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  2. As the title suggest has anyone ever seen or owned a faded nativity. When I say this I mean the Empire and GF classic version from the 80s to the mid 2000's. I've seen Poloron , Grand Venture, Beco and other sets faded beyond recognition and I've seen faded Santa's and Snowmen but never have I seen a faded Marry or Joseph or even Jesus himself. Maybe im being a bit ignorant but during my years of collecting I've never come across or seen a set like that.
  3. That's pretty cool! Sometime soon during the summer months ill drive down and help my grandparents repair the set. Would you happen to have a picture of the page or something you could post as im kind of interested to see what it would of looked like. My great grandmother used to work at JC Penney's in the 1960's and early 70s and sometime in that period is when the set was purchased.
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  6. Not sure if its been said yet, I have found that if you light up the mold when you paint it you can do a much better job. You should try to spray as much as possible, it usually looks like crap if you use a brush.
  7. Can’t wait. As long as all goes well over seas there should be no hiccups It’s possible. Knowing the companies are closed, they still may hold copyrights. I will say though I am looking into it and have reached out to the powers they may be :)
  8. They look real nice. What about redoing some of the old molds?
  9. Can you figure the shipping both snowmen cost to 34202 Florida?  I’m interested!!

  10. Great! My fiancée and I are planning on having them as part of the decorations for our wedding reception in December. We are very excited. - Dylan
  11. Hoping soon. I’ve ironed out the details on box size
  12. Any update on when you are allowing pre-orders? Been following on Facebook.
  13. I just took inventory. I have 53 of these candle decorations that I am letting go at $10.00 each! I am discounting them because the blow mold candles are all damaged. First come first serve.
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  15. Thank you both! Like us on Facebook
  16. She is so adorable! Love everything about it!
  17. Here is the snow lady
  18. You can check out this post from 2018. The paint used was Krylon available at True Value Hardware stores.
  19. I have a Nativity Scene with lots of detail on the camel and the wise men. How would you suggest I repaint these and with what kind of paint? I am not sure if I want to spray paint the fine detail of them Please help
  20. Pushing out a local Mini reminder, in the PacNW, Our local CLAP gathering is open to all attendees, near and far. Our event is about 1 month away on Saturday May 1st. All relevant information is being sent via email and posted to our website. Request via PM to our private database, or look to our website for RSVP information. https://www.nwclap.com/
  21. Mine came!!! I am working on figuring out how to run wire though the egg and if I want to lite the egg??? The drain hole is in top of egg. Which is little odd.
  22. I need to move these out. I have way to many of them and I want them gone. So I am offering a deal to anyone who wants to buy a bunch of them. I am thinking I have around 75 to 100 of them (condition varies by each decoration). The only thing is they must be picked up in ASAP. Make a offer - lets make a deal!
  23. I do not see these often on eBay, but this might be one of the better examples I've seen after looking after a few years: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Rare-Vintage-1950s-Mid-Century-Mold-Craft-Heller-Reindeer-Santa-Blow-Mold-/284228137645?nma=true&si=%2FEGJz2gOMpp9CMDKqOAeQZ4HDh4%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  24. For anyone out there who has a Party City close by, they are currently selling this bunny which I've seen people put a light into: https://www.partycity.com/easter-bunny-fence-topper-910061.html?cgid=easter-outdoor-decorations&fromplp=true I decided to take the plunge on it, its decent but maybe I should have tried a better light (using a LED C7 filament bulb in it). You can see it on the left peeking out of the bush.
  25. I used teddy bears and penguins in my display. In LOR 4 I could import a JPG file into visualizer to create a teddy bear prop. In LOR 5 I would like to do the same but create a penguin prop. I cannot find the import option in the Preview program to do this. Has anyone created custom props using a JPG file?
  26. Hmm possibly down the road.
  27. Great—-good idea. Kids, too?
  28. Soon. I hit a snag. A snag as in I’m designing a lady to go with him.
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