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  2. Those are gonna be really cool, you did a really good job on that! This makes me want to abduct my Sister-In-Law's Yard gnomes at night and return them (before she wakes up) all zombie-fied.
  3. Went shopping for some foam heads for Halloween. The store didn't have any foam heads but they did have a mannequin for $30. Once I got it home I was super bummed to realize that it's not made to stand up, it only kneels or sits. But then I realized that it might make for a good Santa Claus.... just needs a little fattening up. And I'll also have to build Santaquin a sleigh to sit in. I hope people will find it fun and whimsical instead of creepy. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to find an affordable Santa mask that isn't terrifying. Glad I found this one for $15. Not sure yet h
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  5. Hi Donna, Yes they do light up.
  6. Hi Mel, I must admit this blow mold looks better as a Halloween item than Christmas. The face is just too freaky for me, although the paint job by Gen Foam does soften the face so it doesn't look so sinister..lol. Do the Halloween painted gnomes light up? Donna
  7. Found these on Amazon tonight, seems like a good price and wanted to share! https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B08DHS7C8P/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glt_fabc_DWAKE5MC14TXXGPNTZ04
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  9. Nice to see some more licensed characters like Frosty, just wish he and the Grinch were a little bit bigger Wish there was an appetite for a Scrooge McDuck but I can see Lowes passing on it and going for characters they know will move
  10. I like the page with the new blow molds, now we need to see what Home Depot, Fred Meyers and Walmart are going to have. Personally some of my favorite blow molds the last couple of years are the Fred Meyers Halloween ones, they remind me somewhat of why my favorite blow mold manufacturer for several years was TPI.
  11. A Halloween piece that we won't see many of, the General Foam Christmas Gnome repainted by Sidestreet Gallery in Portland, OR a few years ago. I was going to try setting up a Snow White and the 7 dwarfs Halloween display with them a few years ago but did not get around to doing it. The General Foam Christmas Gnome was an exclusive for Sidestreet Gallery in 2012 and those were the only ones ever made by GenFoam, a one year production. They were made from the Empire Christmas Gnome mold. I usually don't go for blow mold repaints but could not resist these due to my love for the Halloween blo
  12. I did hear how they had the big sales in Tarboro. One of the managers said they had to quit cause way back when someone drove up. Loaded up a trailer. Then took back to their business and was reselling. Even cheaper then then the box stores. Walmart threatened if they didn’t quit then they’d quit buying. I was told it was a family Owned business as well. Once they became profitable again they wanted out. However did not know they lived across the pond. Interesting.
  13. I was told a few years before they closed that General Foam was a family owned business and that they lived in the UK and really had no interest in the business anymore and were wanting to sell it. I don't know if that was true or not as I did not follow up on it. Possibly that had a lot to do with the condition of the place.
  14. I did not go to NC plant. I wish I had gone years before when one of my college friend moved near their. He went there and brought me a Christmas tree and set of Noel candle. The plant was open to locals only on Saturday mornings in fall cash and carry. The Norfolk plant was also in really bad shape. They had lots of issues leaking roof...Some of equipment was leaking hydraulic oil. It was clear to me that management did not want to make needed repairs. But on bright side they sold the water damaged blow mold boxes a few dollars cheaper.
  15. Hi all Not sure if everyone saw on Facebook, but the new Christmas molds for Lowe’s had popped up on their site. To keep track, Nick even started a page on Blow-Molded designated to new molds for this year. Here’s the link take a look and well, start saving. https://blow-molded.com/new-releases
  16. Not sure if you ever visited the plant during closing. My wife and I went to the auction and toured the factory and let’s just say that place was a mess. Round the corner to Walk into another building and you’d see standing water puddles all over from where the roof leaked. It was crazy.
  17. Old post I’m sorry, but these are actually the old Grand Venture molds. Cado was producing these before GF closed.
  18. Guess that would help huh lol www.richardsholidayshop.com If you want multiples order through snowman assortment
  19. Just wanted to update that the ordering is now Open!!!
  20. Thank you Zman, will ck it out! My wife and I drove through Celebration not that long ago.
  21. Scott, there is a meeting in central Florida the same weekend as ours in Celebration, FL Look around the Facebook pages, not sure they would post anything here on PC.
  22. Wish there was a similar show on this side of the country. We live near central Florida. Any attendees willing to take and post pictures for the rest of us? Thnx, Scott.
  23. The Pacific NW CLAP "Mini" is open to all who are interested. The date is Sat May 1st. Set up and Pizza Meet/Greet is on Friday the 30th. We will be closing registration for this event at noon on Monday April 26th. All details and RSVP are on our website: https://www.nwclap.com/
  24. I was browsing on Facebook marketplace a few weeks ago looking at various yard sale when I came across an add and if you looked closely you could make out the heads of a Joseph and Shepard within a pile of kids toys. After messaging the woman I figured out that she still had it and she was selling the whole set for only $10 despite being in a wealthy part of town. Later she mentioned that she would include the stable with it all. I figured this was a steal because that would me that each figure was $2 and I got the stable for free. She was even nice enough to reserve it at her yard sale until
  25. Hi Everyone, here is my latest post on my facebook called Let's Save Vintage Blow Molds. I bought a new mold (sorry not Christmas) the Bayshore/ General Foam Haunted House. Mainly because it will be easier to produce ... one color plastic and one color paint mask. UPDATE for 2021 Hello Fellow Members, First I hope everyone is safe and well. Here is my first update of 2021. I wanted to let you all know that recently I have been talking to a blow mold manufacturer. This is as close as I have gotten toward getting a blow mold made from an original vintage metal mold. I have been
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