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nails in all the wall....urgh

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hi i'm from the uk and love my xmas display, I have steadily built a display of around 10,000 bulbs and about 80 wireframes and blowmoulds. my problem is that to put my light strings on the house i use cable clips (nails) and we have stone dash walls, this means slowly over the years the putting in and out of the walls these clips have caused some major harm to the exterior decorating. This has lead to the conclusion of dad 'putting his foot down' and no more lights on the house, that is to say if i cannot create another method to hang the lights. please can someone give some input on this, CHRISTMAS MUST BE SAVED

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Can you possibly drill some small holes and then use plastic anchors and screws?

At the end of the year, you just remove the screws and leave the anchors in place for next time. You can get plastic anchors in many colors to blend in with the stone so they aren't noticable.

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i see you have a bit of a problem.There are a few ways you can hang youre ropelight figures the way you have been doing it or the way i used to do it at my mums house until i am moving my display this year my self so i got to start from scratch again.

i have about 4 8 foot by 4 foot , 2 inchmesh sheetsthat i hang them on the wall by means of zip tye bases .

the zip tye base can be fixed to youre wall by means of a plug and screw and can be left out all year long you , do have to replace them after about 3-5 years as they go brittel and snap

byconnecting zip tyes to thebase's you can keep the mesh on the wall and put youre rope light on the mesh

most of all the mesh pannels will last you years and keep youre dad happy as well.

p.s why dont you paint the front of the house to so it make youre display look great and keep dad happy too.

les m u.k

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