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FM Transmitters For Sale

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Just wanted to post some more positive feedback for Marty and his magic soldering iron.Anyone needing a FM transmitter should drop Mr Slack an E-mail. I got my Ramsey FM25b today and it works great. I'm going to use it at work to broadcast tunes from my Ipod and for my display. Now I just need to find some "empty" airspace. Thanks again Marty:]

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As of 2 months ago, he had stopped selling. He may have begun again. PM him. If he's not selling them anymore, I have a guy (that Marty recommended to me) that is awesome! I have bought 5 25B's from him and a better price than Hobby Lobby and he's quick! PM and I can give you his contact info.

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It took me a while to see this thread. Sorry about that.

I've overcome the slight hick-up I had with the FCC but I'm still not building transmitters yet. The workload at my grownup job is taking up all of my time. It almost kept me from getting my display ready, but I made it work (but it is slightly smaller that past years.)

For anyone interested in a Ramsey transmitter I would highly recommend contacting the person Brian McNamara was talking about. He does top notch work. His name is John Friese. PM Brian or me and we can give you his contact information.

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