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gsxr7500 wrote:

Just trying to find out how everybody words there signs that they use for there donation boxes without seeming like your begging for money

Don't ask. Just Tell them then you are not begging. Just a simple sign like

"Donate to Make-A-Wish Foundation"

If it is not for a Charity then just a simple "Donations for the lights" would be fine.

I kind of like "Oh Please, Oh Please, Oh Please help me pay my power bill. A $5 per car donation is highly recommended!"

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I don't think you will have too much success asking for money for yourself. You may have better luck picking a Charity to give part of your donations to. As long as you are honest and fair about it you will be fine.

I don't do it for the money, let's face it, I do it for the attention and the compliments. I think we are ALL Griswalds here wanting to be the best on the block. I get plenty of satisfaction just from the hundreds of compliments I get each year.

However, this yearI plan to donate to the Lee County Christmas for Kids program. It's through the local DHS office for kids whose parents can't afford presents.

I am not a religious person at all, but no kids should go without Christmas.

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gsxr7500 wrote:

when i said donation box i didnt mean for me i meant for a charity. who the heck asksfor donations for themselves

I am pretty sure Richard was being tongue in check. Your original post was pretty vague. We have seen this debate on here quite a few times.

Personally I am going to make a sign for these guys:



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Yes my comment was tongue in check. I have a weird sense of humor sometimes. :P

I personally though have no problem with people accepting donations to support thier display as long as they are honest about it. I personally would not drop any money in it though and I never plan on accepting donations to support my habit. This year though I will be accepting donations which 100% will be going to Make-a-wish or the local "Sub for Santa".

I live in a private community with about 35 homes and last year was my first time doing a a large animated display and it brought A LOT of traffic into the neighborhood. After everything was over, a couple of my neighbors said that we should do all the houses and the private park the is in the middle of all the houses and then charge $5 a car. At first I thought he was joking but he was totally serious and figured up how much we could collect! I told him that I would not really like to do that but if most of the neighborhood really wanted to do, I would think about it. Luckily a lot of others did not want to do it for various reasons. One other guy though wanted to do it and then assign all the households a certain night they would have to sit in the booth and collect the money. :laughing:

People run their displays for different reasons and who am I to say they are doing it wrong. Some people get all worked up about somebody accepting donations for their display but they really don't have a problem with somebody making a large commercialized drive-thru display that you have to pay to see.

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