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42 LED AC Floods for Sale - $320

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I am switching over to DC based LED floods for this year and I am selling my old AC Based LED floods.

These were bought from Action Lighting last year. These can only Turn ON and OFF. They can NOT DIM. I used them with my LOR system last year, but just turned them ON and OFF.

Here they are on their site.




I have 22 Red ones and 20 Green Ones. They are priced at $5.95 each for the red ones and $9.45 Each for the Green ones.

This is 30% off the price that I paid for them and listed on the Action Lighting site. This will save you about $130 instead of buying them from action lighting yourself (and it seems they don't have them in stock right now)

I want to sell them all together so I am asking $320 for all 42 of them.

I just tested them all out and they are in working order. If you have any problems with any of them, let me know within 15 days of receiving them and I will refund you for each one that is giving you problems.

The only problems I had last year with them, is that I used them in cheap flood holders that allowed water to get in around the socket and a few blew out on me. As soon as I changed them over to a better design flood I did not have that problem. Also there were about 3 of them that allowed water to get in the flood (the other ones were fine). Many people used them last year with Zip Lock bags over the floods which added a lot of protection and there is not a heat issue since these don't put off the heat a normal flood would.

I also have used Metal Flood Holders that I will sell for $1 each if you want to buy them along with the LED floods.

Buyer will pay actual shipping. I will wrap each LED flood in bubble wrap. If any of them arrive broken, you don't have to pay for them.

PM me if you want them.

Flood Video at




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