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Christmas Shutter Wrap

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I have approximately 45 shutter wraps, made by Shutter Wrapthat are sealed in their packages in mint condition. Each packages does one set (2) shutters for your home. I have soldiers, angels, candy canes and candles. These will fit normal shutters and can be trimmed to fit. They come with the Velcro to attach them to the shutters. Great addition to your holiday decorations and easy to setup. Normally these sell for $19.99 but I'm selling them for $10. Get'em while I still got'em!

Shutters Sized 14"-15" Wide x 38"-63" Long


Let me know if you want any. Email me at [email protected]

Merry Christmas and Happy Lighting!



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My shutters are only 47" long. So how well would these fit on mine? How much of the design wouldn't show because of the length of my shutter? Does the velcro come easily off the shutter when Christmas is over, or does it stay up there permanently? Does your price include shipping? If I were to get some, could I buy 1 of each (not 1 set of each)?



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