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Looking for Green Minis with White Wire

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Well I found one place locally that has them.

Rite Aid of all places! Price is $5 a box though for 100ct. Ouch!

Hard to pay that when I bought my Red with white wire at walmart after Christmas for $1 a box.

Went to two Rite Aids and one have 9 boxes and the other one had 5 Boxes. There are a few more Rite Aids within 40 miles of my house and I think I should be able to get about 30 boxes or so between them all. Not quite as many as I would like but it will have to do.

If my Hobby Lobby finally gets theirs in, I should be set.

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I finally have my Green Lights with white wire! Woot! Well actually I am one box short.

I have been waiting for my Hobby Lobby to get theirs in. I was a little concerned though if they would have enough since I need 72 boxes of 100ct Green Lights with White wire.

The only place that had them in stock was Rite Aid but they only had a few. So guess what my mission was today? Visit as many Rite Aids as I could and get my lights.

I already visited the 3 nearest Rite Aids and Managed to get 16 boxes. I went to google maps and mapped out 10 more Rite Aids that I was going to go to.

1st Store - 9 Boxes! About what I expected

2nd Store - 11 Boxes - Getting Better

3rd Store - 10 Boxes - At this point I figured that every store must have about 10 boxes.

4th Store - 20 Boxes - The Jackpot! I am almost done! Only 6 more boxes to go and I should be able to visit only one for store and be done. I was about 1.5 hours into my search so far.

5th Store - 5 Boxes - Why only 5? I need 6 and was only one box short. Oh well, I will get it at the next one that is about 4 miles away.

6th Store - 0 Boxes - They had they boxes way up high on the shelf and looked through them and no green lights with white wire.

7th Store - 0 Boxes - They only had a few lights on the end of the aisle. They have not put out all their lights yet.

8th Store - 0 Boxes - They have ALL their Christmas stuff out except for lights. I was going to ask them but I needed to hurry and get home and besides, there where two more stores on the way home (I was doing a large loop).

9th Store - 0 Boxes - The building is the design off the Rige Aid but their sign is gone and the entire store was turned into a temporary Halloween store. It was HUGE! I could not believe how much Halloween stuff they had. Was in a hurry so was not able to look at anything.

10th Store - 0 Boxes - The building was the same design as all the other Rite Aids but this one was turned into a sport store.

That was all the stores I had time to visit. To get to any other stores I would have to head about 40 miles away.

I spent the last 1.5 hours looking for that single box I still needed and finally gave up. I am sure before the display is up I will be able to find one more strand somewhere.

A fun thing though I saw on the way home. There was a police escort coming down the two lane road on the other side with about 4 Police Cars and 10 Police Motorcycles. As they went by there were between 60-80 or so motorcycles behind them and they were all dressed up for Halloween. I saw Frankensteins, Monsters, Mummies, and lots of other really cool looking costumes. Many of them went way out.

I never thought I would have to do so much work to find green lights with white wire locally.

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Glad to see you found them !! (well, minus one, that is)

I have been looking for them for you in the tons of places I have been the last few weeks. I was shocked that there weren't any, anywhere I had gone either. I never would have dreamed, they would beso hardto find.Nor would I have expected them to be found in Rite Aid of all places.

Regarding the motorcycles: I've gone to our Harley Club's Halloween parties before and most ride their bikes, but we don't geta darn escort. Hmmmm, I need to find the suggestion box at our Club.;) .....Oh wait !!!The sheriff is one of our members. (seriously he is) ...Hmmmm, forget the suggestion box, I need to find the complaint department at the Sheriff's office instead. ;)

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