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ndiaz wrote:

next time do a search ^up there.

I know I hate it when someone post ‘SEARCH’ but it is VERY true. A LOT of this is easy to find with just a few basic key words. Here are a few I popped up on a search, I am going to try 2 of them and I all ready think I know the winner. I am doing the Spray-paint and also the back lit.

http://planetchristmas.mywowbb.com/view_topic.php?id=9904&forum << MY FAV



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nettnut wrote:

I need some ideas and pictures of radio station signs to put in the yard. Can anyone shed some "


" on this?



i will try and get you a picture but this is what i did. I went to a sign shop and had them make me (2) 18 x 24in coro signs with a green border. Then i went home and made a frame out of 2x4's. From here you can go 2 ways you can either groove out the inside of the sign with a table saw so the signs slide in and look nice or just screw it to the outside of the frame. Then before putting the 2nd side on I stapled a set of C9 lights inside to light it up. I used little green sign stakes to hold it into the ground. I kept it simple the sign read "TUNE TO 107.3 FM" If they cant figure out what to do from there then theres not much u can do. by the way each letter was about 9 inches in height so it stood out real nice. Each sign cost 20 bucks so with 2x4's the whole thing was maybe 50bucks.

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