Great Christmas Light Fight 2014 and the PC Tattoo

“Great TV show but haven’t I seen that Apruzzi tattoo somewhere else?”

PlanetChristmas Tangled Santa
PlanetChristmas Tangled Santa Logo

The battle for the best lights is on!  ABC’s The Great Christmas Light Fight has returned for a second installment this holiday season on Monday evenings in December (2014).  The Great Christmas Light Fight first debuted on ABC in 2013 and featured 20 families competing to have the greatest Christmas display. The families were chosen through an extensive nationwide search, based on their previous elaborate Christmas light displays, incredible choreography and over-the-top designs.  For 2014, we’re seeing more passionate families and more over-the-top light displays.

Tattoo as Featured on Apruzzi Family leg on 2014 ABC Christmas Light Fight
Apruzzi Leg Tattoo

The second episode’s second segment featured the Apruzzi family.  Watch  closely as a pants leg is rolled up and there’s a Christmas themed tattoo… but it’s no ordinary tattoo.  It’s the PlanetChristmas Santa created by Jim Smith (a cousin of PlanetChristmas’s Chuck Smith).

Now that’s a serious commitment to Christmas!

Who’s been well represented in the light displays though not credited in any way?  The sharp eyed elves at PlanetChristmas saw lots of product from Christmas Done Bright (lighted wireframes) and Light-O-Rama (show animation).

Great show and great ideas.  Watch it!  Monday evenings in December.

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