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Who helps you with your display

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I love this thread!!

I've always felt like I "needed" to do it myself, almost like "of course we all do it by ourselves" - almost like I'd be failing if I asked for help.

This year, I'm failing. I went from 64 LOR channels to 320, and from 5k to 25k lights. I've spent every spare minute for 1 month now working on things and if I'm lucky, with no more setbacks, I'll turn things on Sunday night the 2nd. I've already missed two deadlines because of how long the setup takes.

I'm asking for help next year, maybe even paying for help, as long as it isn't viewed as "poor form" by the Christmas Lighting Community!!

Ugh. Stupid work. I really should just call in sick for a day to finish this all up, except everyone at work would know that's exactly what I was doing.

Anyway - thanks again for the post - easier to ask for help when I read the other stories of at least accepting help when available!


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I actually had help this year from my 13 year old son and a friend. Got done really fast (only 2 weekends) for a change. Last year, my dad was here visiting and he helped me take everything down. This year I have a crew of people who said they would come by and help since I have to deploy the next day. Before this year, I put it up every year by myself.

I got a lot of help from my son this year making things also. I tought him how to weld and attach rope lights and paint them. It was nice having him out there with me. My 6 year old wants to help so bad, I usually grab her wagon, load it up and have her pull it out front, then she helps unload it and place things. However, she gets tired real fast and usually gives up on me. My wife, kids, and in-laws decorated the inside of the house while I was working on electrical issues outside this year.

I also rely on my wife and kids for ideas, and as a sounding board for my ideas. Everything gets run by them before I make it, just to see if they like it.

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My son helps me with the roof. I am a big chickenand can't muster up the courage to go up there. He is ok with the job as long as it is warm outside.

My wife kind of helps, she usually tells me what I have put in the wrong place or howwe can't have 2 Santas in the front yard and none in the back yard. I guess that is not helpful.

So other than that, it is all me. LORs next year, hopefully, so I am planning on starting sooner than I usually do. Probably call in more troops to help.

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