christmas memories. Display hours are 6:00 to 10:00
nightly thru Jan. 2nd.

Merry Christmas from Paul and Marcia Mesaros at Happy Holiday
Lights. Sunrise Florida United States


Scott Hayward:
Happy Holidays from the Hayward’s in Joppa MD. We are located at
3008 West Franklinville Rd. 21085. This is our 5th year on
Planet Christmas. We have about 90,000 lights, 7 blow up’s, a
projector image and most items are homemade since we set over
350′ off the road it has to be large to see what it is. It takes
me about 6 weeks to complete (still adding more) and covers
about an acre an half of my property. Power to supply this
display is 2-30 amp 2-pole breaker, 8-20 amp breakers and 3-15
amp, with a lot of extension cords and electrical romex, we are
pushing 130 amps to light up the display this year. As with most
of us that light up the neighborhood we continue to add and
change each year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!
Thank you, the Hayward’s in Joppa MD.

Joppa Maryland United States


Larry Charpiat:
Pilot Mountain Christmas Extravaganza

Pilot Mountain Christmas will be lighted starting Thanksgiving
night and then every night until January 2, 2011 from 6PM to

Pilot Mountain Christmas is a free private owned Christmas
display at the home of Larry & Rachel Charpiat (last name
pronounced Shar-P-A). Celebrating 44 years of Christmas
displays. This year we have added the displays of Blue Ridge
Lights a commercial display that was at the Walk of The Wild
museum in Woodlawn Virginia. We decorate over two acres where
visitors park in our lighted parking lot and walk through the
display on lighted paths.

Pilot Mountain NC United States


Hugh Chase:
Ridgecrest Christmas

This is our first year using LOR 32 channels. Have somewhere in
the neighborhood of 7,000 lights this year.. (Has gone up each
year) Playing on 93.9 FM Ridgecrest California United States


Kathy Hyatt:
Hyatt Extreme Christmas is a Residential Christmas Display of
Mark and Kathy Hyatt in Ft. Lauderdale Florida. We have been
decorating our Home ever since we got Married in 1990 and each
year we get bigger and brighters. This is a time of year that
where we have the opportunity to Spread “Joy” and “Holiday
Wishes” to people of all Religious Faiths.

This Year for 2010, we have well over 170,000 lights and over
150 Blow Molds spread thru out the display. Our 20 foot Working
Ferris Wheel of Lights combined with our 30 foot Mega Christmas
Tree are Favorite Landmarks that every one loves. This Year we
added a huge 24 Foot sign of Lights on top or our Garage that
read “Believe in the Magic of Christmas”. Kathy says this is a
message that speaks to everyone.

We also have a Life Size Gingerbread Village that is simply
amazing and our Santa’s Workshop is so fabulous! The Santa’s
Workshop is so roomy at 10 x 14 large and has a variety of elves
working and preparing toys along with Mr. and Mrs. Santa.
Another popular feature to our Display and is a Children’s
Favorite is our “M&M Disco” with M&M characters of all different
sizes and three super size M&M’s on Swings.

By Far, our most treasured featured of Hyatt Extreme Christmas
is our “Nativity Scene”. Our Nativity Scene is set up in White
Lights only complete with a Manger, Wisemen, Trumpet Angels and
a Choir of Angels that helps us celebrate this very special Day
in an Extreme Way. We invite everyone to come join us.

Fort Lauderdale Florida United States


Maria Sciangula:
Sal,Maria and Michael Sciangula

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year From Bensonhurst Brooklyn
82nd street 18 ave

Look for us on U tube The Sciangula Christmas lights 🙂 United

91 Gary Amstutz: LED
lights outline the yard and arches, including the 30 foot arch
across the drive. Scenes depict; Nativity scene, penguins in
water, deer family, Charlie Brown & Snoopy, Santa & Reindeer on
a teeter-totter, Santa in an airplane, a snow skiing bear, a
parachuting bear and snowmen in a hot-air balloon. The 30 ft
arch and a snowflake on the house provide variable LED light
shows. Springfield MO United States

Ron Lister: Merry
Christmas from Christmas Wonders. My display has over 50,000
lights synchronized with 352 channels of Lightorama. Most of the
large elements in the display are homemade. I am also
controlling the lights of my neighbors across the street. You
can see more of the display at

Merry Christmas! Kissimmee FL United States

93 Tony Bigda: We’ve
been decorating for 27 years, much longer then most displays
have been around. This is a 2nd Generation display, my father
decided to stop doing it and i have assumed the reigns. I have
cutouts that are over 25 years old and many that are only months
old. Most are motorized in some fashion. Our Merry go round is
large enough for 3 small children to ride, and has been running
strong for well over 20 years. There is 30,000 lights, and this
is our 1st year doing lights to music with 8 channels, more
planned for next year. Most nights Santa is is the gazebo to see
the children, and normally one of us is outside to greet people
and answer questions. Our display is “Santa’s House” and has
been for many many years, as we were the 1st major display in
the Western Mass area. Thanks and Merry Christmas from the
Bigda’s United States
94 Randy Schimka:
Belardo Lights 2010 in San Diego. This year we’re featuring
85,000 lights, over 650 channels of LOR animation, and lots of
homemade decorations. We broadcast on FM 89.7, and we’re making
lifetime memories for our family and the community. The display
is a year-round family activity for our two boys with Autism,
and is a celebration of our success with our boys. We have
talking heads. singing reindeer, a spiral tree, Santa Claus in
the window, arches, mini trees, fireworks, and thousands of LED
lights. It’s a pleasure to do the display every year, and it
puts a smile on all our faces. Please stop by Belardo Lights at
5306 Belardo Drive in San Diego, or see our website more
information at Merry Christmas and Happy
Holidays from all of us in the Schimka family (Randy, Ann,
Brandon, and Stephen)…. San Diego CA United States
95 Mark Sanders:
9000 lights running on 96 LOR channels. 2010 started with
approximately 25 minutes worth of music. Ponca City Ok United
96 Elmer Fleenor: We
have over 15,000 LED lights controlled by 48 channels . We
broadcast over FM 90.3 nightly from 6 until 11. On the weekend
you can usually find us outside by the fire pit greeting
visitors and handing out candy canes. We collect donations and
match all donations give at the end of each year. The donations
go to Youth Emergency Shelter here in Morristown , Tn. You can
also make donations at our website. Morristown tn United States
97 Brett Zeigler:
Our house in Sugar Land, TX. Merry Christmas Sugar Land TX
United States
98 Bradley Jacobs:
100,000 Computer-controlled lights in Hampshire, TN
99 Matt Robertson:
8600 lights Just having fun. Woodstock georgia United States

We began our annual decorating almost twenty years ago and every
year our project has grown. Each year we add something new to
our display and part of the excitement is trying to figure out
what the new addition is. Our home begins its transformation
into a Christmas wonderland the last weekend in September.
During the next few weeks with the help of family, friends and
neighbors, thousands of lights and illuminated figures become
Christmas Tree Forest, Toy Land, Snowman Village, Snowflake Lane
and Gingerbread Land. In addition to these areas, we also have a
1936 Fire Engine, antique Santa and Reindeer taking off from the
roof and a life size Manger Scene. Starting Thanksgiving night,
with friends and family in attendance our home glows with the
spirit of Christmas. The last weekend before Christmas, the
Tucker High School Campus Chapter of Habitat for Humanity carols
in front of our home as a fundraiser. We hope our home brightens
your Holiday Season. The Economy Family


Picture Description
101 Daniel Baughman:
55,000 lights and over 70 Christmas trees. 32 channels set to
music. It’s all about Jesus! That is our theme and belief, we
try to put as much in to support that and add to the joy. United


Larry Drum:
160,000 lights on 4 houses set to the tune of 14 classic,
country and modern Christmas tunes.

The photo is only a tiny part of the display

Cumming Georgia United States


Brian McNamara:
30,000 computer animated lights, 93.9FM, 2 snow machines, 4
leaping arches over driveway, and 12′ mega tree. Merry Christmas Everyone! Gilbert AZ
United States


Doug Schultz:
Over 10,000 lights dancing to 16 channels of computerized music,
Pop, Rock, Country & Comedy, songs change weekly. Lights on
Sunday – Thursday 5:00 – 10:00 & Friday & Saturday 5:00 – 11:00.
We are running a food drive to support the Merrick Community
Services Food Shelf, we would appreciate it if you bring a food
item. More information available on
St Paul MN United States


Jim Bauer: Over
30,000 lights synchronized to music! We have added a little each
year and now it is out of control! Mooresville NC United States


Steve Gase:
24,000 LED (only) lights using 64 channels of animation. Round
Rock TX United States


Brett Parrey: A
collection of new and old styles of decorations.

– Bright Lights

– Christmas Songs

– Grinch

– Elves

– Reindeers

– Christmas Shrek Display NSW Australia


Alan Gerkey:
First year working with decorations and more than a couple of
strands of lights. Decided to use the theme “Christmas Vacation”
and went with the “South Pole” idea. Palm trees, lazy Santa’s
and beach attire for everyone.

Approximately 11,000 lights (LED’s) with a Mr. Christmas and
Gemmy 12 channel for this year.

It was great to have Planet to ask questions and get ideas, I
never would have got to this point without them. Thank you and
Merry Christmas. Menifee CA. United States


Michael Girard:
Colorful display with Some lights dancing to music in Los Banos
CA Los Banos CA United States


Kathie McKenzie:
Hello! My display is “Kathie’s Lancaster Lights”. I do this on
my own as I love the Christmas decorating. I live in Lancaster
CA. 3054 W. Albret St. (31st & Lancaster Blvd W). I have 6000
lights, lighted blowmolds, and with several handmade wood
characters, a handmade airplane, Frosty’s Tree Lot, and spinning
bears on wood blocks. There is also a North Pole mail box for
Santa’s letters! (sorry the pics doesn’t do my display justice)
Lancaster CA United States


Jim Cain: Our
theme this year is Santa’s Transportation Center. We have Santa
on a Sleigh, on a Tractor, Antique Car, Motorcycle, Airplane,
Hot Air Balloon and a Helicopter. The 20′ Mega Tree is our
centerpiece. Our static display this year has apx. 68,000
lights. Most of the display is from PC vendors, or made from
plans, from other members. 2009’s display which was similar to
2010 was elected the “Best Over All” in the City of Anaheim’s
annual program. What this picture can’t show is the back yard is
also decorated as well as the interior. The interior was
designed and decorated by my wife, which never complains about
how much money I spend outside. Her inside collection far
exceeds the cost of the outside. “HAPPY HOLIDAYS” Anaheim Hills
CA United States


Brad Hollar: This
is our first Christmas in our new house. In years past we have
hung 18-20k lights. However this year we did not have so much
time or a well thought game plan. I really enjoyed hanging light
this year. All were hung in one day! ha. Hope you enjoy. We
would like wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New
Year. God Bless. Brad, Stacy, Rylie and Evan Hollar. Morgantown
WV United States


Allison: A over
10,000 lights, computer controlled display Denville NJ United


Chris Troup: My
2010 Christmas display is titled Christmas Wonderland. I put up
a little over 42,000 lights this year. The Christmas display is
static with moving Christmas props I have made.

Merry Christmas everybody! United States


Christmas Wonderland is an award winner. We received the area’s
“Home of the Season for 2009” award last year. As you all know
from my previous submissions, I build many of the displays that
make up this Christmas Wonderland. This year we have enhanced
our show pieces and added more lights to reach a count of
62,785. Now our Santa’s Castle stands at 9 feet tall. Last year
we raised $600 for the Hemby Children’s Hospital in Matthews,
North Carolina. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All


Noah Wullkotte
This will be our 6th year decorating the yard. The display
features blow molds, wireframe and ropelight figures, flashing
lights, animated Santas, snowmen, a rocking horse, a large
inflatable train, 2 arches, LED changing icicle lights and much
more. There are more than 100 things in the yard and many lights
covering the house and buses and plenty of things in the
windows. The entire display is synchronized to classic and
modern Christmas music. It’s one of the largest displays in
Cincinnati, OH and I hope everyone who drives by enjoys it.
Cincinnati OH United States


Chad LeShane This
years display has 17,346 lights. The snowflakes on the roof all
animate using the Digital Decorating Instant Light Show box, as
well as the Mickey Heads and the lawn lights. I have been
decorating for years but this is the first year with having
vinyl siding. It was a lot easier than I expected. Nashua NH
United States


Chris Catalano
This is our display on Long Island in Farmingdale. it consists
of 25,000 lights, leaping arches, color changing Christmas
trees, a nativity scene and much more. it is sync to music using
72 channels of light o rama. videos can be viewed at
Farmingdale NY United States


Keith Van Buren
3,000 LED lights, 1,200 LED Light Mega tree, Airblowns, Ferris
wheel, and snow globes! Visit for photos and
a short video. Lights are choreographed to music and broadcast
on FM 92.3! Merry Christmas from Holyoke, Massachusetts!
Expanding more in 2011! Holyoke MA United States


Charles Steinman
This year I have approximately 34,000 lights, 60 trees of
various sizes, 384 control channels. I use the Light-O-Rama
control system, with 7 different songs synchronized to music
that plays on FM radio. Ontario OH United States


Stoltenberg This is out third year decorating, second year
animated, and first year fund raising for St. Judes Children’s
Research Hospital. We built a new house this year and put over
$2000 into electrical upgrades. It sits on a large corner lot
across from a pond with no neighbors! This year we are pushing
almost 15,000 lights, all LED. We feature 7 songs in our show
that runs about 20 minutes every night from Thanksgiving to New
Years. The show is programmed on Light O Rama but all the
hardware in the yard is D-Light. The show is 232 channels and
everything in the display is done in four colors. New additions
for this year were 8 Firefli leaping arches, 8 Mighty Mini RGBW
LED Floodlights, a multicolored half mega tree, and two new
songs in addition to the ones from last season. Living in
Lawrence and my wife and I both being KU Alumni both undergrad
and graduate, we added the Rock Chalk Chant to the display this
year. Crimson and Blue! So far we have collected over $500 for
St. Judes and hope to keep it climbing! Lawrence Kansas United


Charlie Mittl
This is my second year for sending in a picture of our lights.
We added a little more to it this year. We’ve got 3,000
mini-lights (including the icicle lights),125 c-9’s,20
mini-candy canes,14 twinkling snowflakes,7 inflatables,3 spiral
trees,2 animated deer, 2 spot lights , and 1 holographic train.
This is just what we have in the front of our townhouse.
Leesport Pennsylvania United States


Charlie Mittl
This is the rear of our house that has 2,000 mini
lights(including the icicles),10 mini candy canes,7 twinkling
snow flakes,2 animated deer,1 spiral tree,1 inflatable,1 set of
6 landing lights, and 1 blow mold. Forgot to mention the 4 blow
molds in front of the house. Merry Christmas to all from Sally &
Charlie Leesport Pennsylvania United States

Norida Pruitt My
son built this 1/4 scale Christmas train from scratch in honor
of his father, my husband, Lester Pruitt who passed away May
9th, 2009. It is a replica of the famous Jupiter 60 steam
locomotive that was part of the “Gold Spike Ceremony” in 1869
connecting the first intercontinental railway across America.
This is our second year to run the train and tons of “Christmas
light watchers” have already driven by the house this season.
For history and construction information please visit

My son and I put up all of our lights and set up the train
ourselves with no outside help. We really enjoy brightening the
neighborhood with all kinds of lights and motorized Christmas
displays. We designed and built the “Christmas Carousel” many
years ago and it still works great with a little cleaning and
oiling each year.

Thanks for looking at our video and Merry Christmas !! McAlester
OK United States


Massimiliano Hi, this year the lights – LEDs 311,152 are visited
by tens of thousands of people. channels used are about 240
without using the music to not disturb the neighbors. They are
authorized dealer of the brand MK-Illumination largest azzi that
produces light professional use and therefore ONLY use top
quality materials, visit my web site: – Ciao. Massimiliano Goglio from
Melegnano – (Milano) Italy

Melegnano MI Italy

128 Walter Baker This
is our fifth year using LOR. This year’s display features a 20
foot tree, lighted garland and a cluster of 9 tree than have
four sets of different color lights on them. I am using 8 LOR
Controllers plus the LOR MP3 controller. Music is broadcast over
an FM transmitter – 107.3. Stratford CT United States
129 Dave Roche We
went with a Christmas Castle Theme this year. I’m running 224
channels of LOR with about 40,000 lights, some regular, and some
led. Eagle Point OR United States
130 Clem Vinas
Christmas in Millwood Square – been decorating for the past 17
years Potomac Falls VA United States
131 Clem
Vinas My Christmas Toy house in Millwood Square – been
decorating for the past 17 years. My Christmas past and present
My “Christmas in Millwood Square” Falls VA United States
132 Bob Wingert Our
display consists of over 15,000 LED Red, White & Blue lights.
Come out and watch the lights dance to 50+ songs that have been
carefully choreographed to music using state-of-the-art
commercial lighting & equipment. Our mission is to raise food
for our local charity, the Low Country Food Bank. Drop locations
are located within our display. Our show is also dedicated to
all those who have and continue to serve to protect our country.
Thank you and your family’s sacrifices for our freedom. From our
family to you and yours, Happy Holidays! Summerville SC United

Glenn Barber
Merry Christmas Everyone,

This year has been a really good year for our family and Friends
and our Christmas Display. We have had literally hundreds of
cars drive by this season to see our lights. What we added new
this year were the blue lights on the roof and a Santa in a
sleigh and his reindeer which you can not see. I took this
picture this past weekend when it started snowing and this is
one of the better pictures. We hope you enjoy our lights and if
you get down to Spring Hill Tennessee we would love for you to
come by and see our lights and we might even get the Hot wassell
out for as nice warm drink. Merry Christmas. Glenn and Christina
Barber Tennessee United States

134 Tom and Beth
Ronketty Tom and Beth’s Christmas Spectacular – 2010… We have
now been decorating for 5 years and this is the biggest year
yet. We put up over 100,000 lights this year, (over 10,000 of
them synched to music), 21 inflatables, animations, Santa Claus,
and a snow machine. We have been collecting donations for the
Yellow Ribbon Club of Marlton, NJ; a great charity group that
welcomes home the troops from overseas. Marlton NJ United States

Dan & Mary Gromer “The Lighted Gingerbread House” Featured
on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Over 160K lights, 7th Annual
Christmas Toy and Food Drive for families in need. Unique and
Spectacular Light designs – just the old fashion whimsical
theme. Santa will be here on Dec 19, 22, 23 for Santa Photos
Inside rain or shine.

We have donation barrels here at the house, we have more
applicants for the drive than any year before. So come out, see
the lights, help those in need. Financial donations welcomed.

For more info see our website. Antelope CA United States

136 mark jasper LOR
48 channels, 7000? lights, one video screen and a Santa inside
the door. New Baden Il United States
137 Roger Forbes
Display moved from house to Masons Lodge about three blocks from
home. 24 poles, 7 sections, 8 small archs, 4 large archs,
red,white, blue, green icicles, colored led’s on post and rails,
home made manger set, rope light, 16 candy cane pods. Address is
410 Doe Ave. as you drive into main street of town. Lots more
parking and space to see. Have hot coffee and drinks every
evening and pass out candy. Averageing around 150 cars per
night. Elizabethton TN 37643 United States

Bob Vilums My son
passed away in October 2005 at the age of 22 due to a hit and
run auto accident. Before he passed, I used to make him help put
lights on the house, and he would make his friends come over to
help so he could get done faster. Since then his friends have
made it a tradition to come over and continue helping every
year. All these “kids” are now in their late 20’s and have
graduated college, and have busy lives of their own now. I’m
just amazed that they still remember, and find time to come over
to help.

This year we incorporated 2 laser projectors, and a third one is
one it’s way that will be syncronized with music. If you look on
the garage door and the upper level center, you can see red and
green stars. The lasers are animated as stars that explode like
fireworks. The picture does not do it justice, so your going to
have to use your imagination a bit. We also changed the
traditional white icicles from years past for deep blue LED
icicles that give a nice deep blue hue on the house which
compliments the laser projections. California Hemet United

139 Alan Woolsey This
a large house on a corner lot. The light display has grown over
the last 10 years to about 20,000 lights, with 9 blow ups, 10
lighted deer, lighted angels, spiral trees, and since the
picture other lighted sculptures have been added Canon City
Colorado 81212 United States
140 Janice Hill Woody
Singing Country Christmas Carols during “It’s A Wonderful Life
in West Memphis” Holiday Lighting Neighborhood Carriage Tours.
Begins each year the week before Thanksgiving & Worthington Park
decorates the parks with thousands of lights and a huge
Christmas Tree. Singing and horse carriage rides on weekends
6-10pm, hot chocolate and kids can make real “smores” over a
firepit. Come enjoy 2 blocks of Christmas lights and
decorations. Stop by to visit Woody on weekends singing and
giving out candy canes. Come celebrate “THE REASON FOR THE
SEASON”. “The way to spread Christmas Cheer is singing songs for
all to hear.” West Memphis AR
72301 United States
141 steve christian
we have 25,000 light all computer controlled with 96 channels.
we use lynx and lor systems to control the lights. westmont
08108 United States

Norida Pruitt
Please check out our video here

My son built this 1/4 scale Christmas train from scratch in
honor of his father, my husband, Lester Pruitt who passed away
May 9th, 2009. It is a replica of the famous Jupiter 60 steam
locomotive that was part of the “Gold Spike Ceremony” in 1869
connecting the first intercontinental railway across America.
This is our second year to run the train and tons of “Christmas
light watchers” have already driven by the house this season.
For history and construction information please visit My son and I put up all of our
lights and set up the train ourselves with no outside help. We
really enjoy brightening the neighborhood with all kinds of
lights and motorized christmas displays. We designed and built
the “Christmas Carousel” many years ago and it still works great
with a little cleaning and oiling each year. Thanks for looking
at our video and Merry Christmas !! McAlester OK 74501 United

143 Bart Dimmock Our
2010 version has grown a bit more to 27,000 lights and 72
channels of LOR synchronized to 11 fast moving Christmas tunes.
The mega tree stands at just over 30 feet and the schooner is 30
feet long and over 22 feet high. As always we really enjoy
seeing all the other photos contributed to this site. Merry
Christmas from the Dimmocks in Evans, Georgia. Evans Georgia
30809 United States
144 Corey Howell We
currently have 256 channels of Light O Rama controlling 50,000
lights! As you can see we have leaping arches, shooting stars,
chasing light poles, a three color mega tree, and other fun
stuff! Uintah Utah 84405 United States
145 Bob Vilums This
year we incorporated lasers. We currently are using 2 laser
projectors and a 3rd one is on it’s way on order. If you look at
the garage door and the center of the upper floor, you can see
the path of some of the lasers. It’s much more impressive on
video or in real life. It’s difficult to get a good picture of
the lasers with still photography, but it sure seems to be
stopping lots of traffic in front of the house. I’m getting
asked alot of questions about them. Hemet CA 92544 United States
146 Janice Isaac
Merry Christmas to everyone who takes decorating a house
seriously. We say GO BIG OR GO HOME!! We have been decorating
over 5 years , this is our second year in a 2 story home. We
have Over 11,000 led lights ,lots of snowmen, driveway arches ,
lots of homemade items , the display was up in about a week and
we usually take one day to pack everything away. We love the
final result – Next year we hope to add light o rama and a fm
transmitter- HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! North Las Vegas NV 89086
United States
147 charles carey 4
foot home-made wooden peanuts gang with many beautiful lights.
Burlington New Jersey 8016 United States
148 Paul & Marchele
Salazar The Salazar’s of Spring, Tx want to wish everyone a very
MERRY CHRISTMAS. We take a week of vacation to put up lights on
2 houses. Our house & Marchele’s parents house, The Lucario’s.
This is the time of year the whole family gets together and puts
up lights. Mr. Lucario is 87 yrs. old & Mrs. Lucario is 77. This
is a very special year for us. You see last year Daddy had brain
surgery so he was unable to enjoy HIS lights. So this year we
made it special. Just so he could see HIS lights. May all of you
be as blessed as we are to have family with us this year. So say
your prayers when you go to bed tonight that we’ll have another
wonderful year as we did this one. And to all a good night.
United States

Joe Erdeljac This
year our display has a theme of a Winter Wonderland, full of
snowmen & snowflakes, along with a playground for Santa & his
friends. Music is provided on stage by the “Backstreet Snowboys”,
accompanied by “Rockin’ Santa” on guitar, & a 21 member choir.
The tunes are synchronized to over 22,000 lights, 136 channels.
Beneath the snow cover is around a miles worth of extension

Columbus Ohio 43235 United States


Craig Long Aloha
from the Big Island of Hawaii! We have several thousand lights
and added a new snow machine this year! Christmas is the BEST
time of the year and we love to share our joy with everyone!

Mele Kalikimaka from the Longs! Kailua Kona Hawaii 96740 United

151 Don Honeycutt
This is our 6th Year of Decorating. We have 40,000 Lights and
112 channels of Computerized Lighting. One of our Neighbor’s
Joined in and decorated Big this year too. Have a Happy Holiday
Season! From the Honeycutt’s Omaha NE 68106 United States
152 darrell barrett
This is the Christmas transformation from our Halloween display.
We use as much recycled material as possible from construction
sites to the trash bins at home improvement stores to the
produce and fish departments at grocery stores. It is definitely
a labor of love. We start with Styrofoam from grocery stores,
discarded lumber at construction sites , left over PVC pipe from
our landscaping job sites and the discarded lumber wrap that
covers/protects the truckloads of wood that come to the home
improvement stores. We use all these items to frame, construct,
wrap and create our displays. This is all hand made from
scratch!! Not store bought or blow-ups. CA Long Beach United
153 Kevin Pattky Our
synchronized-Christmas light show consist of over 8, 500 lights
and counting. It also features many lit figurines and display
pieces, as well as inflatable, although we are lowering the
amount of inflatable in the display each year, with only two
being displayed this year. It’s the only animated Christmas
light show in our town. You can get all the information by
visiting us at Oak Ridge New
Jersey 7438 United States
154 Theresa
Shupp-Rosso Our display in stroudsburg pa is set to the sights
and sounds of Christmas I did up the amps on fuse to 15 me bad
anyway the eves on the house & windows and front bushes and
weeping tree also the candy canes & arch and some of the porch
and lights on bush’s around the rock garden and the lilac bush
is set to the music the rest of the animated and non animated
figures and roof outline is stagnet SP? I do have 4 blow ups
also (just for good measure) I can’t even begin to tell you how
many lights but it is alot maybe some year I’ll count them I do
mostly all of this by myself. since my husband passed. so it is
alot of work for 1 Stroudsburg PA 18360 United States



BEACH CA 90806 United States

156 Stephen Blue
Deltaville Christmas Lights: This year is around 73,000 lights,
including nearly 2 dozen pole trees (14x 10’s, a 20′, a 15′, a
12′, an 8′, 2x 6′, and 2x 5′). The 20′, 2x 10’s, and 2x 5’s are
part of a 38,000 light, 196 channel LOR light show sync’d to a
selection of Mariah Carey, Sheryl Crow, Barenaked Ladies, Frank
Sinatra, and others. The show also includes a pair of 12-channel
leaping arches, 8x 4-color mini trees, and chasing pole sections
going up the 5 trees. Some old features include the boat in a
pond of lights, fed by a running river of lights; Frosty in his
arch surrounded by other characters; new this year is the dog
igloo with puppies stealing presents out of a sleigh. Also,
LED’s comprise approximately 4,000 lights this year, the first
major implementation for me. Deltaville VA 23043 United States
157 Peter Brand 32
channels of Light-O-Rama madness. My first year with LOR…<:]
Regina Saskatchewan Canada
158 Jason Reph We
have multiple inflatables, multiple animated items and over
30,000 lights. Also have a 15′ tree on the side of the garage
and a giant snowman on the opposite side of the house. We have
32 channels of Light-O-Rama computer controlled software, and
tune to 107.7 FM, and six 11′ arches over the driveway. We also
have a motion projector and many more things to see. Peppermint
Lane and a mega tree were added for 2009-2010. New for 2010-2011
includes a giant snowman, new song HOUSE ON CHRISTMAS STREET, 2
firetrucks, (1 airblown and 1 wireframe), donation box for Jeff
Gordon Children’s Foundation (childrens cancer research and Jeff
Gordon Children’s Hospital in Concord NC.) Tue Dec. 14th at 7pm
we had a LIVE mini concert by Judy Pancoast singing, House On
Christmas Street. Nazareth PA 18064 United States
159 Billy Joyce I
have a total of 42,000 lights with about 12,000 being LED. My
main center piece consist of a 25ft tall Z-Tree using 26,000
mini lights controlled by 120 channels of LOR and surrounded by
6 leaping arches. I have also incorporated nearly 7500 LED
icicles, and a 5ft diameter 600 light wreath. I have grapevine
snowman, reindeer, and sleigh. I use several Rainbow Floods for
uplighting on some small maple trees for accent. New also this
year I have had a chance to incorporate a family piece which is
a full Empire Nativity scene that was passed to me by my
grandparents, and I had a chance to include a Empire Santa and 6
Reindeer set. It has been a pleasure to continue to carry on a
large family tradition of decorating. Winston Salem NC 27105
United States
160 Mark Weiss Our
display in Benton, Arkansas. Merry Christmas! Benton AR United
161 Leilani Sigeske
Mele kalikimaka Christmas light display. This is how us
Hawaiians do it! ha ha ha! Enjoy! Irvine Ca United States
162 Richard Lammers
36,000 lights controlled by 80 Light O Rama channels. We feature
a 22′ mega tree and three leaping arches. Omaha NE 68135 United
163 robert buchanan
this year we have about 100,000 lights .one live tree has 7,000
mini lights on it alone. there are about 200 blowmolds. over 250
wireframes and about 40 artificial trees, two are twelve
footers. our display has grown to 17 inflatables this year.
santa is always busy on the weekend the display is spread out so
it is hard to get all of the display in one photo. hiawassee ga
30546 United States
164 robert buchanan
this is a photo of my display under a recent snow. this year we
have about 100,000 lights .with around 40 artificial trees. over
200 blowmolds and around 250 wireframes. we have grown the
display to 17 inflatables. hiawassee ga 30546 United States
165 Arthur Suiter
Light-0-Rama display in southern Ohio with 80 channels. Two
different shows with 7 songs in each. A family show and a rock
show. Alternates every night from Thanksgiving until New Years
from 6 to 10 every night. Chesapeake Ohio 45619 United States

Ron Comin Our
display is an old-fashioned, walk-thru display with over 63,000
lights. Follow the 600′

long lighted path to see the entire display. Start your journey
by visiting the Jamesville Railroad, a 1/25 scale outdoor
railroad, walk past the pond and waterfall to the North Pole
where Santa and his Elves are busy in their

animated workshops and cabin. Stroll down Candycane lane to the
Nativity. Continue thru the lighted orchard to where your
journey began. Visit our tiny Gift Hut on your way out. Our
display is too big to show everything in one photo, please visit
our website for additional information and photos. This year we
are charging a small admission (kids under 12 are free) so that
we may continue our work. Poulsbo Wa. United States

167 Robert Burton
This is my 2nd year of doing an animated light show. I have had
static displays for over 25 years. My display has 28,000 lights
and 128 channels. (Light O Rama) I also use RGB Rainbow Floods
and Spots. I hope to add more of these next year as well as a
few more elements. Thanks Planet Christmas for providing a place
for we “Christmas Light Fanatics” to hang out 🙂 Merry
Christmas Robert Burton Fayetteville, GA Fayetteville GA United States
168 Ken Kuespert
Merry Christmas to Southwest Michigan 2010!! This is our 10th
year of automated lights. Our 5th year using Light-O-Rama. Last
year we had 390-channels this year we have 460-channels of LOR
and DIY DMX all sequenced to 6 songs with a FM transmitter with
RDS. We have over 30,000 mini-lights, 4800 lights on 25ft
Mega-tree, 25ft Spiral tree with 3200 lights, Mini-trees with
400 lights each, 6 10ft Leaping Arches, 5 Large blowups, 4 blow
molds, 6 hand made wireframes, 2 snowmen playing catch, and my
new enhanced Pixel Sticks! and over 300 foot of tube light on
the house. A LED sign automatically displays the song name and
radio channel to tune to. More LED’s this year! Niles MI United
169 Mark Shirer This  is my 5th year. I have just over 8200 lights synced to music
Plus another 500+ static lights. I bought a new antenna and FM
transmitter for this years display and it works quite well. We
had a surprise this year my display won for the 4th Ward light
Contest in the Monroeville (Pittsburgh) Pa area. We receives a
gift certificate for a local restaurant. Already making plans
for next year. God Bless and Merry Christmas Monoreville PA
United States
170 Jim Wright The
97th and Lee Blvd Christmas Lighting Fun Show may be unique in
the area, since it provides an animated Christmas light display
synchronized between two houses, which are across the street
from each other. The show runs from 5:30 to 11 PM each evening
from Thanksgiving to New Years. This is the second year for the
display, which is much expanded from last year. In this show,
the lights are synchronized with Christmas oriented songs, with
some really bad Christmas jokes thrown in for fun. The kids love
it. You can listen to the music from your car on FM Stereo
100.5. Starting this year we have added a democratic capability
to the display. You can control the order in which the songs
play, right from your car. On your cell phone or other web
enabled device, go to and select the Wrights
Lights display. You can then vote on your favorite song. The
song with the most votes will play next. You can park on Lee
Blvd to watch the show or can park on the nearby side streets
and watch the show outside. Speakers are provided so that you
can hear the music. For more information go to the website at The display has a total of over 24,990
lights controlled by 28 LOR controllers. Leawood KS United
171 Willard
Solymanbeyk The Lightazmic light show is a computer controlled
Christmas light show that utilizes 238 computer channels
(Animated Lighting and DMX), over 60,000 LED’s, 684 strobe
lights, a 27 foot Mega-Tree, two 32 foot simulated fireworks
displays, and a 15 band RGB Audio Spectrograph. The lights are
synchronize to 30 songs resulting in a show that lasts
approximately 1 hours 23 minutes. The music is also transmitted
on short range FM so you can stay in your car and watch the show
on a cold or rainy day. Lightazmic is a proud sponsor of Toys
For Tots and the Salvation Army. Modest CA United States
172 Jim Hardy This is
the largest inflatable Christmas display in the area! With
nearly 80 inflatables, it is a real sight to see. These
inflatables have been collected since 2001, when inflatables
began being sold to the public. So if you are in the area, check
it out! Have a very merry Christmas!!!! Bloomington Indiana
United States
173 David Reiner
Merry Christmas from Downingtown, PA. This year, I lost track of
how many lights I put up. All I remember is that I left Lowes in
November with 36 additional boxes of lights and about 12 – 14
additional extension cords on top of the 8 containers of lights
from last year. I will have to count them sometime. The pond was
created by attaching blue rope and mini lights using zip ties to
green plastic fencing and anchoring it to the ground with
landscape spikes. I have four 15-amp dedicated circuits for my
lights. Every year, people drive by while I was putting them up,
roll down their car window, and say they can’t wait to see them
on. All the lights are run by four separate digital timers. We
had a ‘Turn the Lights On’ party at the beginning of December
with about 40 people in attendance and several online as we
webcast the event. It was a blast! I hope my lights bring a
little Christmas cheer to those who see them. Have a Merry
Christmas and a safe & healthy New Year. David Reiner
Downingtown PA United States
174 Scott Wood 20,000
Lights controlled by 240 channels of Light-O-Rama with a
shooting star, 16 foot mega-tree, jumping arches and falling
snowflakes. Poughkeepsie New York United States
175 Justin Fallows Hi
my name is Justin Fallows I have been looking on planet
Christmas for years this is the first year i have tried to post
pictures i would have done so earlier but my internet has been
down, My display consist of several blow molds and lots of wire
frame decorations and strands of lights. we also have some
animation such as our 5 foot helicopter, the Santa in the
chimney kicking his feet, the sled and deer. we have a wire
frame snowman that actually tips his hat controlled by a little
motor. Timonium MD United States
176 Justin Fallows
hey again I’m just posting a few more pictures of my display i
could not fit all the scenes in one picture. once again lots of
lights, blow molds and wire frames animated and none animated
Timonium MD United States
177 Justin Fallows
Hey everyone again just posting my last 2 pictures up her on
this wonderful Christmas website. Timonium Md United States
178 Justin Fallows
here is the second to last picture Timonium MD United States
179 Kyle Westover The
Westover family: We have been decorating for 8 years and
creating a new scene every year for the roof and lawn. This year
features home made stars, village, igloo, dove and trees to set
the theme of December Night Sky. Merry Christmas and Happy New
Year to All. United States
180 Juststin Fallows
last picture of my display this is my indoor Christmas train
garden all animated timoniun md United States
181 Paul Dobo This
display is operated on a LOR network consisting of 32 channels.
I did not have time this year to program it to music, so
instead, I decided to use what I have to do a color fade effect
by uploading a simple animation sequence into the controllers.
Chuluota FL United States

miles watanabe
TIME: Daily, 5:30 pm to 10 pm. DETAILS: Tune in to 106.5 FM for
synchronized music 2 Hour Show


– 20,000 lights

– 98.5% LED Lights

– One mile of extension cords

– 20-foot mega Christmas tree with 3D star

– Snow machine and snow

– Inflatables

– Leaping arches

– Holdman’s Star

– Virtual Santa waving in the window Ewa Beach Hawaii United

183 Dennis Fuller
26000 Led’s 112 Channels LOR, Wire frames, inflatables, snow
machine, 4-arch’s, 10′ mega tree, United States
184 Michael Privett
Nothing over the top as far as lights go. All the lights with
the exception of the Merry Christmas sign are leds, my wife took
time to convert the ginger bread people and house over to leds
just before set up! The real reason why we decided to send in
our picture was due to a VERY rare occurrence! A White Christmas
in Kentucky has happened only dozen times since 1862 i believe,
well this makes lucky number thirteen. A perfect ending to the
best holiday of the year!! Merry Christmas, from the Privett
household!!!!! Ky United States
185 Richard Davies
Only my second year of decorating my house, big fan of planet
Christmas! First time submission, I’ve got a number of
silhouettes and i made a “mini” mega tree for my front garden.
Birmingham, England UK Birmingham England United Kingdom
186 Jeremy King
Vintage style Christmas decorations. Blowmolds from the 60s thru
the 80s,garland/wire trees similar to old streetlight
decorations and c7 and c9 lights just like the ones we used to
know. Of course all my lights have to be multicolored to fit the
time period before clear lights only began showing up in yards
in the 90s.Look for additions to my collection every year. Thank
you for letting me join in on the fun here at PlanetChristmas,
my wife and I are glad to be amongst likeminded folks. Jeremy
and Beverly Arab Alabama United States
187 Darlene Pino
2010’s theme is “House on Christmas Street” with the feature
song of the same name by Judy Pancoast. Our animated Reindeer
sings the theme song while Santa Conducts the musical animated
light show from a large picture window. Four Cosmic Color
ribbons create a spellbinding effect as they leap across four 10
foot tall arches in a variety of colors, and underscored with a
dozen mini trees. Mickey stops his train at the train station in
Christmas Town, while an Eskimo rides into town from the other
side with two Huskies pulling quickly. The Mega Tree and three
Gemmy Light Show Trees stand out and grab the guest’s attention.
Cutouts, a North pole and Polar bear greet everyone; blowmolds,
Peanut’s Gang and Snoopy help to celebrate, as mini-spiral trees
dot the town’s landscape. It is quite a Show that lasts from the
first week of December to New Years. Santa visits the kids on
weekends and hands out toys to all. Tune to 88.3 FM to hear the
music in your car. No Radio? just roll down the windows and hear
the music from the speakers and songs by Blitzen. Albany Georgia
United States
188 Sam Hewitt Hi
everyone, this is my house in Redhill, UK. I put up a few lights
last year but nothing too special. This year though decided to
push the boat out a bit more. I’m 19 years old and hate going up
really high ladders, I always get a mad urge to jump off quite
worrying I know, so decided to put lights on the inside of the
windows upstairs and outdoor strings of lights lower down and
only needed step ladders for that which I don’t mind using. Not
sure how many bulbs there are, having said that half of them
don’t work anyway, you put them in the loft at the end of
Christmas fully working and put them all up at the start of
December and they don’t work. Anyway hope you like the lights.
Redhill Surrey United Kingdom
189 Fred
& Heidi Mezenski Our home animated light display of 20,000 LED
lights is a winter wonderland with a Disney-style snow machine
mounted to our roof (we don’t get snow in Tracy, CA). Both our
front yard display and indoor lighted Christmas tree won 1st
place in our local rotary club contest this year. We use
“Animated Lighting” products and have 21 songs in our show!
Additionally we have been featured in our local newspaper:
and on “Lights of the valley”:
Tracy ca United States
190 Mark Belgen Over
half a million lights linked to over 200 controllable channels
that are synchronized to music which is broadcast on FM 90.5.
The house has been televised on CBS, NBC, KCal and ABC. Fritz
Coleman of NBC in Los Angeles has done live broadcasts from the
front of the house. The Children’s Hospital of Orange County
(CHOC) benefits from fundraising conducted at the house. The
house has won the City of Laguna Niguel’s Holiday Light
Decorating contest since 2005. Lights go on the 1st Friday after
Thanksgiving day and stay on until January 2nd. Shows normally
run from dusk to 11PM with extended times (12 midnight) on
Friday, Saturday, the week of Christmas, Christmas Day, New
Years Eve, and New Years day. After Christmas day till New
Years, other non-Christmas songs are played. Laguna Niguel
California United States
191 Danielle Copeland
Copeland Christmas – Palm City, FL. From December 1 until
Christmas, we welcome visitors to tour our house and watch our
computerized light display. Tune your car radios to 87.9FM to
hear the music. This 40-year tradition began in Riviera Beach,
FL when Grandma and Grandpa began converting the garage into
Santa’s workshop. Now, the display features 96 channels of LOR
and over 65,000 lights. Palm City FL
United States

mastropietro Hi from Melbourne Australia 11 Lebanon Crs Mulgrave.
This is a must see house it is fantastic, it take almost 45 days
to set all up,with 70.000 thousand lights and all kind of
singing and dancing Christmas items. Most of them are home made
and same from USA. Snow machine and bubbles all night.

Came and join us to celebrate 2010 Christmas and 2011 Happy New
Year. Mulgrave Victoria Australia

193 brian wawrzyniak
This is some of my display for 2010, hope you like it! United

Jim & Kathy
Macdonald Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Carbon, AB,

Our display has over 15,000 lights, wood cutouts, blowmolds, 15
inflatables, and some wireframes. This is our first year being
animated using LOR. Jim & Kathy United States

195 Ricky Thames 90
LOR channels and 185 amps of lights changing colors from red,
green and clear. Collecting canned goods for Midland Soup
Kitchen. 13th year of decorating. Merry Christmas!! Midland
Texas United States

Steve Gase 2010
light show was our first Christmas light show.

We had 64 LOR channels, with 24,120 all-LED lights and 7 musical
sequences with FM radio broadcast. There were 2x 16-ft mega
trees of 5600 lights and 12 channels each. There were also 3x
20-ft arches… each with 16 channels (8 channels for each of 2
colors). Also, 12 tomato cage trees with 2 channels on each.
…and more.

We accepted donations for the local food bank, and had neighbors
to either size with sizable static displays. Round Rock TX
United States

297 Brandon Gill
Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas from Nashville, TN. This is our
5th year of decorating our home. This year we are using 64
Channels of LOR with approx. 60,000 lights. Our Radio Station is
92.5FM. This year our Theme is a “Christmas Tree Lot” with a
Tree Stand, Workers, Fence, Signs, Overhead Lights, etc. More
Photos, Information and ALL Videos can be found at
Brandon and Megan Gill Antioch TN United States

Brandon Black
Merry Christmas from our house to yours.

Lights- 4,329

Watts- 4,649

Amps- 38.4

United States

199 Bruce Wallick My
simple display uses 112 channels of Light-O-Rama controllers and
mostly LED lights. Simi Valley CA United States
Picture Description
200 Marty Belisle Decorating for 20
years. 45k lights, 64 channels LOR, 1 CCR. Lots of hand built
stuff. Set up and operated in -25 degree Celcius temps. Hope
2011 brings you a healthy and happy year helping you to bring
joy to your community with your own decorating and displays.
Cold Lake Alberta Canada
201 Clif Allen This was our first
year with animation/musical sequences. We used 32 Ch. of LOR
with nearly 10,000 lights. Fairfield TX United States


brian wawrzyniak This is some of
our display for 2010. I try to improve every year. I hope you
like it.Brian & Linda Tucson AZ United States


Darlene Pino We live on Christmas
Street Albany Georgia United States


Darlene Pino Reindeer Sings House
on Christmas Street.


Michael Stoffregen This is our
second year of animation. In 2009 we converted a 9,000 light
static display to 48 channels of LOR. This year we added about
30,000 lights, including more than 3,800 LEDs and added 10 more
controllers, giving us 208 channels. Our French Country cottage
style home lends itself well to gingerbread type decorations. We
try to keep all of our decorations within that same general
theme.This year we had more than twenty songs synchronized, giving us
a little over an hour of music. Ozark Missouri United States


Mike Emanuel My son Anthony and I
have always put up a large static display, but thanks to all of
the information in the lighting forums and some DIY kits from RJ
over at DLA, we have been able to put it all to music this year.
It has been quite an adventure; we have developed many new
skills and overcome numerous obstacles, but I think we are at
the point where we can actually call it a “show” now. Here is a
link to the Christmas Album Details:- Junk heap Toshiba laptop /w WinXP.- Vixen for sequencing and running the show.- 96 channels DMX via Lynx Express controllers- 10,000+ LED lights, 20 snowfall tubes (96 LEDs each)- Dual head motorized projector- RGY dual port laser & fog machine- EDM-LCD FM transmitter

– Entire show runs from 2 – 20 amp circuits…not even warm!
Holiday FL United States


Nicholas Watkins An animated
Christmas Lighting Display celebrating the season of giving with
lights. In 2010 our lights are dedicated to Riley Hospital for
Children & The Riley Children’s Foundation. This year we are
using 160 channels of Light-O-Rama and 50,000 lights. There are
4 15′ Arches, a 22′ Mega Tree, 2 6.5′ Artificial Trees wrapped
in 1850 LEDs each, and 24 mini trees (600 lights each). Wabash
Indiana United States


Mike McDaniel McDaniel Family
Christmas 2010. We had a great season and wish to thank all who
visited and enjoyed the show. We are in Fruitland Park, Fl and
have been doing the animated light show for 3 years now. The
display this year had 72,000 lights on 336 channels of
Light-O-Rama control. Lighting is approximately 95% LED and we
hope to be all LED next season. Please visit our website for
more pictures and videos. Fruitland Park
Florida United States


Earle Lawrence I have been doing
Christmas lights since I was 13yr old, I am now 39 and we have
roughly about 18,000 lights. I have been using a music box with
6 receptacles that synchronizes the lights with the
pre-programmed music and will have a computer run show next year
(2011). We have 9000 LED and 18 animated and a sceen on our
front porch of Santa, fire place w/stockings and a tree. Cottage
City Maryland United States


Lilly Strat It’s LED’s and CFL’s
except for a few blowmolds which don’t have holes big enough to
fit candelabra CFL’s, and the wireframe reindeer which I haven’t
changed to warm white LED’s yet.I just got the animated Santa sleigh blowmold and didn’t have
time to work out how to really display it this year. I usually
hang the static Santa sleigh and reindeer from wire (not
drilling he blowmolds and running wire through them, but hanging
from a wire so no drilling) to the right of the house but I
couldn’t suspend the animated santa sleigh like I usually do
since his arm moves. So I did this odd placement of him sitting
on the roof and just the reindeer are hanging from an unusual
wire placement spot. Next year I’ll probably have them all on
the roof and no hanging though I’ll miss that parabolic flight
look. The blizzard did a job on that animated Santa so what’s in
the picture is actually the static Santa sleigh.Warm White LED’s on the Gemmy Ferris wheel and teeter totter
since I don’t like the look of putting a spotlight on them, and
for the merry go round I put the spotlight CFL inside of it to
light it up vs outside. Eatontown NJ United States


Brad Stone 15,000 LED Christmas
Lights, a 15 ft Video Screen, and amazing arrangements by Trent
Austin and all brought our house to life during
the 2010 Christmas Season. Located in Edmond, Oklahoma and
featuring lights from and controllers from
Lightorama. This was our first year to setup an automated
display. The response was amazing. I also had the privilege of
playing keyboards, guitar, and chimes in the videos used in our
display. All of our videos are posted on our website or can be
viewed here. is greatly appreciated. Edmond OK United States


Roy Ninonuevo Irvine, CA – Over
28K lights synchronized with 160 channels LOR to 10 songs. This
was my 4th year with animation. There are 5 leaping arches, a 16
foot all LED mega tree and a 3 x 20 foot Merry Christmas sign.
Irvine CA United States


Jay Peterson I design, build,
program, setup and even shoot the videos for my light shows. 80%
of the lights are LED and the rest are incandescent. There are
over 400 white C9 bulbs on the upper and lower roofs that are
attached to 1×2 boards for easy setup and tear down. I have 30
arches, 4 of them are leaping arches and are all wrapped in
garland with lights. Seven LED snowflakes dance across the fence
while Santa and deer are proudly displayed on the top of the
second story roof. The mega tree is 20 feet tall and consists of
20 strobes, 16 strands of LED’s including an LED star. I limited
the amount of strands on the tree so it remains transparent.
This allows the other lights to shine through the tree creating
a nice effect. There are 3 LED Christmas dolphins (yes, I have
Christmas dolphins) and a palm tree surrounded by LED water. I
have a variety of other animals in the yard such as mice, deer,
a panda bear, a hippo, and an octopus. There are 4 speakers in
the yard and the viewers can also tune to 99.9 FM to listen to
the show in their cars. Minneola FL United States


Juan Lorenzo Jr Very simple
display, designed for the children to see, total of eight houses
decorate each year. at Santa’s Lane you children visit with
Santa usually from the 16th of Dec thru Christmas Eve, the y are
treated to a Candy Cane & have their pictures taken with Santa &
the whole family. Fresh baked chocolate cookies, hot coco, fresh
popped popcorn & fresh hot coffee are some of the treats
visitors enjoy as they stroll thru Santa’s Lane. This year about
800 plus candy cane were passed out to the children & our
estimated 2K10 total visitor count was about 2,500 people
between Dec 01 thru Dec 24. You can read & see pictures about
Santa’s Lane on the Island of Kauai in Hawaii at To find us you can GOOGLE MAP
us, 4613 Onohi Lane, Kalaheo, HI.Mele Kalikimaka Kalaheo HI United States


Michael Stoffregen We have 38,000
lights and use 208 LOR channels. In 2010 we had twenty-one songs
sequenced. The songs range from traditional to modern and
feature several songs from popular Christmas movies. Ozark
Missouri United States


Blaine Fuller Valley Creek Lights
– One of North Carolinas largest single family Christmas light
displays. This year we have over 80000 lights with nearly 1/4th
of these animated using 56 channels of Light-O-Rama controllers.
Additionally we have numerous handmade displays and hundreds of
other decorations. We have over a 1/4 acre of lights and
displays. The display includes a Nativity Scene, Santa and Mrs.
Claus, 3 Mega Christmas trees, 75 mini light trees, reindeer,
snowmen, penguins, a lighted bridge, Toy Soldiers, the Dickens
Family, Santa Train, Candy Canes and much more. We have been
decorating our homes in NC for nearly 30 years. The light trees
throughout the yard were invented by us when we first started
decorating back in the 80’s. The animated creeks that join and
flow under the bridge was an idea we have thought about for a
while. This is a unique feature we implemented this year. The
large 12 foot star behind the house is now about 30 years old.
This was invented by us and is one of the favorites of our
visitors. Learn more by visiting We
also have a video up on Vimeo: Clayton
United States

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