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Anyone need LEDs

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Also if anyone is looking for LEDs, I found a company in Taiwan who is building me commercial grade nets and strings really cheep.

I have an order coming in at the end of the month for for a big project I'm working on. But I may be placing another order soon for another project. If you are interested let me know. These prices do not include shipping. Plan on about .50 to $1 each for shipping. These are my wholesale price and I'm not looking to make any money just cover costs. I would expect the order to be in sometime mid November.

Red Nets (160 lights) - $9.46 ea.

Blue Nets (160 lights) - $12.43 ea.

Green Nets (160 lights) - $16.31 ea.

White Nets (160 lights) - $14.82 ea.

Multi Nets (160 lights) - $10.30 ea.

Red String (100 lights) - $6.71

Blue String (100 lights) - $8.60

Green String (100 lights) - $11.10

White String (100 lights) - $10.10

Yellow String (100 lights) - $6.71

Multi String (100 lights) - $6.71

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roger1 wrote:

i have a project  that i could use the yellow strings on ,  could they make  some green icicle lights?


Yes they can. Their complete product line is online at Http://www.kunlih.com.tw

I don't know the price of the icicle lights but I can find out.


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miniboyink wrote:

roger1 wrote:

Yes they can. Their complete product line is online at http://www.kunlih.com.tw

I don't know the price of the icicle lights but I can find out.


I'm also looking for Icicle lights, Red, Blue, Green...

Right now I am needing around 30ft of eachcolor...

If I need to ordermore to round up an order,that's fine...

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NkySpike65 wrote:

Now when they say,

LED Icicle light: 2M*1M,144L+IC(connector or not)

Is that  2 Meters = 6 FT with a 144 lights?

Any information on the icicle lights would be helpful...

Correct: 6.56 FT x 3.2 FT with a total of 144 lights. The IC connoector is if you want it to do one of 8 different chasing patterns. Same price with or without. You can also get them to connect end to end or just single. Everything I have been ordering is end to end.

They have been making some custom lengths for me so if you would like me to enquire about getting longer then 6.5 let me know. These guys have been very flexible on everything.


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Wow! Did you see their silk snow flake LED sets, and the peach blossom tree!

Got any idea what these go for?

[align=left]LED peach blossom


[align=left]LED tree light[/align]

[align=left]LED sqaure Lights.[/align]


[align=left]And those LED floor lights are "off the wall!"[/align]

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medman2000 wrote:

Rod R wrote:

Still waiting for this answer, are they full-wave or half-wave technology?



I haven't been avoiding this question. There is a 12 hour time difference and sometime a language barrier making it difficult to get instant answers. Yes they are full-wave.

Here is my plan. When I get my shipment in for my other project I will take some HD footage of the lights in action and get it posted. This will show you the brightness lack of flicker. Now days almost every manufacture is using full-wave.

I'm also talking with them about becoming a US distributor. So even if your not interested in the bulk order please check out the link in the other postings and let me know what items I should think about bringing into the US. My goal is to create a source for LED lighting that is geared to us Christmas lighting fanatics. There's no reason for some of the pricing that is on several web sites.

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miniboyink wrote:

tkhowse wrote:

What specs are you looking for? I will do my best to get them for you.

A couple of things:

1. How bright are they in comparison to regular minis?

2. Do they have end-to-end plugs (similar to the ones at Creative Displays)?

3. Is this a reputable brand?

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Hi, Are these the strings that you are ordering?


Are these lights on this page what we call "rice" lights? Very tiny LEDs? If so, there is no way to snap a cover over them, is there?

I am looking for custom LED strings of 35 and 50 -- but with 5 or 6 inch spacing. But, I'd also like to snap a cover over them as I plan to stick the light through a piece of wood that has had holes drilled for a design. Make any sense?

Thank you!


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I may be interested in a limited # of these, but have some questions...

Is there a minimum - can i get just a few strings or is it full cases only?

What size LEDs 5mm? 3mm? .. are they bare LEDs or have plastic covers over the LED?

Are the LEDs replaiceable?

Am i correct in assuming the wire is green?

Note: i can't view their website (due to the fact that it uses a vile plugin that i will

not put on my PC) so can't see if any of this info is there


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