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LED M6 or C6 50ct 17' OR Mini 100ct 20' ??

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I need to decide on the lights for my Mega tree

I have mini's: 36 red & 36 green (plus spares), I want to add white

I can buy white LED's for the tree

then buy LED's for the mini trees & (6) trees


I can use these mini's elsewhere on mini trees

and buy all LED for the Mega tree

I'd actually like 70 ct LED 20' long.....

But the sale is for 50ct 17' long

and we aren't allowed to whine :]

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Well, I asked Paul real nice like if he could get the 24' 70 count 4" strands. (Groveling doesn't hurt.)

And I have 96 strands on order for my Mega Tree. Pricing was on par.

But you had to order exactly 24 count quantities. 24-48-etc.


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