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Vampires Where Are They?

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ejs3 wrote:

Does anyone have a good source for those vampire in-line plugs for zip cords?

Could use the help.... thanks all

Action Lighting (www.actionlighting.com) is the cheapest source.Click on "Christmas" and then "Holiday Installation Accessories".You can also search for the word "zip". There are not any "in-line" plugs for sale. You have to make those from the standard ends by cutting the tab.


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Guyfox_318c wrote:

Quick question: I don't want to have to go on top of the garage and seach for my c9s. What type of wire do c9's typicaly have, 16 or 18 guage + do they normally have spt1 or spt2 insulation? As, I said typically.

This all depends on what kind of C9s you have. If you have the cords that come on bulk reels they could be either SP1 18 guage or SP2 18 guage. If you have the sets of 25 (or 30 if you have GE) then they are SP1 20 guage. The wire is probably too small for the zip cord plugs.


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