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I was adding up my amp draw on my controllers and each channel. I am using lots of c9s because that what i had. I have some channels that use over 8 amps so I split them up over two channels but that pretty much uses up half my board.

I was thing that I could take another power source for the lights and wire that to a relay then to the lights then use a 12 volt off a channel to turn the c9s off and on. I know that I won't be able to shimmer or any thing like that.

Is this possible? Anyone have any suggestions?



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Last year I had to split up my C9s to different channels because the load was also to big. I ended up buying more controllers because I wanted to fade them which a relay will not allow you to do.

Even though it is possible to run them at a lower intensity so they don't take as much power, you really don't save that much. Make sure you get an amp meter to really see what your lights are taking. Just because you Dim from 100% down to 50% does not mean you are using 50% less power. Here is a test I did. What I did was hook up 300 mini lights up to one controller on a amp meter and then changed the intensity.

100% - 0.94 amps

90% - 0.94 amps

80% - 0.92 amps

70% - 0.89 amps

60% - 0.85 amps

50% - 0.80 amps

40% - 0.74 amps

30% - 0.66 amps

20% - 0.55 amps

10% - 0.47 amps

5% - 0.44 amps

2% - 0.39 amps

1% - 0.00 amps

I was surprised to see that at 2% you could not even see the light but it was still using about 50% of the electricity. At 5% you could barely see them.

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CMurray, if you search for relay postings, you'll find that they don't always behave the way you want. The mechanical ones use a coil, putting an inductive load on a lightly loaded channel. The electronic ones (SSRs) put virtually no load on the channel and are sometimes hard to control. Your best bet (easy for me to say because it isn't my money) is to buy another controller and split your loads up.

ps, I will be using relays to control some light strings, but I'm using a DC controller, not an AC controller (the D-Light DCx16). Since they use MosFETs instead of TRIACS, they behave better with relays.

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