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Hanging things on your house

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I want to hang some coro snowflakes and other objects on my house. I have seen many of you that hand things on your siding how are you doing it? I do have vinyl siding not wood or hardi plank.

I have thought of pittung hooks in my eves and using fishing line or trying the 3M removable hooks.

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try 16penny nails :laughing:

I'd definitely be careful with the siding, and you may be onto something with putting up some hook eyes at each end for one long line and the placing one along the eave line above each point where you hang the snowflake

you could even place a second horizontal line about 12-16 inches below the first and have it run infront of the decor so they wont blow around as much

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I have been trying to find a link to what I use to no avail. I am using little metal caps with a loop in them. They are typicaly used for holding plants etc to houses with the plant tape. They are paintable and are attached using Silicone glue.

I attach lights to the hooks using 4" zip ties. I use these on my concrete roof and my stucco walls. In a few places I use them on the wood in the eaves. I'll keep looking for a link to them.

(P.S. I originally found them from a similar thread on the forum last year)

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OK I found some threads you might review for this topic:



These are threads from last year and are where I got my idea (my former login was pHar but for some reason I can no longer login to that account).

The garden hangers that Andrew Albertsen presented are what I use and they work great.

Good Luck!


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The best way that I have found to hang things on vinyl siding is to secure them to the lip of the siding trim along the top. (I'm not a siding guy, so excuse me if my terminology is a bit askew). I discovered that aligator clips from any office store when secured onto this lip, hold an impressive amount of weight. After securing the clip, I simply measure a piece of string and hang the snowflakes from that.

In order to keep the snowflakes from blowing around, I secure roof clips to each side of the snowflake and simply slide each one under the siding. We had impressive winds last winter, and I had no problems with the snowflakes moving or becoming disconnected from the clips.


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