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Bulk Candy Canes or Sticks

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Hello everyone! Not sure where to place this topic but I'm looking to buy something so this seemed appropriate...

I want to get a bunch of candy canes or candy sticks to hand out at our display this year. In previous years I just bought them from Walgreens, Walmart, and other places but there has to be a better place to buy them at a bulk rate.

Any ideas/experience/info on this?

Thanks for any help you can give me.


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Guest Jeff_Womack


The way I have done this for the past several years is buy the bulk 3 inch mini canes at Sam's and I give those out every night other than Saturday night. On Saturday nights when Santa visited he gives out the full size 6 inch canes. I usually get the bulk of them at Family Dollar or wherever has them generally for $1 a dozen. One thing that this Santa has discovered is many kids today do not or cannot eat peppermint so we always have multiple flavors available on Saturday nights. Family Dollar also usually carries Blueberry and some other flavors. Usually I have 3 or 4 different types on Saturdays including BLueberry (one of the favorites) Bubble Gum flavored, and Strawberry. As far as buying onine before the season, I haven't found any good sources who can beat the local dollar stores or my local HEB (Grocery Store).

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I know this info won't help this year but we have started to buy them and store them up for the next season at large discount rates at the end of Christmas. If you will notice the ex. dates are good for at least 2 yrs and so they are just as fresh the next season. We store them in a large indoor closet where it stays nice and cool all year.

I bought several of the 3 inch large packs after Christmas at Hobby Lobby for .10 and also our local family dollar stores etc. Don't wait until Christmas to get yours at Sam's they sell out quick and don't restock. I will purchase them early as soon as I see them in the stores. We have about 3000 to start this season already.

Hope this helps

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I bought some very small candy canes from the Spangler Candy Co. on line last year. I think I got 2000 for $60.00. I found some a little larger at the Dollar GeneralStore after Christmas on sale. I can't remember what they cost, butI am pretty sure it was a better deal than Spangler. However, if you want some before Christmas, Spangler may be the way to go. Hope this helps.

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