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Announcing the 1st Place Winners...

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yup- we won our neighborhood light contest this year! $100 to Lowes, which, I proudly used on the 50% off sale! ;) This year will be my last year for all static- switching over to LOR next year with some BIG plans and tricks up my sleeve. Hope you guys enjoy them!!! I haven't counted how many lights I have- but- will hook up my clamp-on multimeter in the next couple days and do some math to figure it out. It's not too many tho- but I like to keep a cleaner look with less lights- it's much classier to me- but that's just my preference and the way my family has always done it!

Please let me know what you think. BTW- I will re-take some of the pics tomorrow night- I had the wrong light setting on my camera, so they're a little bit grainy...


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I entered the local contest and didn't even place....Surprised. i went and checked out the competition and was like hmmmmm this guy has less lights than me with no animation.... Oh well.

Judges are Judges I guess....

Merry Christmas.


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