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Christmas is here Planet Christmas!

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THE moment is here! The moment ALL of planetChristmas has been waiting for! CHRISTMAS IS HERE! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL! PlanetChristmas' moment has come, wehave waited for a long time for this moment, CHRISTMASTIME IS HERE!


--Daniel L

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Merry Christmas morning to all at PlanetChristmas.

After finding PlanetChristmas about a year ago, I started a journey that made this one of the best Christmas Seasons ever. Let's just say, this was just supposed to be a way to make my joy of Christmas a hobby ... it has turned into so much more. I just did not realize the impact that my display would have on others.

Thanks to all at PlanetChristmas who directly and indirectly helped me ... and, I'm looking forward to returning the favor many times over as the trek to Christmas 2006 gets underway.

All the best, and please have a Merry Merry Christmas.


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[align=center]To all my PlanetChristmas Family, have a blessed and Merry Christmas![/align]

[align=center]from The Sansings, Chicagoland, Illinois[/align]


[align=left]The turkey is in the oven, the potatoes are roasting and dinner is served at 2:30![/align]

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