Trial underway for family sued over Christmas display

A Plantation, Florida woman took the stand to defend her family’s right to put up a massive Christmas display at her home.  Kathy Hyatt, the creator of the Hyatt Extreme Christmas display, answered a long list of questions in a Broward County courtroom, Wednesday, as attorneys showed her photographs of the neighborhood attraction.

When asked how tall the display’s large inflatable Santa is, Hyatt replied, “I don’t know, sir.”  When asked to describe an inflatable Mickey, she specified, ‘It’s Mickey Mouse in a Santa suit.”

The City of Plantation has sued Kathy Hyatt and her husband, Mark Hyatt, saying their Christmas display is a public nuisance.

Read the details at the website.

Watch the video of some of the courtroom proceedings here:

The Hyatts open their home the day after Thanksgiving, turning on more than 200,000 lights for anyone who wants to visit. As many as 2,000 people visit per day.

City officials claim the display brings noise, traffic and trash to the area, and they want it shut down. They have already spent $200,000 on their lawsuit, claiming the Hyatts have promoted their display.

Support the Hyatt family by going to the Hyatt Extreme Christmas website.

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