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Garage Door Covers

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This is a new thread I wanted to start on the garage door scenes. In Lights there was a thread started today on this topic.Thread below:


There are several manufactures mentioned in the above. Via jeffostroff of Lauderdalechristmas, I was able to contact Tim Mann of Creative Ideas tonight. See Jeffs site forthis specific example:

http://www.lauderdalechristmas.com/ Scroll down toward the bottom.

This is the the garage door cover I am interested in. Tim told me that he will be offering these again this year. He will have the double door, single door, and for those with 2 single doors, one theme across both. Additionally he is going to try real hard to get a front door mural done. He is in the process of moving and pretty busy. Tim wanted me to post to PC, that if anyone is interested in seeing his 2007 offering, he is wanting you to send him an email requesting info.

For those that do this, he will offer a special PC discount! He did not yet know what the exact pricing for 2007 and then the discount would be, but the double door scene was $199USD last year as a reference. The discount will only be on pre-orders that are taken care of OUTSIDE E-bay and with him directly. This saves him money so he is willing to pass those savings on to us. Tim will be contacting those that get to him early, within a month. He will have all his info at that time to pass to us. Around the end of Sept, the deal goes live on E-bay and the discount is off. This helps him with his seasonal ordering and more reason to give us a break in price.

If you are interested, contact Tim Mann at - [email protected] Provide your contact info and what you potentially are interested in. One bit of bad news, due to his move, he will not be able to get his regular Halloween offering out this year. So this is just a Christmas deal only. Jump on it if you are interested.

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I'm hopping he gets some new designs. I have his Halloween and Christmas door which I have used for 3 years now. It's time to switch to something new. My fingers are crossed there is something new this year.

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Guest Jeff_Womack

I am moving to a new house where I will not have a need for the two I currently have. One is this one: http://www.ioffer.com/i/New-MERRY-CHRISTMAS-Weather-Resistant-GARAGE-DOOR-COVER-12652500(just the Merry Christmas half) and the other is seen here: http://www.welovechristmaslights.com/images/2005/112705/100_0533.jpg

Each of these fits a standard 8 ft door or couldbe used together for a double wide door (like shown in the first link)

The Snow family was used one season. A few of the grommets have been pulled out. When we installed them, we found that the best way to hang them was with the big wreath magnets. The "hardware" that came with this breaks easily and I do not have it for either poster.

If anyone is interested in one or both of them, I will sell them for $35 each shipped to a US address.

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Guest Jeff_Womack

zman wrote:

OK Jeff, I gotta ask, what is a Wreath Magnet?

They are the heavy weight magnets always sold at Christmas in two packs. They are a little smaller than a hockey puck and have a plastic coating on them so you don't mark up things. They are pretty darn powerful!

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I tried on ebay to contact Tim regarding the garage door covers and had no luck:{.

Have you heard anymore regarding them:tree:I would also like to get one and living in Australia I like to allow my self extra time.

Thanks Kim:happytree:

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Kim, read the very first entry for this post. You will find Tim's email address. He will be taking early orders, all the info is there. Tim has sent a few emails to those on his list, there is yet no date or PC price available. He has been busy with a household move and will be getting with us this month.

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Thankyou, I will send another email to that address, Ihaven't yet decided on my

christmas theme this year as I too have been busy with a wedding (my daughter gets married on Saturday).

So hopefully they may be ready next month.

Thankyou so much Kim

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