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4 way light controller

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Hi all,

For next years display (nothing like being organised!!) I am after a four way controller to control 12 mini trees (3 on each output). They will be wired in 110v as I use american lights, so I was ideally after a small pcb that I can mount in a small enclosure and hide outside somewhere (probably in one of the trees).

Any links would be greatly appreciated.

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i was one of the first to get l.o.r in the uk.shipping by airmail can be expensive it can be around $30-40 but it depends how many cards you by ask dan or mary and they will tell you about shipping costs.

all i can say about l.o.r its very good had no problems really over 3 years.

les m

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lhadden wrote:

You could also get hit with VAT & Duty which could add around another £40 to the cost.


I know about the VAT and Duty costs, as all my lights (and wireframe reindeer and candles) have come from "across the pond". It still works out cheaper than buying 240v lights from the UK, and they seem a lot brighter as well.

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