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Authentic Icicle Lights - Old School Style

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So I come home from hitting all the after Christmas sales and I see this. Hey I don't remember putting up icicle lights this year! :laughing:

I allowed some icicles to form around the lights and it was a warm day today so it melted and broke from the roof and decided to take my C9's with it. I should of known better because this same thing happened to me last year. This year I did clear some icicles a few weeks ago but more formed and I did not stay on top of it. I use the built in clip on the C9 socket and it broke off about 75% of them :(. Busted up a few bulbs and was a mess. I got it back up but I had to be creative by tucking the wire into the eves. Now that section is not nice and straight like the rest of the house but it will hold me over until Dec 31st.

Next year I have to make sure I watch that!

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