How was Christmas Expo 2018?

Hot and really hot!

Didn’t make it to Christmas Expo 2018 in Dallas, Texas?  It was scorching.  No, I mean really, really hot.  Dallas was setting all-time heat records of 105-110 degrees Fahrenheit (40-43 Celsius) so the convention center compensated by setting their air conditioner on about 60 degrees (15 Celsius).  Too many times I had to step outside to warm up.

Some of the crowd started showing up Monday to attend immersion classes but Expo didn’t officially begin until Thursday morning.  There were more newbies than in the past eager to soak up information.  The event doesn’t share attendance figures but it sure seemed more crowded than in the past.

Classes were wide and varied.  My favorite had to be Luke Kamp’s ‘Designing a Dazzling Display.’  He’s an architect and showed basic design principles as they applied to Christmas displays.  Seems many of us have been doing it right all these years without any formal training but after Luke’s class I’m ready to take it to the next level.

The vendor hall had some new entries.  The Decor Group was there with an over-the-top booth showing off commercial decorations.  Universal Concepts had a portable light tunnel.  Christmas Light Emporium was showing the latest in lighting.  I’d go through every vendor but there’s not enough time.  There was one vendor missing:  I hope they’ll return for future events.

Then there were the late night talkathons in the hotel lobby.  My room was just down the hall and my middle-of-the-night bio-breaks were usually met with lots of loud talking at least until about 2:00am.  Things were always quiet by 4:00am.  I’m yawning just thinking about all that activity.

Was this the best Christmas Expo ever?  You bet… though now that I think about it I say it about every Christmas Expo.  Should you plan to attend the next one?  YES!  Mark your calendar for the third week in July 2019.

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