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fake security, trouble already...

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ryanshow wrote:

anyways, on with the point. I got thinking about the video cameras, and found some really good dummy ones on ebay that will for sure scare the bageebers out of anyone. I bought 4 of these. hopefully they work. i don't want any trouble....i mean-we havn't even opened and they were already tryin to vandalize!!!

i will see how these work, and then either reccomend, or not reccomend them to you.

they have a blinking red light that starts when the camera detects motion. the head also moves back and forth.

Well I just bought 4, so I hope they work

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Texan78 wrote:

I live on this man residential street that the Middle School is on and the kids from the school walk right down my sidewalk everyday. I had some punk kids pulling the lights out of my candy cane lights. So I decided one day to hide in the bushes with a pellet gun. So when I noticed one of them messing with the lights on MY property mind you I pulled this pellet gun on them to scare them. Needless to say they went home and told their parents. To make a long story short, Cops show up at my house and I could have been charged with assult even though they where vandlizing my property because that is a higher charge. Even though I didn't touch them the meaning assult in the eyes of the law is as long as you feel threatened it can be considered assult. So keep that in mind also when you try scaring these kids because now days you can get nailed with terroristic threats very easily for the smallest thing. Ever since that day for the next 2 seasons I had people several times in the month completely drive through my yard and drag half my display down the street. It was then I took a few years off. I guess those people have moved on or off but since I have not had any problems and just kept to myself. I have found IMO that just placing out signs that have light on them during the entire night even when your display is off that states "This property is is under 24 hr surveillance by cameras and police and we prosecute vandals" That has seemed to keep people away up to this point. Also when the timers clicks off the display for the night the landscape lights around the flowerbeds come on and the motion sensor becomes hot so any motion in the yard floodlights come on.

Castle Doctrine definitely helps protect the homeowners in Texas now...not sure a charge of assult against you was/is appropriate. I'd probably have detained the kid until police took him/her home since detaining them by force is reasonable if you don't know or suspect they could be armed in any manner.

As for the OP camera issue, I got a DVR system with 16 cameras recording 24/7 for like $2500 and installed it myself. 6 cameras watch the front of the house...because last year all of our halloween decorations were taken from our yard...I told DW that no Christmas decorations until I had my CCTV system up and running so they year Christmas lights back out front. Nobody has messed with them yet.

Merry Christmas to all.

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Well this was over 10+ yrs ago so the laws have changed a bit since then when all that happpened.

I now have a CCTV with 4 cameras that covers the entire display with DVR PCI card that is connected to a seperate computer. One of the cameras I have streaming live on my web page. So I am covered now plus tonight I just added two 500 watts halogen flood lights for each side of the yard that come on after the display goes off for the night due to the recent attacks on people stealing animals from my nativity scene. The cameras are inerfred but the lights really help the cameras even more.

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I have only had one problem 5 years ago, however, I think with a "public" streaming webcam (so everyone knows theres cameras on the display) and a LOT of floodlights outside I haven't had a problem. Of course... I do keep a weapon handy (concealed - I have a permit) should I feel "my life is in imminent danger"

One thing to consider about the $50 limit, is also your time. My one vandalism incident they pulled a bulb out of close to 200 sets, total repair time 16 hours. At $20/hr (for an idea) that is one HUGE way to justify an increase in the total dollars of damage.

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