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Good Price on Tombstones - Home Depot $5

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I was really surprised to see these tombstones for so cheap at Home Depot. They stand 30" tall and are only $5. This is a lot cheaper than many of the other places that I have seen. So if you need some for Halloween, you better hurry and get them.



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I called my Home Depot and spoke to 1 person who said they don't even carry Halloween Stuff :devil:

Called back because I didn't trust that answer, and the next person told me they carried it but hadn't gotten it in yet. :?


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I went to my local Home Depot, they had the tombstones mentioned, and a whole lot more Halloween stuff. They stock and display is amazing, but stay away from the LED strobe lights.

Also for any Coke, Coke Zero or Diet Coke fans, Home Depot has 12 packs for $1.99 plus CRV (if you live in California). If you like or want to try the Coke Zero, "some" 12 packs have a$1.50 off now coupon. So you can get a 12 pack CokeZero for about$.49 cents

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kiwibacon wrote:

What material is used to make these?

Same material that a lot of them are made of that sell at WalMart and other places, Styrofoam.

Toymakr000 wrote:

Is there only one type of tombstone design?

There are two different designs. The only one has some kind of skull thing on top and the main part is blank. Would be a good one if you want to put a custom message on it.


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This is the guy I bought from last year off EBay

Turned out he was on the way to MIL's & sells out of a barn too around Halloween


Bought this guy too, he has an assortment of gravestones

I boughtthem at end of year clearance



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