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i make my own, use the snow machines from herb. cost for juice is 2.00 a gallon. Does after a month turn grass yellow. But the grass will come back. All these machines do is blow little bubbles. I just got a 5 gallon bucket and put it right behind the machine drilled a small hole in the lid and ran the hose into the bucket. I could blast snow all night long with no issues.

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this is kinda off subject, but this is what im shooting for this year. its a real snowmaking machine like the ski resorts use, but on a smaller scale.


if you have a compressor, and pressure washer, and freezing temps, you can make real snow. i wont be able to do it everynight, but quite a few. should be able to blanket the entire yard 6 inches deep in a single night. will definitely be cool in south alabama. havent had real snow here in 12 years.

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