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Well, I plan to have some of my display syncronized to music next year. I will need to buy around 5 medium trees, build some more arches, cover the roof with a large message, buy some blowmold toy soldiers to line the driveway and much more. I will also need to buy an FM transmitter and LOR. I plan on buying a christmas tree to be used in the garage where the neighborhood could decorate it. It would be the neighborhood tree. I have lots of plans.

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I've broken it down already...

The most costly aspects of 2007:

LOR is being added (big step for me... I've been the "static guy' for a long time). I alsoneed an electric upgrade and hardwired plugs for the roof (see below) and two large trees in the yard.

The most time consuming aspect of 2007:

I want to run a multi string from roof to ground every 6" across the front of the house (22 feet tall). These will be my first animated lights. I still prefer static but I think incorporating some LOR into it would be cool too. I don't want to animate everything, just those strings... and only to one song ("Silent Night", personal favorite)- mostly dimming effects. I don't want something that gets to flashy or goes longer than 1 song, simply because we get enough traffic stopped with no animation. Silent Night would run every 15 minutes or so, through FM Transmitter.

The things I'm looking forward to most for 2007:

After two years I'm finally getting a custom net made for the roof (white lights- to replicate snow in Texas!). Each side of the roof is 44 feet by 25 feet so that's A LOT of net (also doing the street facing side of the garage roof). This is something I've been working with off and on for years so it'll look preety cool when it's done. I'm alsobuilding a large (about 20 feet long and 10 foot high) wooden/lighted/wireform type of piece for the side of our house (those who've seen the pics before will know what I mean). This will be a lot of fun and no one will have anything like it. Also we're finally retiring our "candy cane lane", which has been around three homes in one form or another. This house was great for it, as the front walk is 30' long and lined with candy cane pieces. 2007 will see a new addition down the walk; five 8' tall arches with greenery for the day display, which are lit up at night. Also looking for a piece for my garage that I saw a while back; pretty easy to do but I gotta track it down.

So I guess it's safe to say that I'm in planning mode for 2007. Money will be easier for 2007, as I've decided not to attend PLUS... just can't justify the money (not the actual cost of the event, that's not the issue. It's the cost of getting there, renting a car, hotel, etc.). But 2009 is my PLUS year for sure!

Merry Christmas!


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