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  2. Just visited the Christmas Lights Emporium site this morning after reading your post. They have some appealing smooth fade lights on sale. I have way too many LED lights already so I will resist the temptation. Yes, there are some items shown on the opening page that are out-of-stock but that shouldn't be surprising since we have just passed the Christmas season. Their peak sale season probably starts in September and peaks in late November so a smart retailer would not restock until late summer when it is not sitting around costing them money with little chance of being sold.
  3. So I just ck’d out the Christmas Lights Emporium and every item they sell is listed as ‘sold out’. Are they out of business?
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  5. I downloaded the D-Light HU EXE but need the installer file as well. Can anyone help me out? Thanks
  6. Another reason i don’t do flashing lights (first two reasons are time and I’m cheap) is that I actually like to look at the lights. Some of the new stuff is getting ridiculous. Looks more like a TV outside vs a light show.
  7. I just checked my old LOR software license, and it seems that I can pay a discounted renewal price to upgrade from my original S3 software to the newest S5 version. Then, I guess I would need to add the SuperStar Add-On, and of course buy the lights. I'll head over to the LOR forum and continue my research.
  8. Well i use lor and have been since 2005 you cannot beat there tech support they have a help desk on line to answer your questions and i use super star as an add on to lor and Brian is the owner always aviable to help he reads the forums and always answer all replies go to the lor forums and ask questions all kinds of help there also i use lor because of the ease of plug and play a little more cost but saves time the big thing also are you capable of building your own controllers do you have the knowledge to sequencing what type of controllers ect there is a lot of questions you have to
  9. This was also the big confusion for me... not understanding the intricacies of the controllers, I am still researching what makes sense for me. But, Falcon seems to be the standard for most people. Another big factor for me is support... What kind of technical support do you get from the companies?
  10. why falcon? Not that they aren't good controllers. Holiday coro strong point for me is they're more expandable and flexible for daisy chaining. So for a small contained display probably doesn't matter much, but anything beyond that I would lean holidaycoro. What are your thoughts?
  11. I got a little cocky and put way too much on a long run of SPT wire. Needless to say I over powered the wire and had to make two separate runs to complete it. My question is can I pull off the female plugs and reuse them? Figure the wire is probably no good but I have 17 plugs id hate to trash.
  12. I like the idea. Someone like me will never have the time or patience to make a light show. We have a house here that does it to music but feel they flash just a bit to much. Almost needs a seizure warning.
  13. if i was to do it over again i would go with xlights and falcon controllers the new ones or light o rama and S5 now is the time to start either one search those 2 out on you tube
  14. Steve if you want to learn from the best go to light o rama forums and search for JR IN the sequence section he is going to be putting on a class on how to do singing faces the rest that you are looking are a waste of time get in contact with him no one better
  15. It's a lot easier than you think, but it's definitely more complicated than just turning lights on/off and dimming. The bigger challenge is distance from controller to first light. 20ft without an amplifier is typically what I've seen as the max depending on voltage and wiring. Most of the software now comes with pre-built patterns. So you're not having to sequences each node (pixel with 3 channels for red, blue, and green) separately. You tell the software the universes/channel ranges and the number of nodes on the string. Then you drag/drop the pattern you want on top. With multiple st
  16. depends on what your trying to do
  17. I just wanted to see which type of RGB type of lights everyone prefers and for what reason. I know ws2811 seems to be one of the most common, and I have used these plenty of times in the past. I have also heard that 4 wire lights can have better response times, but those such as ws2801 can't send a signal very far. What do you prefer? I apologize if this topic has been brought up before, and if so, please direct me to that thread.
  18. Found these today in the bins at the local Goodwill surplus store. They were dusty and the bases were separated from the blow molds but they were there. Needed small repairs to the bases and a good cleaning. Lights included but will switch them to 12VDC LED lights for next year. Price was about $2 each. 38" Empire snowman candle 1320 mold date 1971 38" Empire Santa candle 1325-1322 no date on the mold Kudos to blowmolded.com for making it so easy to identify these blow molds!
  19. Vixen has a Text Converter that seems to work decently...
  20. Thanks for the tips. I was checking out the HolidayCoro website. I do like some of the all-in-one kits that they have available. I have some experience with the original LOR controllers and software, so I won't be completely in the dark. But the whole pixel thing seems a bit intimidating with all of the options.
  21. neither trying to go through audacity then papaguyo. looking for an easier way lol
  22. Hi all - I am so new to the DIY Christmas decoration. I have some wireframe that I need to replace the incandescent lights with LED. I bought some RGB waterproof tape light on Amazon and zip tie to my frame, and it works great. However both the built in chase controller and 12V power adapter are not waterproof. Can you tell me how to waterproof or change the non-waterproof power adapter to waterproof adapter? Thanks in advance
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  24. Yes besides the lights, you need a controller, software, a way to hold the lights, extension cords. That said, there's a big range of controllers and software depending upon what you want to do. You can go get simple controllers like wLED which has it's own software - but you'll be pretty limited in what you can do. You can go with more formal controllers which some have their own software or you can use something like Vixen3 or xLights for software. I've done a DIY solder board when I got started 10 years ago for dumb strings which worked well and was pretty inexpensive. But I've been us
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