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Cool Pictures of a Halloween Display Near Me


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Here are some pictures of a really cool house that goes all out for Halloween that is a few miles from me. The display has two hearses! They do there entire front yard and side yard and allow you to walk through the display.

I had my tripod with me so I was able to get some pretty good shots. One really cool effect is moving ghost inside their house that you can see through the windows. I will post a video of it tomorrow on youtube.









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Gary Martin wrote:

Richard, the "Flying Crank Ghost" is a very cool effect and surprisingly easy to do. I've been running a couple for years now and they always get the nod as the best part of our haunt.

FYI, here's the scoop on making one:



They are pretty cool looking. Here is the video from last night.


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Very nice indeed! I hadn't considered using green before, I shall do so now. ;)

I've been trying to design some "extensions" for a FCG frame so that I can put the ghost *outside* a 2nd story window, yet hide the structure that supports them. I'm thinking of using plexi, epoxied together into "L" girders to extend the pulleys outside.

My biggest problem now is hiding the pulleys well enough. When the ghost is really flourescing, even flat black objects will show up near it.

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