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First post! Introduction...

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Hey all,

Name's Cullen, I'm 22 (23 in another couple months) and I'm currently living in northwest Alabama.

I'm a certified nut when it comes to vintage Christmas lights, and crazy displays are a close second for me.

Not to say I don't have an obsession with Christmas in general - I do for sure.

I tend to go over the top whenever and where ever I can. When I was about 11, I had something like 1500 lights up in my bedroom. Every imaginable type - bubble lights, C7s, C9s, mini lights, GE "Classic lights", mini lights, etc. I lined everything I could - the ceiling edge, baseboards, wall corners, my bed frame, bookshelf, desk, dresser...everything. I remember my dad coming up one night to inform me that the breaker for my room was "blistering hot" - ah, SUCCESS! :D

Anyways, glad to meet y'all and glad to be here!


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