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Buzz Box Light Testers

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Hello everyone, I'm new to these forums but not to the art of public displays. As far as the expensive light string testers goes it was a mystery to me for years until just recently. Probably one of the best kept secrets on the web. But I finally figured it out!!!:) Aftersearching on the web, news groups and IRC I took an educated guess and with the help of some equipment related to the industry I'm in I've made my own light string tester. It is a current limited, high voltage supply!! ;):D I've built and used one made from the power supply module for a staticreduction bar. These supplies are current limited 3 MA and supply 7,000 volts. This voltage will not only fix bad shunts in your lights but will arch across bad connections and the resulting arch will have a buzzing noise. The good lights in your strand will illuminate dimly while any bad lights or connections will simply be arched across. I found with this device you can save hours repairing old strings actually making it feasible and economical to repair the old strings rather than buying new ones. After testing my lights for this seasons display, found that most stings can be troubleshot in a matter of seconds. Also as a side benefit for many of the shunts may not make a connection after a bulb failure the high voltage power supply will instantly fuse it as compared to pulsing it many, many times. One thing I've noted with the current regulation is that on a good string nothing will happen and the lights will only light dimly if there is an open that the high voltage is arching across. And so this device fools me sometimes in testing a bad light string with a bad shunt whereas the instant you turn it on it fuses the shunt and goes into current limit mode and nothing happens. After this occurs simply plug the light sting into regular power and replace the burnt out bulb.

Just so happens that I have a surplus of these current limiting high voltage power supply modules that you can use to build your own testers. That I would gladly sell to anyone that would have the knowledge to use them safely. They are all brand new and will sell for $75. AI

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Randy wrote:

I'm assuming that these are just the bare power supplies and we'd have to arrange for a power cord, case,switches, outlet to plug lights into, etc.?

Thanks, Randy

Yes thats rite, just the power supply.:]AI

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mikeliquori wrote:

Wow i would be interested in one of these. if you can explain how to place the rest of the connections. any pictures would be helpful. thanks mike

I can supply a hook up diagram. PM me. AI

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