Decorating the grass… so incredibly easy and unexpected.

Your biggest canvas of creativity is the grass in your yard. If you think about it, you have the most square feet to decorate, it’s really easy to get to since you don’t need a ladder and at night, the design is invisible until you turn on the power to the lights!

There are a few common-sense rules to follow when putting strings of light on the grass. Make sure the plug at either end doesn’t end up sitting in a pool of water after a heavy rain. Use six inch galvanized gutter nails or equivalent to anchor the light strings to the ground… you’ll be amazed how you’re foot can get snagged on a string of lights and move everything around if you don’t anchor the strings. The most important thing to remember is once the lights are down, be careful when you walk through the yard! In most cases, accidentally stepping on a string will not do any damage because the light will just sink into the soft grass and dirt… but not always. Just be careful.

Look closely at the next picture and you can see the grid of light on the grass. They’re almost invisible during the day and really impossible to see at night until the lights are turned on.

Other patterns to consider are starbursts, spinning spokes of a wheel and even words like Merry Christmas.

Another option is available from LawnLights. They build a string of mini-lights with really long spacing between each light so you can put the minis all over your lawn at random. Below is a good picture but checkout the pictures on their website.

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