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Rope light or mini's for wireframes

Bill V

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I have over one hundred homemade wireframes 88 of which are leaping deer. All of the frames use ether blue c6 leds or clear mini's for illumination. Heres my question-

I plan to add a stream that will feed a pond in the forefront of the display this year. The stream will be about 100 feet long with 16 channels and 7000 blue C6 LED's and 1000 white along the edges. I am in the process of fabricating jumping fish wireframes, 24 that range from a head poking out of the water to a tail entering the water to a full size fish which is about 32 inches long controlled by 16 more channels.

What should I use to lite the fish frames? Mini's or ropelight? I'm leaning toward ropelight but my dilema is color....Anyone have thoughts on color?

Keep in mind that the stream and pond will be flowing through a yard that is covered in a mostly static blanket of green mini's and red c9's 35,000.

Thanks for your imput!


Weld it....Light it.....Still trying to make it dance!

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Bill, the size of the fish may actually determine what to use.

Rope lights can be difficult to use on sharp turns and may take quite a bit of cutting and splicing. Mini lights come in various lengths. When one mini burns out, you just replace the bulb. When a section of rope light goes out, you have to replace the whole thing. I don't know how your power situation is, but minis draw a whole lot less than rope. You may want to take that into account in your decision.

Colors...Well, it's Christmas so how about red and green? You could have the head and tail green and when the fish is out of the water be red. Or a whole rainbow of fish colors. The sky's the limit.

Whatever you use, it sounds like a really cool idea.

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