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The good old days

The PlanetChristmas forums have been around for 20+ years meaning there's a lot of great information even though some of it might be a bit dated.  It's all still searchable but we've moved it down here and out of the way.


Got something you want to annouce to the world?

Want some real movement in your display? Motors can be be an answer. SHare your thoughts here.


New to the PlanetChristmas community? Feel like you're over your head? Use this forum to talk with others that can get you grounded.

What's your favorite Christmas music?

Ready to start flashing those lights just the way you want? Here's a generic place to talk about how to do it.

Into pixel programming? xLight/Nutcracker is designed by decorating enthusiasts for decorating enthusiasts. Br careful, though. Pixel decorating can get complicated in a hurry but can be worth the effort.

Here's the place to talk about your faith and how to show it in Christmas displays.

Don't know which phase your amp is in? How come my electric meter is spinning like a top? What's that burning smell? If you have an electrical question, this is the place to ask. This forum is for advice only. Consult a licensed electrician no matter what you do!.

Storing your display items during the off season is a real challenge. Share your ideas here!

You have a lot of time, effort and money invested in your over-the-top Christmas display. Here's a place to discuss the best methods for keepit it and your viewers out of trouble.

For it is written we shall gain five pounds during the holidays... and love every bit of it! Share your favorite recipes here.


Want to talk about something that doesn't quite fit any of our other categories? Remember to keep things positive and family-friendly.

Lights, sound and props need to be controlled in a Halloween display just like in a Christmas display. We think of Halloween as a warmup for the really big show in December.

Ever heard the line "Been there. Done that." ? Learn from the people that have already made the mistakes. Follow the best practices and save yourself some grief.

Having a bad day? Down in the dumps? Need a little motivation? We've all been there. Here's the place to deposit those pearls of wisdom that can help others.

Big display? Irritated neighbors? Share your good neighbor ideas here!

Confused by our chatroom? Don't feel alone. Post a question here and check back later.

Got some time sensitive info you want to share with others? This is the place. Post those special sales or anything else appropriate. When the sale expires, please PM 'moderator' and ask for your thread to be deleted.

The Forums of PlanetChristmas have about a bazillion features to take advantage of while visiting. Found a good one others need to know about.? Share it here!

It's easy to lose perspective in this chaotic world. Here's a place to ground yourself.

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