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PC members light count 2007

Guest johnny christmas

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I told you I would update if I got over 60,000 which was my goal. I was at 58,725 and was not happy about it. Pluse I was getting ribbed from the neighbor guy.

So a trip to target and using the rest of whatever I had in the garage put me over the top to 62,141 (1 bulb for rudolphs nose)


1,391,851 - 58725 = 1,340,126

+ 62,141 = 1,402,267


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nmonkman wrote:

What Million on 32 channels: I only see 25K.

Am I missing something?:)

Look at the first post, he is adding the 25K over the million he already had. I don't see a million lights. Don't get me wrong, it looks great, but don't see how that is a million lights.

I think some peoples counts are like thier fishing stories where they are making a minnow should like a tropyh bass or something.

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This is an addition count. You take the previous total and add your lights to it. The previous total was 1,343,451 and he added 25,000 to it to make 1,368,451. Then next guy takes that total and adds his/her lights to it. If I had 10,000 lights to add, then the total would be 1,378,451. This is a total of all of the lights of everyone who has posted so far. Nobody here has 1,000,000 lights. Clear as mud?

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