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  2. This is great!!!! Thanks for letting everyone know Donna!
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  4. Went to the Blow-molded site and found a full redesign and updated items! You can look up blow molds in different ways. There are even catalogs to download and browse. Some of the blow molds now have a front and back view. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this wonderful update! 💟
  5. I didn't know exactly what you were talking about until Chuck posted about the lights being controlled by a smartphone. I used a version of these made by GE under the eves across the main window in the front of my house. Here is a YouTube video of the lights in action by someone else (not me) https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=ZKNGKRz_QDU Their set came with a controller in the box but the ones I got used didn't. Mine use a smart phone and you can download the control program app on the internet. I don't think my set originally had a hand-held controller. They were just in a b
  6. Twinkly lights are pretty cool, especially when controlling them from your smartphone. Twinkly's are addressable yet still look like typical LED Christmas lights. The only downside might be they use a proprietary communications protocol meaning you can't mix and match them with typical RGB smart pixels.
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  8. I have tracked them down. The color is called "Phosphor Purple" and are a GaN (blue) diode with some red phosphor. I am looking at doing a group buy. See my post in 'Announcements'.
  9. Those of you who repair your own LED strings-- I have finally tracked down a source for 3mm flangeless style "Phosphor Purple" LEDs-- as is used in holiday light strings. These are NOT the 395nm UV purples ones. These are actually GaN (blue) LEDs with some red phosphor. They are close to, but not quite, the same color as the pink ones, but these are a little more blueish. The color matches the purple Christmas and Halloween LED strings from Walmart, Target, Home Depot, etc. This is direct from the Mfr so there is a minimum quantity, and shipping is way more than the LEDs themselves. I'm
  10. I realize this post was made over a year but I haven't used twinkly lights yet. I'm planning on getting enough for my roof line and the Music Dongle to sync up the lights to my light show.
  11. I got a email today. Looks like Christmas lights emporium has a good sale below are a few snapshots.
  12. It's sad that Facebook has become the "go to" place. Yes, it's convienient, but unfortunetely, it's meant mostly for point in time discussion for the here and now, and not really very functional to go back and research old topics. The search engine and organization ability of the platform for old content truly sucks. Forums such as this are wonderful tools for looking back on what was, but now they are mostly frozen in time. What's happening on Facebook now is almost impossible to go back and find even a couple days later. If you decide to shut the forums down, I hope you'll at le
  13. To add to the post, this is held in Olympia, WA
  14. The Pacific NW CLAP Leadership is excited to announce our annual CLAP meeting. The date is set for Saturday May 1st, with our Set Up party and Pizza Meet and Greet on Friday April 30th. We wanted to make the announcement as early as possible for planning purposes. We understand there may still be some uncertainty with gatherings, but the logistics are at least worked out with our venue, and we are expecting to hold this meeting. It will be held in compliance with the guidance set forth at that time. There will be some changes overall, to the execution of the meeting, with details and updates a
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  16. PC was one of my first must stop by spots in the early years of my lighting hobby. I am also saddened that the forum activity has decreased over the years because it seems that the lighting community is growing at such a high rate these days that I feel there is still a need. How many times a day do you see the same “Hi, I new to this, how do Ibget started?” Posts in the different Facebook groups? The page I visited most here was the vendors page so I could explore who was selling what. With explosion of pixels of the last few years, I feel there are many more to be added. I wonder if PC coul
  17. Quick answer, it all depends on the look you want.
  18. I been on planet Christmas since the beginning and one of the original members I would love to keep planet Christmas on here I hope you just keep improving it with help with membrrs
  19. the newer ver of super star 4.46 and above has a auto face now built in it works great
  20. Sorry I sent the last post before I finish my thoughts. There wire frames are all made in TN and powered coated either white or black At there shop. I think there very well built. This place is more geared for city, town, large public displays. A town near me has a bunch of there wireframes for Christmas display and they have held up for at least 10yrs+. I will look on my old cell and see if I have a picture of that Santa set.
  21. I have been to there showroom in TN it’s near Smokey MT pigeon forge TN. They had this in a large outdoor display. It’s very large. I almost bought a keep Christ in Christmas sign that looked cool but most of there items are custom built and lead time on getting it was a few weeks. I don’t think they have sales since everything is built to order. Attached are pictures from the catalog I got. You can always call them the guy at showroom was very helpful.
  22. I'm looking to buy a large wire frame of Santa and his reindeer. I've found this one at Christmas Done Bright. It looks really nice but it will break my budget for several years! http://www.christmasdonebright.com/lighted-displays/larger-decorations/LARGE-SANTA-SLEIGH-WITH-9-DEER-LED Has anyone ever seen this one? Is it nice? Other suggestions on where to look? Also, does Christmas Done Bright ever have sales?
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  24. Thank you for the kind words! I found all of the images for my characters online. I usually do a search for a certain character and I'll add "coloring page" to the character's name... for example "Moana coloring page". I like using coloring pages because the lines are very clearly drawn (for coloring purposes). Once I've found all my characters for a scene, I'll either print them onto transparencies to use with my overhead projector, or I'll just use my daughter's projector and project the image onto the Coroplast the size I want it to be. After that, it's a simple matter of tracing the i
  25. Oooh. Great work on these! A popular theme for sure.
  26. Did you find a pattern for these somewhere? Or were you able to sketch or trace these designs out on your own? They're all done so nicely!
  27. Love the series this year, and especially the guy from Jenks, Ok., just about 30 minutes from me.
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