Christmas Expo 2015 Quick Review

Christmas Expo 2015 quick Review. One word. Wow!

Even though the temperature around Fort Worth was bumping 100 degrees in the middle of July, Christmas Expo was hot for so many other reasons. The classes were great while the vendors were wheeling and dealing. Then there was the excitement of being surrounded by so many others with the same passion for decorating that made this one of the best Christmas events, at least in July, period.

Attendance seemed to be about 50% higher than 2014. It’s quite obvious more people are getting interested in serious decorating.

Classes were of the highest quality. I couldn’t help but remember our first event in 2003 when advanced classes were about how to get a computer to blink a light string. In 2015 there were sessions on how to interpret the mood and feeling of the music into just the right RGB color palette, being on ABC’s prime time Great Christmas Light Fight, projection mapping and how to use a drone to video your outdoor display. Then there were the constant classes on Light-O-Rama, Madrix, xLights, music DNA, wireframes, blow molds, etc. Back to that one word: wow!

Santa at Christmas Expo 2015
Santa at Christmas Expo 2015

The vendor hall was as eclectic as ever. As usual, Light-O-Rama was there with their megabooth showing off the latest pixel technology and how it easily fits in the Light-O-Rama ecosystem. There were also other trusted vendors included Action Lighting, Christmas Designers, Christmas Done Bright, Christmas Light Show, 3G Creations, Universal Concepts and plenty more. Then there was the raft of new vendors. The favorite appeared to be Boscoyo Studio with their clever way to mount light pixels on pre-punched plastic sheets and strips.

Santa (wearing a red cowboy hat) was there to entertain the kids on Saturday. Judy Pancoast even made an appearance to sing The House on Christmas Street for everyone.

Christmas Expo 2015 was overall, a top notch show for the Christmas decorating enthusiast.

My only complaint might be the never-ending interstate construction in the DFW area. There seems to be no shortage of concrete in Texas.

Where will it be next year? I haven’t a clue but I can’t wait to be there.

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