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  3. Glad to see your going to keep the forums alive for the rest of the year. I've never been much of a forum poster but I do read a lot of the postings, though somewhat infrequently. Most of the time around Christmas. Probably for the same reasons I don't do facebook. My philosophy is to make a phone call and carry on a conversation with friends / acquaintances. I've used websites / forums like yours to learn about things. One thing I do know is that I miss the Planet Christmas magazine. I never thought to say Thank You. But I will say it now. Thank You. Even though you've discontinued
  4. When will it be 70-80 degrees?
  5. Yesterday
  6. Ours should be ready to light Sunday night.
  7. I found brown SPT-1 wire at my local hardware store for 18 cents a foot. Can't really beat that.
  8. Why is it now, some of those songs are in my head. I'm sitting here humming that Paul McCartney song to myself...
  9. Seem hard to find, rarely turn up on Facebook Marketplace, never on Mercari, rarely on eBay, and not often on local Craigslists. Expected to find at Garage Sales, but none turned up this summer. Limited search results online for Markee Christmas, or wireframe silhouettes. Any places I'm missing?
  10. Last week
  11. Doesn’t look like you have any SPT wire? I wanted to try and make some cords this year.
  12. Hey @hotrod1965 are you still selling the Minleon C7 and C9 bulbs?
  13. I have my clear Icicle lights up on eves and gutters which I did after taking these pics. So the clear icicle lights are up, 2D sculptures on the side of the house and garage.... Next weekend will be icicle lights and snowflakes on my shed and icicle lights on my 2nd floor.
  14. These are leds, which seem to keep their color. The funny thing is that for years as I’ve climbed the top 15 feet of this sycamore tree to wrap the limbs I’ve sworn every year I was going to lose weight. Since the surgery I’ve dropped 18 pounds and kept it off, but now I’m in no condition to climb the limbs! We’ll see if I can keep it off till next year.
  15. Be careful on those ladders! I left Xmas lights on a tall oak tree years ago for one year and the colored ones turned clear due to the elements. I rented one of those bucket devices to install the lights. Hope to see some pics.
  16. Luckily I left about 28000 lights in my three big trees last year, and most of those still work. I’ve had to replace a few strings, and the top 10 feet of my tallest tree isn’t working, but 28 feet is as far as I can reach this year on my tallest ladder (full knee replacement in late June, so I’m not climbing limbs this year). I’ve already wrapped all of the redbud trees and crape myrtles I can reach off an eight foot step ladder. Next week I start icicle lights and C-9s along the roof line.
  17. There are a few way to do I know the way I do it’s not cheapest. I use light o Roma setup and have MP3 director to outdoor sensor.
  18. I have a song you can use! It’s called The Good Times Goose Bumps Motel. Send me an email at [email protected] and I’ll send you an mp3
  19. Prep starts this weekend, installation scheduled to start Oct. 31.
  20. Marilyn Caron, known as nanac1 on PC, passed away on July 28, 2020. I know that many of you knew her and of her passion for Christmas That passion remained with her up until the time of her death. Although after becoming blind in 2012 and incapable of doing the display herself, she always pushed me to get it done. I did the best I could, but it was never the same after she became unable to do it herself. She still did the inside display with my help, but she was not able to work but for about 15 minutes at a time without having to sit and take a rest. I am going to do a display this year in h
  21. With a mix of traditional, LED and RGB, I made the upgrade to S5 this summer. It went well and I am looking forward to seeing the software in action outside on my shows soon. I have begun installing lights on the house that I will use for Halloween night only. I don't put on a longer Halloween display. Just RGB bulbs as a fire effect in S5 for a few hours during trick or treat. Which we are having in our town. All four of the Tomshine 80watt moving heads are functioning great in DMX mode and are very bright. Extremely happy with them. ok talk to everyone soon! BANG! Here we go!
  22. At my church we have started to talk about what we want to do this year for our outdoor Christmas decorations. Something we want to do is have motion sensor Christmas music at different locations. Has anyone done this before and could you help point us in the right direction as to how to do this? Thanks.
  23. The clip came and they worked great!!
  24. I am glad to hear you are doing good!! Over years most of people I meet on Craigslist to buy blow molds were same way:)
  25. I used Coro-plastic board with good luck. It used mainly for outdoor home sale sign and things. Home Depot sales white at a good price. The black in pictures I got at a sign store 15 years ago and it held up at old house for 10 years. At my new house I can’t have them to do HOA rules:( The few tricks are have plywood under you Coro-plastic board to get clean holes. Run a test set up to make sure the holes are snug for the lights your using.
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  27. I made this for an indoor project but would like to do something similar for outdoors but need it to hold up to the weather. Ideas on how to make something like this and plug lights in it without hot gluing each light?
  28. Hi all, not fully retired..yet lol.. healthy as can be. I will be a lurking on here from time to time lol. I always will stay in contact Thanks J
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