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You ARE doing your display this year, right?

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Well, over the last few months, my Dad has accepted a really cool job in Florida which means we will be moving...

So basically, when the neighbors heard about this they asked about the show, neighbors that I did not know they saw the show. UPS & Fedex, insurance agents, friends of both sisters, and I think a realtor. These are people I have never met! So I have been getting reports from family I DO know that people were asking about the show! The story goes that when people see the address, a picture of the house, or deliver a package, I have heard that they are asking about the show, and if it will be on this year.


I did not know that their was talk about my show in town behind my back!


Three things...

1. Some things are already packed

2. I haven't done a like of planing

3. Those reports have really stressed me out because of the top 2 ^^, its not worth the stress.

So here is the current plan, to do a smaller show INSIDE the house on the tree, for me, family, friends and a reason for prospective buyers to come in and watch (They got to look at the house first!:laughing:)

Thought I would share this little adventure with my extended family here on PC, and on a side note, my Dad and immediate family could use your prayers in the weeks ahead.

Thanks for reading....

--Daniel L

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