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LED Quality... Who's the best?

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So I have heard negative feedback for the LEDs at Home Depot... can't think of the brand. I've heard negative feedback on the Phillips LEDs which are at Target. Looks like Lowes is selling GE LEDs and Walmart is selling Sylvania LEDs,both of which I have purchased. Anyone haveany experience with these brands? I really like the Sylvania, which would be a sad statement if Walmart is selling the highest quality LEDs.:shock:

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I've had good luck with the Forever Bright LEDs (Holiday Creations, Westinghouse) which I got from Costco. Plus, even if they do fail, Costco has a great return policy. 100 count white mini LEDs were $12 and 100 count multi colored ones were $9 I believe at my Costco. Those prices are after a $2 instant rebate from my local electric company though.

To be honest though, I think it is too early to know the best LED manufacturer. LEDs are still a little too new, but definitely stay away from strings with removable bulbs. The rest of the string is going to fail well before a bulb burns out, so they shouldn't even be making them removable anyway.

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So far the GE strings I bought at Lowes seem to be the best. They are full wave and put out great color. they were priced the same as the lights from HD that were half wave and felt very cheap.

As the previous poster statred though it is too early to know for sure.

Next year I will be looking for any group buy opportunities though...

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rjm12rjm12 wrote:

How does one know from the box if they are full or half wave?



For me I can see it very easily if I plug them in and move them around. Half wave will noticebly be pulsing. Full wave will not exhibit that behavior. They are much smoother.

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