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Benefits to the street

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All these messages about neighbors being inconvenienced by someone's christmas lights. Well here is a story about a neighborhood that benefits from them.

Well our street is mostly a quiet straight away road between a neighborhood feeder street and a major artery. Its 1/4 mile long. Just up the road are the intersections of Ehrlich and Pennington and Ehrlich and Hutchinson Rds. Well traffic at Ehrlich road is so bad that people on ehrlich trying to get onto Hutchinson have to wait thru 8 red light changes to get down that 1/4 mile stretch of road. You guessed it, its a natural people start cutting down Pennington to take our road to get to Hutchinson. Well 2 years ago we had some local politicians come to see our display, some of my neighbors were over and we asked about getting speed bumps. Sure enough next week letters arrived in mailboxes that speed bumps would be installed soon, we since got them and neighbors are happy, the cut thru rush our traffic has decreased 80% and the rest of them arent driving thru at 60 mph like they used to being dangerous to our kids and animals.

This last year we had more politicians come thru and this time we asked for street lights. Low and behold, we are getting street lights installed in Octoberin front of every lot on the street, we are also getting increased right of way and ditch mowings all summer as the third thing we asked for.

So make long story short, big annoying display in December has also reaped rewards that benefitted everyone on the street and neighbors from all ends walk up on weekends asking us if we can make our display even bigger and one suggested we buy radio commercials and rent a billboard around the corner on Ehrlich Rd!

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