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Mini Mega Tree

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So I want to create mini mega tree. What is a mini mega tree you ask? Well glad you asked. I want to create a tree about 10-feet tall. I have a flag pole but it is not in a good position to create the tree so I was going to build one. My first question is what is the difference between black pipe and galvanized pipe? Lowes has both and I was thinking about one of these for a 10-foot tree, well 1 foot will be in the ground. Since this is not a tall tree will a 1-inch pipe be ok? I know I am starting late but hey better late than never.


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Galvanized pipe is used to carry water. It's galvanized coating makes it rust resistant.

Black pipe carries natural gas or propane. Exposure to the elements will cause it to rust.

I'd be leery of using 1" PVC. Get a good wind blowing and it may snap in two.


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Alec wrote:

With a 10 foot tree, you could use PVC. Main reason why is it's cheaper.

I built my 15 footer out of PVC. The bottom section is 2" pipe.

Here's a video tutiorial:


Hi Alec, I was interested in watching your video just now and it started, but then stopped and said media player could not play it as the file was corrupted.:(

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