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My MegaTree Topper Light Saber

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Thanks to some of the smarter people here I copied a few ideas and improved my megatree topper for this year. Not only is it a megatree topper but makes a bizarre-o light saber.

The top just slides down in my megatree pole. I will be zip tying the ends of the minis to a large washer and then put the washer over the screw. A few weeks ago I bought a used 16' A Frame ladder which allows me to reach to 20' feet to make it easier to work on the megatree.

The short end goes into the megatree pole and the taller one gets a large snowflake zip tied to it.




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I did somethign VERY similar last year but actually wrapped the threads of the screws with electrical tape and put the wire areound the screw... So I guess my suggestion is to wrap those screws so there is no chance of cutting a cord on the threads.

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