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Animated Lighting

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Animated Lighting - to put it simply - DON"T DEAL WITH THEM.:X

I ordered 3 full trees for $3300.00 and they shipped 1 :shock: and it was broken.

I called and called . Next they said my other 2 were on the shipping dock.

2 weeks later - still no trees.

Trying to put together a show for the kids coming to the farm - and what happens - I get screwed.

Asked about getting my $3300.00 back they said we'll cut you a check when we can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:laughing:

Just too sorry for words - will NOT deal with them again.

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Thanks Steven,

I know people try to sugar coat the truth.

I have to deal with the public - about 1500 kindergartners and their teachers. Not to mention the parents. And also 2500 more families.

You only get 1 chance to make a first impression. and this was it for me and Anim. Lighting.

In business you can't simply tell someone something and then arbitrarily change your mind and expect them to be OK with it. That's what called a contract - written or verbal.

I set a date for my show and advertised it, on the WORD of Leigh who said they would be shipped out the following week.

Paul changes his mind and puts my shipment off until it's too late for me to set up my show.

Now if I did that in MY business to kindergartners I wouldn't have repeat customers or new customers.

I understand from reading that they have had some personel problems with one of the ladies going to the hospital and all, and I'm not heartless but you also can't shut down an operation or expect your customers to put their stuff off because of your misfortune.

Case in point. THe first week of my pumpkin patch this year I had a temperature of 102 and couldn't get out of bed.

I had to get my 60 year old mother to come and fill in for me and hire extra workers ( not planned for$$$$) because " I "was unable to take care of my customers needs.

The kids would not understand why they couldn't come because someone was sick.

The show had to go on and we had to adapt and take care of people all the same.

Maybe others will have better luck but after Leigh's attitude with me- I have NO use for the company - at all.

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You are so correct Steve, I am sure a moderator or Chuck will delete this thread soon since it does not fit the 3 rules.

I did not come here to read complaints about companies that most of us older members have been using for years. PlanetChristmas is not the place for your personal complaints with service from a company. This should between you and the company.

Any information about Light-O-Rama or Animated Lighting can be found in other threads by using the "SEARCH" area above. Almost all the pro's and con's have been addressed including service of all companies stated above.

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I disagree... this kind of post should most certainlly be allowed. There should be a special area on the forum for ANY feedback about vendors.

Give everyone information... that includes both positive and negative feedback. We have done this for many years on my car enthusiast web site, and many others.

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I did dispute it on my debit card this afternoon. For not delivering it within the timeframe agreed when I purchased.

New members - Old members what does it matter??????

The day I bought the trees I was told that the trees should be arriving sometime the following week.

I received 1 - broken ($949.00). called AL (leigh) said she didn't understand why they didn't go out either.

THe trees were going to be the centerpiece to the show but now I'll have to cancel - Cancel what I had promised and built people up to see. Not for money either - We don't change our admission at Christmas. THis was to give people a little extra.

THis is not just a drive by home or yard this is a petting farm where kids will be coming to see Santa and our live reindeer. We have fires going to roast marshmallows and give free hot chocalate.

THe advertising has been on the website since I ordered.

I may be new to this but I am NOT new to business dealings.

Leigh's words today were: " It's not my job to deal with people like you"!!!!!!

What kind of people am I? Someone who wants what he's ordered to be delivered in the timeframe in which it was promised.

"People" who get upset when that doesn't happen.

$3300.00 would have bought a lot of other stuff to decorate with but it's a little too late now.

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