August 2015. Decorating has begun!

Cheekwood Botanical Gardens in Nashville, Tennessee has begun decorating for Christmas 2015.  What makes it a bit unusual is when this picture was taken: August 21, 2015.  After walking around the venue it was obvious the tree wrapping had been going on for days.  PlanetChristmas is impressed!

Tree wrapping, meaning wrapping Christmas lights strings around individual branches, creates a  stunning effect but a word to the wise:  it’s VERY labor intensive and takes almost as long removing the strings as it does putting them on.  Don’t forget the weather can be nasty in January.

Don’t even think about leaving Christmas lights on the tree year-round.  The insulation on the wire is typically not made for prolonged exposure to the UV rays of the sun.  Wrapping the tree too tight can also restrict the growth and cause permanent damage.

Here’s a trick used by some pros.  Don’t wrap the branches but run the lights along the length and hold them loosely in place every foot with colored flagging tape used by surveyors and typically available from the big box home improvement stores.

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