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hows this year planning going ??

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just little note to let everyone no, that my light display will be back this year.

its going to a long year as i have to board out the loft so i can have some place to put my display , bring power to the front of house to supply all my dasher and l.o.r and all cat cables as well arrrr.

as it goes for my connection boxes i will have to freestand them this year and i found a new way of leaving a rj45 connection outside all year long.

i let you no how it getting on duruing the year.

les m

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Hi Les

Welcome back. Glad to hear you are doing a display again this year.

I am only adding a few bits this year but looking into LOR for next year.

We will bevisiting Darren in Cirencester soon to pick his brains and look at his 110 V electric set up.


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Hi Linda,

If you get the time also, feel free to pop on over to mine (I'm about 40 mins from Darren) be great to meet another member on the board. P/C is SN12 6DH just incase you want too.

All the best,


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